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  1. So the weekend was a great success. We had close to 200 cars at our picnic at Rowsley, and well over 130 in the procession! I think everyone had a good time. Thank you to all that attended. Those of you on facebook might want to check out the photos and posts on the Lotus in the Peak page. Until next year! Dean
  2. Looking forward to seeing those Esprits. Hope the weather improves though! If anyone else wants to join in please remember midnight this Sunday night (16th June) is the deadline for booking the runs and the LitP picnic, however you can still turn up at Peak Rail Rowsley and pay on the gate and all are welcome to come to the Charles Cotton for the Friday night do. Thanks Dean
  3. Great to have you along Hopo! Looking forward to seeing the Esprit. Which run are you booked on to? We have a shorter, gentler 'Classic' run now which may suit you better.
  4. Yes, get over to and book if you haven't already! We have over 90 booked and paid so far, with lots of people staying in or around Hartington to attend the Friday night barbecue and make a weekend of it. It's shaping up very nicely 🙂
  5. This year for the first time we are having a LitP barbecue on the Friday night, at the Charles Cotton hotel in Hartington. The CC will be LitP 'base' for the weekend and all rooms are reserved for those taking part in the event. On top of that we have quite a few attendees staying at other venues (including campsites) in and around Hartington so the place should have a real Lotus buzz about it. We have over 50 booked and paid for the barbecue so far and something like 80 cars booked and paid for Sunday so it is shaping up nicely. I can't wait!
  6. On behalf of mloc and the LitP organising team i would like to say a huge thank you to everyone that attended over the LitP weekend. Thanks to you ladies and gentleman (and the weather) the event was a big success! Thank you also to TLF and Bibs for donating a raffle prize 😊 Our new 'base' for the weekend, Hartington (and in particular the Charles Cotton Hotel) worked really well - it is a beautiful place to spend a few days relaxing. Hope to see you again next year! Dean
  7. Yes as Phil says the runs are closed now but we would love to see your black and gold s3 turbo 😊
  8. We have 152 cars booked on now! In other news TLF (well, Bibs to be precise) has donated some Lotus goodies to the Lotus in the Peak raffle 😊 Thanks Bibs, that is very much appreciated Dean
  9. Don't forget the booking deadline for this event, if you want to take part in the runs or enjoy our gourmet picnic, is midnight on Monday 9th July. If you want to come but haven't booked go to now! Alternatively you can just turn up at Peak Rail Rowsley and just pay on the gate 😊 See you there! Dean
  10. Thanks Cads! Charlie Douglass is the man. We had great fun helping him on the day 😊 By the way we have 130 cars booked on now - that's quite a lot of Lotuses! Usually, if the weather is nice we get another 50 ish turn up and pay on the gate. Let's hope that continues this year 😊
  11. Update on this - in the mloc shop the cost of attending at Peak Rail Rowsley remains £10 (£9 for full mloc members) but with £5 worth of raffle tickets thtown in. We decided in the end to drop the prize to a fiver would cause confusion in the shop. We hope that's ok! Our advice though is to join in the runs - that's the best bit! Cheers Dean
  12. The LitP organising team have had a closer look at the costs of putting the event on this year and we are now able to reduce the cost per car for those that attend Peak Rail only to £5. The cost for the full day's fun, including the organised runs, remains £10 (£9 for fully paid-up mloc members) which we are confident is good value for a day's entertainment. It might take a day or two to reconfigure the mloc shop to reflect this change so please bear with us. Anyone that has already booked for Rowsley only can choose a £5 refund or £5 worth of raffle tickets. Thank you!
  13. Bump! 104 cars at last count 😊
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