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  1. mario308

    Air Filter Replacement Options

    Hi, I’d just go with the original Toyota part which is about £27 from your local Toyota dealer. P/N is: 17801-31120. here is my dirty old one...
  2. mario308

    Exige picture & video thread

    Yes, we were lucky with the ground floor parking.. 31 by M ., on Flickr 9 by M ., on Flickr 7 by M ., on Flickr
  3. mario308

    Using oil ?

    Just checked mine as part of routine checks tyres etc, no oil use at all and now on 12,400 miles, car is 4y old next month. Oil still looks very clean on dipstick.
  4. mario308


  5. mario308

    Notes for the next Exige

    Hmm, interesting - many thanks.
  6. mario308

    Notes for the next Exige

    May sound a bit trivial but I'm coming from this as a daily driver; I'd like to have a cabin fan setting below position 1 as I find it too noisey on position 1 - I know the car isn't quiet by any means but other cars can have quiet fans so why can't the Exige? Oh and variable delay intermittent wiper. Doubt this would add any weight or significant cost?
  7. A couple from me, my Exige & Son's VX (Thanks for letting him in) 653A7256 by M ., on Flickr 653A7260 by M ., on Flickr
  8. mario308

    Running in the LF1

    Yep forget about it and leave it on - I do. On the V6, the air-con setting remembers where you last left it but it only operates if you have the fan on.
  9. mario308

    First 500 miles in my Exige S Roadster

    Hi, I would suggest you try it in "Tour" mode where the rev limit is lower and the lights should start at 6600 rpm, say 2nd gear. I'd imagine doing it in 3rd gear 7000rpm would only be possible down the hanger straight or similar
  10. mario308

    Exige picture & video thread

    No stayed in Tour, with the ambient temperature close to zero I'm not mucking about on public roads Plus I don't have race mode.
  11. mario308

    Exige picture & video thread

    Yesterday, just before journey home, you just have to treat the conditions with respect DPM Tour mode all the way. Snow Exige by exigev6, on Flickr
  12. mario308

    Roadster as a daily driver?

    Mine doesn't have race pack either but, I've heard To open Exige V6 exhaust valve. Open bonnet, Pull red hose from T-coupling at air filter, Plug T-coupling I've also heard you can buy the switch from Lotus and wire it it the loom in the steering column, been told the wires are there just waiting for the "mod"? Will ask B&C next week when I get my first year's service done, quite fancy 2nd choice.
  13. mario308

    V6 LF1 MIL light

    Agree with above can't be the V power. I've got 4800 miles in 1 year and 1 week's ownership and I've mainly used V power and Tesco momentum. Car still epic to drive. I'd be interested in what code it throws up?