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  1. eh.... no. I would rather have the opportunity to discuss the car on the phone directly with either the factory or the dealership. Boring? - listening to Scott Walker talk enthusiastically about your car as it goes through build? Trying conveying that enthusiasm in a letter? And why would I want a letter which takes 2 days to arrive when we can get direct access at the end of the phone as new breaks? I guess it depends on what you want from life to be fair. Maybe you would like a letter delivered in the post - but that's a bit wasteful and once you've ogled over it with your morning coffee it will just go into the recycling pile anyway.
  2. We get notified by phone call
  3. Does this mean we can expect some feedback from you and Jonny at some point today then? So very excited about this. Ive decided on the auto version so I have to wait a little longer for mine....November build slot ready for delivery in December... ho ho ho
  4. Optional in the UK too then?
  5. Roads start to close any time from Nov through March...... sporadically, and all efforts are made to keep them open to support the ski centre at the top of the mountain. However...... when it does get to that stage its not Lotus driving weather anyway. Spring time and Autumn are truly best.... despite many many miles of open perfectly sighted corners there are also mile upon mile of twisty narly stuff (which despite being amazing) prove to be a bit of a chew if you get sutck behind a camper or a caravan. Early morning or late evening spins also recommended! I live 15mins away from the route which Henry C drives in the video above..... could almost drive it blindfold so if you ever want a guide then give me a shout.
  6. My back yard. I know this road so well...... its lovely and open and I would encourage you all to come and try it sometime. You cant quite believe how quiet the roads around Scotland can be once north of Perth..... but at times it like you are the only one around.... and we can enjoy the soundtrack and the whole driving experience without that slightly guilty feeling you can sometimes have when driving in the more populated parts of the UK.
  7. 2 Essex Blue UK GT430's that we know of
  8. Very exciting Looks like November build for me now that the "new" auto has got its Type approval
  9. Evening Mark i hummed and heyed about posting on TLF but in the end I'm glad I did as it was "newsworthy". There are some other lotus related things ongoing with me at the moment which I wouldn't discuss - but this I felt was worthy of open discussion. I know that Group monitor the forums too, (so a bit like twitter) it allowed quick resolution to my concerns. i know you didn't get to visit last Thursday - I was looking out for you, but I'm sure we will catch up again. I'll try and get back to the factory during build but I've taken far too much time off work this year as it stands! Have you finalised your spec? PM me!
  10. I would say that my change in mood is down to Lotus paying attention to my comments on this thread and also speaking with me in person to allay my concerns. That showed good customer relations - but boy did they have to be put in that position in the first place? Don't get me wrong - I was very angry.... and I've outlined in detail above why that is. But the response I have had from Lotus today has arrested those concerns and so as far as I'm concerned everything is now back on track. It could have just as easily gone the other way. Had the Sport been a regular production model I would have probably decided not to keep my order because of my fears regarding future desirability of my car. I know more models will come and I expect my car to get trumped soon enough.... but just not quite before it gets built thanks.
  11. All I was told is that this consignment of 60 Sports will not be coming to the US.... so expect a spec change of some description I guess.
  12. Yup - just some clarification was all that was required in the end. Could have gone 1 of 2 ways.... but the communication (subsequent to the new launch) has been excellent between myself and the Factory. They have provided the personal touch to keep me on side and its sometimes the little things like that which make the difference. Right - back to the long wait...... roll on March 2018! lol No.... sadly not. Did the Press material not state the Sport was Federalised for the US?
  13. My lips are sealed on spec.....for now. I'm not the only one playing their GT430 spec close to their chests.... and I'm not going to be the first to blink I will say that I am really excited about my spec.... and its a bit of a departure from what I would normally go for.
  14. Well - I've confirmed that I'm keeping my full fat GT430 order.... which in retrospect given the open discussions I have had with Lotus is the right thing to do. My spec has changed slightly, however, but I'm still very excited (and wish yesterdays be bump hadn't happened tbh!) And the factory have told me that there will only be 60 and 60.
  15. CONFIRMED GT430 - 60 UNITS - (increased to 10 from 6 for UK) GT430 Sport - 60 UNITS worldwide (excluding US) Which I guess gives a GT430 family size of 120 cars with circa 20+ only coming to the UK - 10 of those max as big winged versions. Happy days.
