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  1. 3m 1080 vinyl. I wasn't sure how I'd like it. It's the best vinyl to work with and easily removable.
  2. Wheels are custom made gfg cliff 3 piece. 20x10 & 20x8.5
  3. I use a yellow top optima battery.their expensive, but worth it.
  4. After a few changes. The hook is just on there temporarily.
  5. I've been searching for 2 years for the setup on that red car. Im to the point of finding a carbon fiber fabricator to build a one off set. If anyone can find those flares and canards please post a link. Sj didn't sound like a reasonable option.
  6. I put a stripe down the center of my car. I used 3m 1080 matte black. This 1080 vinyl is awesome to work with. It will easily come off and won't leave residue. I hadn't seen an esprit with a fat stripe so I tried it. Enjoy... Or hate.
  7. What does the boost gauge say when you floor it?
  8. Well, I have the 6 piston calipers up front and the anti squeel shims only help the center piston. This is why they were squealing so bad. I replaced the pads with hawk and greased them.
  9. Its top right of the dash. Previous owner unplugged mine to fool me. I had 227 hp before I figured it all out.It wouldn't spin the tires.Now its a demon. I had to take the top of the dash off to see the plug. That should be your first act. I spent more than the cost of the car trying to make it faster. In the end, it was in limp mode the whole time. The repair parts were 200$. Also, if you're only getting 1/2 bar of boost maybe the boost solenoid is stuck. Its between the wastegate and turbo. There's a rubber hose from turbo to solenoid to wastegate.
  10. I would make sure the check engine light comes on when you turn the key. I spent 2 years unimpressed with the s4s performance. Finally I got the issue resolved. Although I've had cars over 600hp, the s4s feels comparable. The power mine puts out now is too much for the wheels to handle. If I floor it in first or second at 3k the wheels start spinning. Not by dumping the clutch. If yours won't spin the wheels you might have an easy fix.
  11. Does anyone know part numbers for hawk pads. Front and rear for the pnm kit.
  12. Thanks, ived tried wiping the rotors and they seem dry. There is a ton of brake dust though. I've been spraying water to clean it and their quiet for a few minutes. The pad company said it was normal and I needed 500 to 1000 miles before they would consider it an issue. Bs.that will take me years to hit that mileage.
  13. What pads do you recommend I purchase for this kit? I want the best and quietest option.
  14. Shit. I guess that's what I get for going with the suggestion from pnm. I have no idea what's good or not. That's why I paid them all that money.I bought the best setup they offer and they gave me shitty pads?
  15. Well the brakes have been working ok, but man they squeel like hell. Is anyone else familiar with green stuff pads? How long should it take for them to quiet down?
  16. I installed an autometer digital boost /vacuum gauge. I did have to run new wire. I ran 18/3 wire from gauge to engine compartment. I replaced the transducer and rerouted the hose to achieve vac and boost. It took around 2 hours and works perfectly. If anyone has questions pm me. It's much easier to read psi digitally for me than the cheap bar gauge that came with the car. Plus now I have a vac reading which should help if I get any leaks.
  17. Lol, A rare Picasso is worth millions. We're talking about a 25k car! The s4s isn't even the nicest looking one. This car was not a complete original piece of art. They used some cheap ugly parts from other crap cars. For example: my tail lights, steering wheel,.. . Now a Gullwing, I might leave alone. They were out to make money and keep alive the spirit of the original piece of art, the first esprit.
  18. Mines an s4s also. 1 of 12 black on black. I've customized almost everything I can. Do what makes you happy. As rare as they are, you can get another one for less than a new gti. everything is reversible if the value spikes enough.
  19. Interesting, I had new spax suspension installed. Ill have to check the pads. Ive adjusted to get it level, but I'm not happy about it. It was level before the new setup.
  20. I just replaced my clutch slave cylinder with the land Rover version. I didn't have the adapter so I had the thread on the nipple machined to the proper size. It took him a few minutes and done. I paid him 20$ Im not sure cost difference, but its an easy option with less threads to seal.
  21. I just replaced my boost gauge setup with a digital. All new wiring,hose,and sender. It seems spot on with mechanical boost only. its much easier to read and goes to -+30. Its autometer Not some ebay crap. It cost $200 It was worth it. I did have to relocate the hose to read vacuum.
  22. Id be interested in markus reply to the questions above. I have the red race chip. Now that the car is running properly.. No cel. I floored it yesterday and was reading 17 psi on my boost gauge. In limp mode, I was at 9 psi. I assume that means my wastegate is proper. I didn't notice any cutout from the ecu. I also didn't stay on it long as I was sideways
  23. I would like to thank all of you very much. I manually engaged the cel codes. I had 26. I looked over everything and found the secondary resister missing. I replaced it and now no cel. I have the oem boost solenoid in also. With all the other upgrades I've done, holy sh this thing flies! Finally I'm impressed!! Thank you!!!
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