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  1. Does that hold true for the nikasil coated liners as well? I know that's standard practice for any cast liners/bores but these nikasil puppies are a bit new to me. The thing is I can see the crosshatch honing on them still so I figure they can be all that worn (I'm hoping). I'm definetly going to get the crank done as you suggest, that's just common sense. It's still at the factory dimensions so I've got 20 thou to play with if necessary. L&K Cain
  2. Guys, Well my SE's donk is in bits, the head has been re-coed and I'm about to put in a order for all the usual consumables (Bearing shells, gaskets etc). But I'm in a bit of a quandry as to the pistons and liners. How do I tell if I *really* need to replace the Liners and pistons. I've put the pistons in the calipers and they're all around 95.15mm which is 0.05mm *less* than the technical specs (but not by much 1.9thou"). The question is, how significant is it? Has anyone else here got any experience as to how much wear is acceptable. I guess what I really need to do is check the liners as it's them that will probably have the brunt of the wear and make the decision. Liners and pistons add fairly significantly to the rebuild cost so I don't really want to replace them unless I have to. L&K Cain
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