  16. The GT430 was.... captivating. An amazing looking Lotus.... an amazing looking car. They had set it up in their Design Studio.... all white walls and white floor.... and it looked EPIC. The wing is brutal.... the aero looks really well conceived and thought through. The interior wasn't exact because the mule was actually a 410..... so the interior was missing some of the finer GT430 features such as the carbon topped binnacle and the twin stitching on the dash and door cards (although the Sparco seats were there and looked very nice in carbon). When I first saw it in the flesh I actually stopped in my tracks and took a few seconds to compose myself (which I hope no one else noticed!). There was a rush to get round the car but I stood back and soaked it all up. Believe me.... when this car arrives on the street it will have HUGE presence - and justifiably so. I think the Sport will also turn heads (just like every Evora does tbh)....but the aero kitted versions are going to be mad.
  17. Doesn't matter 1 jot. But on the day that you submitted your order form for your 410 Sport you found out that they were bringing out another 410 XXX for less money - how would you have felt? You'd have preferred to have known so you could make an informed decision - as we all would? Surely? Names/ Models/ - no fussed. I'm sure many folks out there take a long time to deliberate over specs.... hell - I jumped on a plane and flew all the way from rural Scotland to Hethel last Thursday (via a diversion to Heathrow) just so I could see the car and make my final decision on what I wanted my car to look like........ but now we know that a few "useful" pieces of information were withheld from that meeting which may have helped me (and others). How would you have felt if you had done that? - flights at my own cost/ days wages lost...... all in good faith to make an informed decision. hmmmm.
  18. Aye - I discussed that with them..... answers seemed a bit confused... like the left hand and right hand aren't really talking to each other all of the time. I think there is room for all of the models in Evora line up..... but it takes a bit of forward thinking to consider how the line up should look and how they all talk to each other. Its like both of these cars were considered in isolation by different departments and then dropped on the motoring world at approximately the same time. Great cars aside.... its led to confusion (and in my case at least) some bitterness and resentment at the Brands lack of communication to its loyal customers.
  19. Aye aye. I didn't email Murrays.... although they were copied in and this was following a phone call I had had with them the previous evening. I live in Aboyne and wouldn't have had the time to get down to Edinburgh anyway! No... I emailed the factory with all my concerns and allowed them to digest before coming back to me. At the time of my last post yesterday afternoon they hadn't called me - but they did call me soon after and we have chatted through all of my concerns in frank open discussion. The in's and out's of which I wont go into as that's not fair on the chap I spoke to - but there is a general understanding of my concerns and they remain hopeful that they can hang on to my custom. All of this has rather taken the shine off of what should have been a fun few months filled with anticipation and excitement. Its distracted from the fact that the GT430 (wing/ no wing) is a fantastic car - and I would still be the first to say it. I also stand by my original motivation to get the car by saying that the winged GT430 mixes all of the best bits of my previous Lotus' into 1 perfectly distilled package. I actually like the idea of the auto - so this is a further enhancement to what I consider to be an already captivating package. However.... timing sucks/ marketing sucks/ the big man upstairs "sucks". I wont hide behind forums or emails - and I happily told the Factory all of this. Lotus cant survive on second hand car sales. It can only prosper when folks dig deep and buy new. This was another motivating factor for me handing over my deposit - as I really buy into the brand and I want to see them succeed. This is something which I don't think JMG really cares about... and I find that disheartening. I've read all the comments and thanks for your support. I maintain that the lack of customisation on the GT430 irks....... and the confused model line up of Evora needs some serious overhauling - but I also take on board all comments about relative lack of numbers of these cars on the road and even standard run cars are normally seen as rare. I also agree that its only Lotus die-hards that care about Evora model line up. What happens next? - Not sure. Waiting for another call from the Factory and a possible test drive in a 400 auto over the coming weeks. My Order remains in the system for now.... but that's by no means a guaranteed sale to Lotus as I still feel some work needs to be done to keep prospective customers "feeling special". Scott Walker arranged the GT430 customer day off his own bat last Thursday - but things like this should be built into the whole sales experience at the highest level.... possibly even with the opportunity for the big man upstairs to make the effort to come and "meet & greet" the customers that he relies on. Rambles on. Watch this space - as things stood last Thursday. Build of the GT430 expected to commence circa Nov/ Dec with first deliveries around January. It was openly discussed that many might hold back delivery for the new '18 Plate in March (and some happy to wait even longer for the nicer weather to arrive). So....either winged or non winged.... I don't expect to see many real cars until early 2018 giving plenty of time to make final decisions on what to do next.
