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  1. I plan to join you.. it’s up to the car whether I make it or not 🙂
  2. Update.... I removed the (newly supplied) servo n Saturday and discovered that not only was it rusty with perished seals it was also full of broken plastic/bakelight(?) from the smashed internals. In short I was supplied a scrap servo (not detected by Lotus Bits nor my Engineer!!) A new servo has been ordered along with some other bits and hopefully it should be fixed soon 🙂
  3. Thank you Sparky, Gis and 910Esprit for your comments and advice. A plan is now forming! Coincidently, today I have had a chat with a Lotus Forum member that was invited by my engineer last Friday to look over my car and give him an opinion. I am somewhat enlightened by the truth of that meeting. So; the shoddy S3 Servo and mystery master cylinder (that I was billed £480 for on 15th June 2021 by Lotus Bits - who dealt direct with my engineer) currently fitted to the car will be removed by me (forcibly if necessary) on Saturday, when I go to meet my engineer, and returned to LB. I will then reinstall the S2 servo previously fitted (Supplied by Lotus Bits in August 2020 for £258 - I assume the original servo was exchanged?! again dealt direct with my engineer) which doesn't leak, and purchase a functioning and suitably compatible master cylinder from the LF member. The rod from the brake pedal to the servo will be adjusted (to full lock and then wound back - no one seems to know the correct adjustment) and then the brakes tested. If they work, I'll take the car to an MOT station to check the front and rear braking pressures. I understand it should be about 40-60 in favour of the rear (?) I will ensure that I collect up all the parts that were removed from my car and anything else I have paid for and drive to the sunset (or most probably walk). I hope to be able to drive the car at some point this year!
  4. Apologies I wasn’t clear… I am not entirely sure what happened during installation that affected the brake system as the car is with an engineer. The engineer doesn’t know either and it’s been in 8 weeks! After installation the brake pedal felt hard when pressed until the car moved, then it went to the floor with no brake power. The system has been bled by the engineer multiple times, the servo and master cylinder have been replaced with larger units (LotusBits) from an S3 Turbo, the Wilwood 4 pots on the front have been checked, a second set of PNM rear callipers have been installed, discs changed all round and the bias valve was removed and replaced… no change… no brakes 🤯 I believe the engineer will try adjusting the brake rod from the pedal to the servo to see if that affects the performance for the better. I’ll get him to check all of the connectors! Its beyond my mechanical knowledge… it’s just stressing me! My secondary concern is that I have been told via the engineer and consulting professionals that I should not have bought the PNM rear brake callipers; I wanted to hear from those who have them to try and understand why not… I am hoping that the reason is not “because they aren’t original equipment”.
  5. Hi, I hope that all is well with you. I have replaced the original rear Girling callipers that were not performing well and had a faulty handbrake mechanism (They had been rebuilt previously by SJSportscars and I have since been told that the parts to rebuild are unavailable)....anyway I have recently bought a set of the PNM rear callipers and had them installed on the car. Not necessarily linked, but during the installation process something happened that means none of the brakes work (!) The point of my message is to ask if you or anyone you know in the community has installed the PNM callipers, what was thought of them and how did they perform. The main guy at PNM has been helpful and supportive so I don't want to cause him any offence but....... More than two professionals/enthusiasts have told me I have made a massive mistake.... I am not sure what it is that I have done?! Can you enlighten me 🙂
  6. You are absolutely right. In my last communication with Aldon I was told they don't make a horizontal fitting distributor! Aldon did mention they could do a refurb. So its either Aldon or back to SJ Sportscars, who can also refurb. I'll get there eventually 🙂
  7. To conclude this post, Distributor Doctor's only advice was to have the distributor rebuilt (£195 plus VAT) Having attempted to strip down the distributor (Using YouTube as a guide), it would appear that the drive gear has been welded to the distributor shaft, presumably because the pin was damaged or lost, and the internal screws are pretty rounded. So I decided to buy a new distributor from Aldon Automotive and fit in the existing (newish) Lumenition Optronic, to run with the Lumenition rev limiter and see if this helps solve the oil leak and improve the ignition performance. Thanks for your contributions and advice; I expect I'll be starting a new thread when I realise that the parts I bought don't fit!
  8. Thank you for you replies, both posts are very helpful. I have made contact with Martin at distributordoctor and am awaiting a reply.
  9. Next question to anyone with an S1 Esprit using a Lucas 43D distributor.... What clamp are you using to hold the distributor in place? original, custom, SJSportscars, Kelvedon, one from another model? I bought one from SJ (middle of the picture) but its not the right one for this distributor; the current clamp (left) is bent and modified. It look like a Ford Cross Flow engine clamp ( Whatever it is, it doesn't sit flush. You'll see in the original post that there are two screw pegs on the engine (one badly welded); the top centre screw/nut is where the current clamp attaches. Should I be arranging for the badly welded peg to be ground off? What do you have on your car?
  10. Thanks Jonwat, but thats the seal that I made reference to in my post and purchased. It isn't the correct seal for the Lucas distributor. Ok, thanks for the advice ekwan. I'll make contact with some 'seal specialists'.
  11. Hello Lotus Forums, I hope that you are all well, and stay well. I am after some ideas/advice.... I have a Lucas 43D distributor with Lumenition optical inners on the Esprit S1 907 engine. Oil escapes from the distributor shaft and onto the engine. I dont recall ever seeing a seal in the shaft, so assume that a decent seal was made previously by the distributor clamp. I purchased a distributor shaft oil seal from SJSportsCars but have since been informed that these seals will only fit with an original Lotus spec distributor. I also purchased a new robust distributor clamp. Any ideas of whether I can get this "original" spec seal to fit, or any seal, or is there is a tried and tested way to prevent oil leakage? I look forward to hearing from someone. (This post is also on the LDC forum, I apologise if you are seeing it duplicate)
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  13. 1977 (First Reg 16/05/1978) S1 Chassis 7803/0361G Black (Originally Silver) Reg SWS18S
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