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  1. Check out the new Vredestein classic tires, they come in the right size and look period correct.
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  3. Coker Tire here in the US makes a copy of the Michelin XWX in 205/70-14 VR-rated which really looks the business. They claim modern construction and modern rubber built in original Michelin molds under license. I haven't used them, they cost $440 each so pretty expensive just to try! But an option for someone with deep pockets. - David
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    Corner Balance

    Has anyone here used corner scales to balance their Europa? I'm about to begin a restoration of my new (to me) 1970 S2. My plan is to get it running, stopping, and turning properly before disassembly, paint, etc. I'm going to get some digital corner scales to play around with front/rear, left/right, and diagonal balance. I'm not planning on racing the car. Yet...
  5. I have a '80 Éclat and a '70 Europa. Both are stock in terms of suspension and wheels. It will be interesting to get them on a skid pad back-to-back. First some time on the corner scales...
  6. Porsche as a service to its classic owners, regular tests currently available tires to suit older models. Their point is that modern tires with their increased grip can overwhelm old suspension designs leading to unsafe loads, irregular wear, and even breakages. Wider wheels combined with modern tires can lead to even greater loads, further stressing the suspension. Or so the thinking goes at Porsche: - David
  7. Thanks for the feedback. The interwebs seems to agree that the rack is a European Ford Granada unit (Elite, Eclat, and Sprint) that way they have access to both LHD and RHD units. Probably altered lengths on the output bits but the rack and pump themselves standard. The Ford writing is ground off but the oval is still visible. It also bears the logo of CamGear, the manufacturer. Year(s) of correct Granada bits still unknown at this point. I have two already so I don't really want to buy a new or rebuilt unit. Really looking for a rebuild kit, or 2. - David
  8. Hello all. I have just purchased a US-delivered (LHD) '80 Eclat, very exciting! However, the steering rack is leaking. The car came with an extra, also needs rebuilding though. The only information I've found is a list of parts at the Golden Gate Lotus Club web-site. Before I go down the road of sourcing individual bits and pieces, I thought I'd check here and see if anyone knows of a place to buy a kit ready to use, as it were. I'll buy two kits and sell the other rack rebuilt if there's any interest. Any help appreciated, - David
  9. Thanks for that clarification. I'm just sharing information, not advocating to break EU law! I haven't found any 205 wide tires here in the US yet, of ANY speed rating, but will keep looking. Today I need snow tires to drive the Eclat to the mechanic's! - David
  10. This web-site seems to say that 185/65-14 is the closest to the standard 205/60-14: These are all 195/60-14: Fuzion Touring (H or V) General Altimax HP (H) Hancook Optimo H246 (H) Kumho Sense (H) Kumho Solus KH16 (H) BFGoodrich g-Force Super Sport A/S (H or V) Sumitomo HTR A/S P01 (H or V) In 185/65-14: General Altimax HP (H) Hankook Optimo H418 (H) Hankook Optimo H246 (H) Kumho KH18 (H) Sumitomo HTR A/S P01 (H or V) I'm not sure whether "H or V rated" means they are available either way? These tires are all from the tire rack web-site.I have a friend who works in the tire industry who is researching some more... - David
  11. Here in the US Hoosier makes a DOT (Dept. of Transportation) approved race/autocross tire in 205/60-14 They do not recommend using it on the street though, and definitely not in the wet unless it has grooves cut in it. Otherwise we have Nankang, Federal or Geostar; none of which I have experience with. - David
  12. Hi Brian, I'm looking for a complete driver's side (left US) mirror, the electric one. Can you send me a picture of the part you're looking for? I can spare it if I can find the complete mirror I need. (and if we're talking about the same driver's side) - David
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