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  1. I'd be in for purchasing one if available and confirmed that they fit and work.
  2. Hi all, I'm looking for a pair of front hubs from a V8 Esprit and possibly the uprights, but mainly the hubs. The part# for the hubs is A082C4239K formerly A082C4239F. Anyone out there have any? I'd appreciate any in finding them help. Thanks, Ed. K
  3. Thanks for the lead. Unfortunately they are both for V8 series, Kelsey Hayes ABS System and I don't think they are compatible, although I will check. Ed
  4. Looking for ABS Wheel sensor Harness, Complete, All 4 corners, 91 SE. Any Delco Morane system.
  5. Well, step by step. Who's paid? Let's have a list, then figure out what needs to happen. 1. Trevor 2. Trevor 3. Sparky 4. Eken
  6. Mark, Have you thought about posting on Lotus talk and Yahoo Turbo Esprit. It may generate more takers. Count me in. 1) Spud 2) CarlC 3) Ed
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