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  1. Hi Andy, Thanks for chiming in. I have two Ferraris and one does have CIS. The Ferrari has a linear fuel delivery so this system really would not matter. However, the Esprit turbo is trying to use a linear fuel delivery with a car that has a turbo. Because of the turbo, the air intake temp varies as well as pressure. CIS simply does not do the best job here. Not to mention that the Esprit turbo has no intercooler, so the air intake temp can vary. Therefore, an upgrade to this system with FrankenCIS will net more of a gain than it can with a non turbo Ferrari. You ar
  2. I am just getting started so I am basically acquiring components to get the job done. First I bought the FrankenCIS block from dkubus in Australia. That is the black aluminum block. About $225 USD delivered. Next I purchased the Delphi fuel injector you see in this block. About $60 from Ebay. I purchased the Fuel pressure transducer from EBAy for $20. I am waiting on the fuel pressure dampener and gasket ($60) to complete all the necessary components to have this "block" complete. I will post a pic of this completed fuel block and the fit to the engine
  3. Out with this In with this
  4. I have decided to post all the info here on my conversion of my bosch WUR to a Franken CIS system. For those that have not heard of the Franken CIS, it is a special metering block that is run with a Microsquirt electronic controller. It will use the CIS system but better control fuel delivery by using more data to electronically control the fuel pressure in the system. I will post picks and things needed as I am going through this. Any feedback or prior tuning experience is greatly appreciated.
  5. tf308


  6. So I found my first problem. The low temperature switch is open. Engine is at 24C and it should be closed. I grounded the signal and boom.....75% frequency rating. Which brings me to the next question....what is the best replacement switch? Did the Steves or S4 have a different sensor. The slide on blade terminals are terrible to begin with. Anyone have a replacement for this sensor? Cross reference? my goal is to make sure everything is as it should be.....then I really like the frankencis. Can anyone help with a base tune here? (We can start a new thread, but I figured that I woul
  7. Thanks Mr D. I must have read something incorrectly. I am taking the plunge now into learning CIS on this car. I made the frequency valve tester and bought a cIS pressure testing kit. I can't help but wonder what the FrankenCIS Wur would be like now. One day I want to be like Mr D!
  8. What afffects the duty cycle? I'm trying to understand why mine is 50% instead of 65%. Is there a bad connection at the ecu? Problem w O2 sensor? Did some previous owner replace the ecu w an incorrect one? Im going to assume that the ability for the esprit to adjust fuel ends at this valve,therefore, I would like this to function properly. The resistance is 2.3 ohms so the valve is within spec.
  9. 87 G body. Share the ignition and fuel w the 88 esprit so it's an inbetween car.
  10. Just went with Toyo proxes r888 195/50/15 235/50/15 I always liked the handling of the Lotus so we will see what these do. Will need to stay out of the rain (no problem for me) I did not want a mix-match tire set and the NCTs were starting to scare me.
  11. I made a connector that taps into my frequency valve to see what my car is doing. Car is sitting in a garage where the cold start up temp is 75F. If I disconnect my O2 sensor I get a frequency reading that bounces very tightly around 50% on the frequency valve (this is engine stone cold) If I let the car heat up the value "hovers" between 46 and 52%. Shouldn't the frequency be around 75% at cold start up? 65% at operating temp? O2 sensor has a blade terminal AND a Bosch 2 pin terminal. I checked continuity to the ecu on the terminals which seemed fine. (Checked here because it says
  12. I am trying to trouble shoot a few things on my ESprit. I took the RPM delay and speed sensing bypass relay out of my car. They look the same on the inside and the outside. My ECON light only flashes while I am cranking the car at start up then never comes on again. Any ideas?
  13. Thanks...sent them an email...but have received no response. If you are in their country, could you call them for me?
  14. What are the replacement tires the group has been using?
  15. I'm new here. Where can I get the "turbo esprit hci" decals for the side of a 1987 g body? I'm in the US and would appreciate any leads.
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