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  1. The first thing a stone will hit going through the mesh will be the radiator, so the cam belt is safe anyway. The large plastic undertray will stop stones from the road being kicked up to the cambelt. The cam belt guards are mainly there to stop 1980's mechanics with excessively long neckerchiefs loosing them.
  2. Lovely looking 1985 Red Esprit Turbo heading away from Manchester on the M62. Turned onto the M6. Around 15.20.
  3. I did exactly the same when I bought mine ☺ Feel free to join Great bunch of people with lots of knowledge. Glad it's sorted. Have fun
  4. Just check the illumination control on the dashboard isn't turned down. There's 2 dials either side of the cigarette lighter. Left side is for the heater controls right side controls the guages.
  5. What year is it? There's differences on earlier models (approx pre 86)
  6. Here's a flow chart for diagnostics I'd Start by re-making the connections to the coil . That's probably the culprit. The Lucas constant energy system is pretty reliable ( despite what people say about the AB14). Sometimes the Rev limiter can be a problem (black box with a 3 wire multi-plug usually a bit lower down the inner wing). You can just unplug it to remove it from the equation, plug it back in when you are running ok.
  7. I know a couple of people on have a put some long cable ties around the catch hanging down through the engine bay. You can reach up from underneath to open the bonnet.
  8. Ahhh. Yes. The 912 HC engine has a manually tensioner. It uses the same bearing which fits onto a eccentric hub and is adjusted by twisting the hub until the correct tension. The only problem is,looking at the parts manual I can't find a spacer that looks like that.
  9. Have you taken to lower guard off. There should be a spacer on that ?
  10. Hello. It fits between the tensioner body and the bracket in the picture. You should have 2 of them though. The middle hole on the bracket fits on a stud on the block, then the spacer. The bottom hole has a bolt through tensioner body, spacer, bracket into the block. Don't forget the earth wire between the tensioner body and the block. It cuts down of radio interference. Cheers Jason
  11. Not the rear seatbelt anchor points, they are on a metal frame that fits underneath the moulding of the rear seats. I think the 2 smaller holes are the for the front seatbelt clips and the larger holes are for the body mountings.
  12. Are they not for the body mounting bolts. There's 2 different sizes on the Excel.
  13. You shouldn't have any backfire through the carbs when the engine is tuned correctly. I would suggest you get the engine tuned. It sounds to me like the carbs are out of balance with each other. The static timing should be about 9 degrees btdc. Any more than that will cause difficulty starting and general running.
  14. I put a mark on the door seal at the latch end, just to give a rough guide for the catch. You only need to remove 1 hinge bracket,so draw round it before you remove it. Get the beam roughly in the correct place, then put the door skin on. That can be adjusted on the beam, so get a good fit in the body before fitting the window frame. Then it's a case of playing about with the window frame shims. It's not rocket science try another shim for a closer fit to the seal, if it goes worse try removing the shims. It will always be a compromise. Here's a couple of tips The window glass should drop under it's own weight without the motor in, the shims will alter how well it will drop. Also if your mirror goes through the quarter glass, fit the inside plastic trim before sealing the quarter glass in. Make sure you make a noteof which bolts go where on the door latch. One is purposely short to stop damaging the window frame.
  15. What year is your Excel? I would suggest with both headlamps stuck in the up position it's probably the relay. Pre '86 models have 3 relays in the passenger side light pod well, post '86 have the relays in the passenger side footwell
  16. Check the condition of the window frames and the door beams. Look at the nut on top of the door hinge. If it turns when you open the door the beam has had it. Check both windows go up and down smoothly. Rest of the excel is fairly bullet proof. Handbrake looks a little high, might just be adjustment or possible new shoes. is a good place for buying advice
  17. They are off the Toyota Supra Mk1. If the handle has broke they are difficult to get hold of. Most of them have been glued back together.
  18. Spotted on the car park known locally as Trafford park; entering the car park known as the M60. I followed you until Stockport and gave a thumbs up
  19. The excel has parallel steering, so no ackerman angle. The tyres do scrub on full lock. The plus side is you have better high speed cornering.
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