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  1. Guys, Im Interested in this motor, where can i read more about it. Pics info etc.
  2. Hi Carl, Whose the guy who has the S4 for under 12k that be worth me having a look at.... Dont mind paying that for a car that is known to the group and has geniune history and bills etc. Please provide info
  3. Hi Guys As someof you may know im in the market for a lotus, seems to have found one that looks ok, does anyone in the forum know of this car, would anyone be willing to check it out for me, anyone close to bolton or live in bolton. Im in London.. ANy help appreciated
  4. Hi Guys, Check this out an ESPRIT SE on sale on Ebay. Ending today bid current at
  5. Thanks for the offer mate. I would bite your arm of for that car at that price, but as you said the colours not doing it for me. Ive even tried to make myself like it but its not happening. Great looking motor matey.... Right next question, anyone in the London area close to Ilford, Wanstead, Leytonstone, Romford etc etc, who owns an Esprit? If you do, would one of you lot mind taking me for a spin in one..... And showing me around the car and letting me know what it is I should be looking out for when buying my own. In return for the favour I'd shout you Lunch and few beers.... Also I wanted to spend around 10k am I going to find something for this in the SE range or will I have to extend my budget... Anyone know of any Esprit local to myself for sale. Im looking for Red, black or silver in colour, although maybe tempted by other colours. Again many thanks Guys....
  6. Hey guys! I think I can just about work out the number plate of this car have a look. Sewe if it rings any bells with anyone. H457 PDG H451 POG I think its one of these two.... I cant really owrk it out. Just wanted to see if it rings any bells or if any one on the forum can trace it and find out abit about it
  7. Hi, Firstly whats FREESCAN? You know what I never really looked closely at the bidding looks like the two are bidding the damn car up. I really dont know what to do now. Ive emailed the bloke and asked him if i can come and have a look atthe car and hasnt as of yet replied, also asked him for his number a few times and he hasnt given me that either. Any of you fellas know how simialr spec cars up for sale? Thanks for all your help so far....
  8. Hi buddy, It sure is, does anyone know this car... Can anyone trace its routes
  9. Hi Guys, As you can probably guess Im new to the Lotus world. Ive always wanted a Lotus and now I'm in the position to buy one. Details of Car. Its a 1990 H plate Cylpso Red. 77k on the Clock 7 Previous Owners - Two of two are Lotus Dealers MOT. Full Service History - With 8 Lotus Stamps Had its CAM belt changed at 68k Everything works on the car. Seller looking for around
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