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  1. That’s where my pics of the tub came from last Friday ? - great to have a record of these things for posterity.
  2. Possibly a bit biased.... but I loved Kawasaki Green on my 250.
  3. That's why I believe Lotus have never tried.... matching up the carbon panel on panel is a complete pain... it would have to be "exact".....
  4. Hope so - ill ask Ian at MMC to get a load of xmas wrapping paper ordered ??
  5. what I'm really after is for the 23rd December (collection day) to come sooner! Considering cryogenic freezing for the next 8 weeks
  6. This is literally killing me. Read the reviews..... I believe the GT430 will literally destroy a standard Exige (up to but not including 380 variant). Hell, its allegedly quicker around Hethel than the road going 311.
  7. 1. Stefan and Maria Axelsson, Evora S 2. DaveC72, Evora S (unless it's June, sorry) 3. Tony, Evora GT430 (based in the middle of the proposed route so will come along for some, but not all, of it) 4. 5.
  8. According to the factory - no. They used the fuse 22/ Aston as their example and said this wasn’t possible. A more extreme solution by LS has been to disconnect the vacuum hose at the exhaust end this leaving the valve permanently open ?
  9. Removing factory fitted trim is always a receipt for a squeak inducing disaster - but in this case I don’t see what choice there is! I’ll definitely be asking Murray’s to do the same when I get mine..... and at least if they do create a squeak or a rattle I’ll be too busy enjoying my exhaust to care ?
  10. And as a new owner too - to add to Marks question.... how easy will it be to adjust the suspension settings? I’m guessing it’s a wheel off job and that the reservoirs aren’t remote and inboard like on some cars?
  11. good news. hopefully I wont be the only one who wants one and they will get hold of an owner nearer to them. I'm sure Jonny would oblige
  12. I can say with some confidence Jonny, that after my conversations over the last couple of days that the factory will definitely NOT fit any +2 part to any GT430 (full fat).
  13. earliest mid December delivery..... Unlikely that I will get much in the way of salt free/ dry days to enjoy it.... but if they occur for the sure it will be out on the road.
  14. Julian Do you know if the 400 Series 1 owners had any bother fitting the harness adaptor kit to their seats? I was looking at getting the harness bar for my 430 but have the Sparco upgraded seats and so would need to drill a hole into the outside (door side) of each seat to fit the lap belt.
  15. Do you have a cover that will fit the GT430? Keen to get it under the sheets as soon as possible!
  16. I agree with all the above - and in my personal view the new nose treatment nicely blends S1 and 400 into something more contemporary. I still expect to see this nose make its way onto all future Evora's.... which would be more in-keeping with the rounder "faces" of both the Elise and the Exige.
  17. Yup - its Alpines latest unit. Clearly we all know that Lotus don't have the resource to develop their own in house.... I agree that its nice to see them trying to keep up with latest fads. Its worth nothing that this ISNT standard fitment if you choose the sat nav. It certainly wasn't at the time when I placed my order. You can now get 2 levels of infotainment.... the standard Alpine unit... or this upgraded Appleplay version. I was quite impressed when I was told that this would be an option so I have specced it on mine
  18. Another one:
  19. the 410 seats are standard fit on the GT430. The Sparcos are optional extra. Depends what you are looking for..... but a run up the A93 might have you changing your mind. For sure they look much better than the Sparcos (in my eyes).... but (for me at least) they get very uncomfortable on extended runs (anything over 1.5hrs for me). They are the same seats as my 250 Cup and by the time I have driven from Aboyne to MMC they really are uncomfortable.
  20. The full fat GT430 already has the larger wheels so its been a NCO change for me as I had already specced the Sparco interior with the foldy seats
  21. Love the painted engine cover..... is that standard for 430? - there isn't an option anywhere.
  22. so...... I've just modified my order to have a 2+2 configuration. And I believe I'm the only one to have ordered this in the UK My kids are going to be delighted Cant wait...... really very excited now
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