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    Lotus 340r Register

    Over at Facebook a new register is started so we can insight in the current whereabout and spec. For now it's open for 340R owners. Homepage can be found at:
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  3. Here are mine And the blue one through the lens of a more professional photographer
  4. Hi, I've just joined and I thought it would be good to introduce myself. I am 49 years old and love lotus. In Started with a 190hp NA Exige which was very quickly replaced by by a 2007 Exige S British GT edition with GT pack. In 2012 I bought a 340R (RHD). How nice an Exige is, a 340R is the dream lotus for me. Below the two. Recently I bought a LHD 340R, almost stock, great condition and with a very low milage. See below. Now I am waiting for spring.....
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