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  1. It seems that the consensus is that tobacco is brown and brown is brown then. There is a lot of myth and mystique around these early cars, if this conversation has dispelled one of those myths then I think that is a good thing! Thanks all. 👍
  2. Yes - thanks. That would have been a good plan. I did send him a text though so I am only a 50% dunce! 😂
  3. Interesting. Trevsked (who previously owned both the cars I reference ) May also be able to help.
  4. I don’t have a cert but I have been told by many this is tobacco and is lighter than brown, there is a more representative picture below if that helps?
  5. Hi My Tobacco pictured below. As I have previously owned a brown interior car at the same time I can confirm they are quite different. If I can find a picture of the brown interior I will post that to try and help.
  6. Hi Lex, Great that you are able take this on. Minor point but my understanding is that ‘Tobacco’ is lighter than ‘brown’ and hence they should be kept separate? I think this is probably important to the Tobacco interior owners, (I am one of these!😀). Thanks! Graham
  7. Sorry they are not the best pictures but here is mine, #1035.
  8. So, my friend is happy to share info, The half brown leather car that was fire damaged JIW7130 is now being refitted after painting, chassis number 1136. I have asked about his other white dry sump, I’ll share when I get any info.
  9. I honestly don’t know the plate of the other car in the private collection however if it started with OPW I am certain I would have noticed, assuming it had plates fitted when I saw it that is. I will message my distant friend to see if he is willing to share any info, but I anticipate he will want to remain anonymous etc.
  10. I think we need to be cautious with partial plates. My car originally had a cherished plate so my OPW888W is sympathetic and age correct but not original. There is of course OPW 654X, I know some one who has an Eclat with a OPW xxxW plate on it that could donate it’s plate and I have seen a copper car as per photo (alongside mine) at Brands a couple of years ago....
  11. I have found an old receipt that states the car I sold for restoration car was registered JIW7130 when I sold it 2014. It had half brown leather. Dvla states that it has not yet returned to the road but I have seen it at 90% restored ca 2016. I don’t have any other details. Sorry.
  12. Great info, thanks for sharing. There are two more Monaco white dry dumps with brown (not tobacco) interiors in a private collection in the U.K. I have previously encouraged the owner of them to join this forum and share the info but so far at least they wish to remain anonymous, which I will continue to respect. One car had 4 stud hubs and comps. I previously owned the other one of them (which had five stud bbs wheels on the front, rear hubs not present) so if I can find any info on it in my records I will share that. (It was an ex Trevsked fire damaged donor vehicle which I sold on that has now been restored.)
  13. Hi. Thats correct regarding tobacco and no roof stereo and no air con. I am uncertain how many are left but I can vouch for this one! I have got a correct roof stereo, do you know anyone that can fix them? I have the manual for it so I understand the need for amps etc. Mine crackles (off the car) but not managed any sound! Thanks
  14. Hi guys. After 6 months I see I have a question to answer! My car (ex Trevsked) is alive and well and already on the register, 1035. It has the single middle supports for the tail gate louvres btw. Thanks!
  15. Thanks for all the replies. I got a unit secondhand which I thought was the same but when it arrived I saw that it had no earth connection. I plugged it in cautiously and everything works perfectly. I can’t explain why it works but I am happy that it is completely fixed for less than a tenner!
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