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  1. Hi Peter, i’m well aware that I won’t be able to enable race mode I just wanted the switch on the cowl to enable the exhaust to open and close manually.
  2. Hmm, that’s annoying. Looks like it’s probably coded via the ECU if just switching the wires did nothing.👎
  3. Thanks, I will report back when I get a chance to investigate.
  4. I’d like to give this install a go my 2013 V6 S doesn’t have race mode or the exhaust valve switch button but if the wires are there then could be worth a go. Anyone know if the lower cowl is easy to remove to inspect the wires?
  5. Hi PJ, My Aircon is still working fine so I'm hoping it will carry on. The 21.1 degree reading on the meter is the meter's internal reference temperature junction inside the instrument and independent to the reading for the external sensor. I cannot remember what the outside temperature was at the time but would never describe the Exige aircon as being super cold like in for example my Honda family car but for such a small cabin it's good enough. I drove 150 milles in it last week during this current heat wave we are experiencing and the car was very comfortable and stayed cool.
  6. Right hand side, sill I meant (spelling)☹️ The two metal pipes run through the sill and I’m told by the main dealer B&C that they corrode due to the heat/cold cycle. Moisture also gets in and eventually creates a gas leak. Mine have been replaced/ modified with the poly/plastic pipes and so far the aircon is freezing cold again 👍. The replacement pipes are described as: 1/ Hose AC suction replacement p/n A120P0024S 2/ Hose AC pressure replacement p/n A120P0025S In fact yesterday I had to turn the cold “down” a bit as I was turning blue.😀
  7. Congrats if you get one they’re great cars👍 I have the V6S coupe. I would check out the aircon if it has it as they do fail (mine did last month) It’s the pipes that run through the RHS cill that can corrode and then the gas leaks away. From personal experience it’s very expensive to fix, other than that mine’s been fine - I’m now on 15200 miles. My clutch has been noisy from day one but is absolutely fine. Also, if you have the Diamond cut wheels they can corrode and delaminate under the lacquer, which is also happening to my car. Cheers, Mario
  8. Done some testing and over the last 2-3 days the aircon temperature blowing through the LHS dashboard vent has been between 12-13 Dec C on max cold setting so as long as it remains around that range I'll stay cool. 😎
  9. Hi Arun, Nope, not me. My car has never been overseas.😎
  10. They knew the gas had gone but it took a while to sort as it was the first time they had done an Exige V6 as there was no Lotus documentation to follow so I’m guessing future repairs to other vehicles will take less time. I’d give Phil a call at B&C as it will be fresh in their minds so to speak.
  11. Congrats on the V6 purchase 👍 My Son had a VX220 for a few years so we got to know how bad the ventilation was on that model, you must of been very lucky to get any heat out of it... The Exige is not great compared to say a family car but the aircon does blow cold and with it being a small cabin is essential in my mind. I never turn it off as it helps with dehumidifying throughout the year. After my 30min journey home on Saturday I had to turn the temperature up a little to stop me getting too cold. It wasn’t a cheap fix but having got used to it working from day one I’d recommend getting it f
  12. Car back home now after 25 hours of labour to fix... Just hoping it’s a permanent fix👍
  13. Picking up car tomorrow after a marathon exercise in getting it troubleshooted and fixed. Turns out it was the metal AC gas pipes that run near the RHS sill that had failed and let all the gas out. I believe they have been replaced with Polyurethane ones, will update here once I get the whole story from B&C.
  14. Have you checked the condition of the air filter, mine was doing the same and I improved it by replacing the air filter which had been in the car from new so it had covered around 13k miles and coming up on 5 years. Thread & picture here:
  15. Just dropped the car off to B&C this morning, will update as soon as I get any news...
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