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  1. the wait is painful. I hope its either sh*t ugly or really really expensive so that I can stop thinking about it** **not true, I think I want one already..... I think I can do without some non-vital organs.
  2. Limited run or plenty for everyone?
  3. is that a question @Bibs?...............
  4. Phew.... I almost stopped breathing (bet I still cant afford it though!)
  5. From the TLF FB page... "it'll be coming to the USA in road legal form next year :)" A Freudian slip... or does this suggest that UK/ European version will NOT be road legal.....
  6. Makes everything more the interesting then...... you words hold much more weight than Lotus Marketing Departments!
  7. interesting that Lotus themselves are using the hashtag #anewlotus Is this a differentiator. @Bibs - your update looks like "lotus speak" to me...... in which case can we take some of the hyperbole with a pinch of salt: Titanium Evora exhaust and carbon fibre already used on 410, magnesium used in the steering wheel already? - is this an evolution of a design or are we looking at something completely different. I'm genuinely trying to guestimate what sort of price bracket this thing is going to be pitched at - and if it weren't for the obvious competition I think this could be serious money (but if Lotus decide to do so they have to be seriously confident that they can attract new customers and not just the likes of us die-hards!)
  8. I waited too long - and had other reasons why I needed a car and couldn't wait longer. Long term Lotus owner - so I do quite understand (and forgive them!) This would be ACE!
  9. Yes I did - one of the first.... but Lotus sales and Lotus engineering wouldn't speak to each other and small delays became large delays once engineering realised that he carbon roof required reHomologation. So in the end I got tired of waiting and moved to 250 Cup (big mistake). Had I been told about 380 I would probably been happy but I've hankered after a V6 since moving to 4-pot. Anyway - I'm still watching the 410 (and now 380) closely.... but might be interested in this instead. really - do you think I would have been this quiet for so long if I had actually taken delivery of my planned gorgeous sky blue 410?!
  10. I'm literally waiting to push the button on a 380 or 410 and I knew that there was an announcement coming. Thing is..... my contact knows that I don't track my car and he keeps tell me that "this possibly isn't for you".... which again makes me think that its track only (or some crazy SUV that I wouldn't buy!). I am enjoying it a lot.... its very exciting to see the new car getting uncloaked (even if I'm not sure if I want one or not!)
  11. when I was at the factory w/c 3rd July I overheard some techs talking about an Evora 430 mule which was on the production line....................... so we know for sure that at least 430 in an Evora will happen.... whether its the engine to go with these teaser pics or not remains to be seen.
  12. Unless of course this is a limited fore-runner to a generally more aggressive Evora further down the road. I still cant believe that Lotus re-tooled the Exige 380 clams for 80 cars..... the front wing cut-out and rear bumper-cut out of the 380 Cup are spectacular and really suit the car.... but to cost up and re-tool for (originally) 60 examples only.,.... it makes no sense and I still expect to see the next general Exige update to feature them as standard. I'm now not totally convinced we are looking at an Evora.
  13. Looking at the rear of the 410 (and the front) - the pictures we have seen so far appear to show completely different bodywork..... not just tweaks. The rear bumper is going to be completely changed.... not just the deletion of the reverse lights to make room for the ducts..... the whole shape of the bodywork above the diffuser has changed. Similarly, the front access panel and the bodywork around that seems to have different sweeps and curves. From the latest pic the side bodywork also seems more scalloped than before.... the front tires are very prominently on display. Bodywork says "track only" but the rear parking sensors and tires say differently. Is it possible that the rear PDC are a red herring and the carbon diffuser has simply been lifted from the existing 410 (Lotus are notorious for their Press mock-ups not being 100% complete). What exactly are we looking at here!!??
  14. So what do we know about it? its 10kg lighter than the standard Janspeed effort - but we know that traditionally the standard Lotus exhausts tend to be super heavy anyway - so is this a fair comparison with after market? i presume it's just the rear box and not the full system? Is it stainless steel with titanium finishing pipe - or is the complete thing made from titanium? I guess basically the ultimate question is - is it worth £5.5k as a new option or would it be better to look around elsewhere?
  15. Hi there. Hopefully somebody can help ive just removed the OEM seat belts and replaced them with shroth harnesses (weekend/ occasional use car). The problem is that. The airbag light has now illuminated and I can't work out why. Are the seatbelt connectors (both on the seatbelt and under the drivers seat) somehow connected the airbag mechanism and what can I do to reset? thanks T
  16. Hi there, looking through the options list for the 250 Cup I can see the option of a "Sports Air Filter" for £120. can somebody tell me what exactly this is? And what (if any) the benefits of getting it fitted would be? cheers!
  17. Hi there, could somebody show me what the optional quick release steering wheel for the 250 cup looks like? thanks T
  18. My car now for sale at Murray Motor Company. Forgive the quoted specs...... It's considerably quicker than the standard Evora specs listed ?.... I think that will get updated by MMC in the next couple of days when it goes live on their site too. And before anybody says anything - yes - mileage and condition and age really do have an impact on price! ? Very pretty car - great mileage - fantastic condition... Will make somebody awfully happy ?
  19. Great to hear the positive feedback - and especially great to hear the positive comments on the auto box too. I'm maybe 4-5 weeks from getting my 410 auto..... I cant wait when I read threads like this!
  20. My Evora S is now for sale at MMC in Edinburgh: 64' Plate, Solar yellow, barge boards, FSH, full 2ubular exhaust system (manifolds/ silencer/ 200cell cat), Komotec 430EV upgrade, <6K miles. Gorgeous and very special car.... even if I do say so myself
  21. 410 Press Car is now on the production line. First customer deliveries expected in October.
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