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  1. Have you checked the condition of the air filter, mine was doing the same and I improved it by replacing the air filter which had been in the car from new so it had covered around 13k miles and coming up on 5 years. Thread & picture here:
  2. Just dropped the car off to B&C this morning, will update as soon as I get any news...
  3. Thanks Phil for your interesting reply it helps a lot. I'll have to take it to a trustworthy garage to see what's going on. Hi Arun, Yes that's annoying what with the weather improving, do you mind if I ask where you got yours re-gassed?
  4. Thanks Dave, I’ll post on here once we find out what went wrong. My original post was to see if anyone had any method or experience of testing the system e.g. by using a digital multimeter on any sub-circuits or relays.
  5. Sorry I think you’ve misunderstood the problem. Nothing wrong with the blower/resistor pack. Everything works except no cold refrigerated air coming out, it’s just at ambient on the coldest (AC) setting. Hot setting is as normal.
  6. Yep, the cabin fan runs as normal i.e. all 3 speeds work ok and I can still direct the airflow around as per vent direction control.
  7. Hi, As title says, I've lost my cold air this last week, I've no error messages on dash, no funny noises, no blown fuse under the front access panel (fuse 20 AC Clutch - 7.5A) and no differences in compressor engagement sound if I toggle the "dimly" lit AC control switch. Car is on just under 15k miles and driven all year round with air con on and I've had 5+ years of lovely cold air so is it reasonable to think a simple re-gas is required? Very annoying since we've just had 2 warm weeks so any troubleshooting procedure would be welcome as there's not a lot in the service manual. Cheers, Mario
  8. Hi, I’d just go with the original Toyota part which is about £27 from your local Toyota dealer. P/N is: 17801-31120. here is my dirty old one...
  9. Yes, we were lucky with the ground floor parking.. 31 by M ., on Flickr 9 by M ., on Flickr 7 by M ., on Flickr
  10. Just checked mine as part of routine checks tyres etc, no oil use at all and now on 12,400 miles, car is 4y old next month. Oil still looks very clean on dipstick.
  11. mario308


  12. Hmm, interesting - many thanks.
  13. May sound a bit trivial but I'm coming from this as a daily driver; I'd like to have a cabin fan setting below position 1 as I find it too noisey on position 1 - I know the car isn't quiet by any means but other cars can have quiet fans so why can't the Exige? Oh and variable delay intermittent wiper. Doubt this would add any weight or significant cost?
  14. A couple from me, my Exige & Son's VX (Thanks for letting him in) 653A7256 by M ., on Flickr 653A7260 by M ., on Flickr
  15. Yep forget about it and leave it on - I do. On the V6, the air-con setting remembers where you last left it but it only operates if you have the fan on.
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