  20. We were also told - quite emphatically - that the GT430 would not have the same "Lotus Exclusive" personification rights as a standard run car (due to its very limited run). So - interior stitching changes could not be specified on the seats.... and the brake callipers could absolutely no way ever be changed to any other colour than red. Again..... we few customer in attendance at the factory bought into this..... because for a limited run it made sense that some things had to be locked down..... and we were just grateful to be getting into the car. BUT....... how long before Lotus start to allow the calliper change colour and how long before folks are allowed to change the stitching now that all of these things are provided on a standard production model??
  21. I do agree. I want someone to call me to tell me this. I still think they could and should be doing more to ring fence the original GT430 and to differentiate it from the Sport.
  22. I have listed my feelings above... but yes - pretty much all of the above. Lotus have gone to ground. Nobody prepared to talk. So no one has offered me options or called to discuss why I might feel burned. Would I change out for the Sport? - I don't know if I would. I quite like the shape of the original GT430. However - I do strongly feel that more effort could have been made to differentiate both models to keep the desirability high for both. I'm a bit upset.... it very much looks like Lotus knew all this when I was in their presence last Thursday when we were invited to view the GT430.... and when asked about future cars this was completely dismissed. Had they talked about the option of a non-winged version I think many of us would have been even more excited tbh. Would have also been nice to have been told about the auto before our Order Form had to be submitted too. But yes.... its an attitude and strategy thing. Long term Lotus fan.... haven't had my head turned by anything else (call me a fanboy if you like) and should be an easy sell for the Group. I'm a grown up and understand implicitly how business works. I would have been thankful for the honest conversation with Lotus so I could have made an informed decision. Not feel like information was being withheld (and to what end?)
  23. I cant see how making 99% of the GT430 now available as standard production would make owners of the original GT430 happy? Would owners of the GTE been happy if Lotus had released a standard production version with a slightly less aggressive rear wing and sold it for less money? And as it is the same model without aero..... why not just release both at the same time and give customers the choice? Id have been more than happy for a standard production of 1 car with the choice of road going or track derived options. The whole 60 cars Limit worldwide and then subsequent general release of virtually the same car only weeks afterwards for less money is seriously frustrating.
  24. "shortly afterwards" - well, for me - shortly afterwards was approximately 4 hours after I submitted my order form. Which - I will reiterate - I was told HAD to be submitted that day so that Lotus could start allocating the exact number of parts required to fulfil their orders. Quote. So... I'm more than happy with the concept that Lotus will continue to release subsequent models... but even by Lotus standards I think you would have to agree that 4 hours from order form to new model is beyond the pale. And if 4 hours is too subjective for you - how about we rewind to last Thursday when Lotus opened its doors to GT430 customers to come and have a look around the Press Car...... 6 days elapsed between then and the announcement of a new model which was not mentioned (or openly dismissed) when we were in attendance at the factory. and by "rough equivalent" what you actually mean is EXACTLY THE SAME - minus the spoiler/ splitter and slightly narrower wheels (which can you can option back in for £2k). I would accept rough equivalent...... but.... the interior is identical/ the chassis (suspension and brakes) are identical/ the engine mods are identical - the bodywork (minus the front wheel louvres and spoiler/ splitter) are identical. £8K cheaper - none limited run.
  25. Its gone ominously quiet since I submitted my mail this morning. no response from either Group Lotus or Murrays. part of me hopes that its because the Marketing Department are busy getting a roasting but I rather think the truth is more mundane than that. I actually suspect that there will be high-fives all over Hethel congratulating one and all for a job well done. And so very close to achieving that too had it not been for a few tweaks and timing alignment. To be clear I didn't buy the car just because of the Limited tag - but that is what we were all collectively sold and stripping away everything about Lotus and the car itself (and how awesome it is) - this Limited sales argument has completely disappeared up the swanny. I would have considered the GT430 and the GT430 Sport on equal footings had they both been made available as standard production run cars. But the pomp and circumstance surrounding the launch of the GT430 (followed by the Dorchester stunt) now seems very very at odds with the ridiculously quiet launch of the Sport (complete the CAD renderings) yesterday. Like someone got their "Scheduled Post" dates wrong by a factor of 6 months!
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