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  2. When I got mine 18 months ago my kids were nearly 4 and 18 months. I have always used a britax evolva 123 for the youngest which is great. The eldest has always just used a booster cushion - because the rear seats are relatively high on the evora the seatbelt is at a perfect height, where as in a normal car she would have looked like she was going to get decapitated on just the booster cushion! Worth a try - my ultra protective wife didn't like the idea at first (saying she was too young not to be in a proper car seat) but when she saw it she was fine. cheers Chris
  3. New window regulator is a costly business. Ended up setting me back the best part of £500 with labour
  4. Watching this thread with interest. I'm in a similar position (just without the m3). Change in circumstances at work means I'm considering swapping the evora for a dirt cheap daily (punto 100 / Clio 182 etc) and then a £10k s1 or caterham for the weekends (and release a bit of cash). I would be gutted to see the evora go though as you must be. They are incredibly good cars!
  5. Just get the salesman to sit in the back - would add to the amusement, although probably not the nicest way to thank them for letting you take the car out!
  6. I was there at about lunchtime on Wednesday. The car looked absolutely fantastic I thought. I really wasnt sure about the rear in the pictures but I think it looks spot on in the flesh. It really seems to have the bit of added aggression that was lacking from certain angles in the original. The interior is a massive step on (even from the later cars) and I think I could even live with the tacky lettering above the stereo! It really wasnt that bad in the flesh (and would be pretty easy to remove id have thought). And it was getting far more attention in the time I was there than the close by
  7. I've got a meeting there on Wednesday so will try to pop along afterwards and take a look at the 400. It looked and sounded awesome when I saw it on the track at Hethel a few weeks ago.
  8. cdl

    New Owner

    Welcome - lovely car! Mine did through the winter. It was worse for this than my elise used to be.
  9. I have the standard box on mine and have never wished I had the close ratio........... until I took it on track a couple of weeks ago and them I kept wishing they were a bit closer (especially after a go on my brother's s2 exige which seemed massively closer). So I suppose it depends what you want to use it for. For mainly road driving I think both are fine, standard probably better if you do lots of motorway or duel carriageway, close ratio if you are going to take it on track a lot. For me I wouldn't let it hold me back if I found a car I really liked Good luck with the search. You ha
  10. I also saw it a couple of weeks ago. The sound was the thing that impressed me most. Not hard though compared to my wheezy n/a with the standard exhaust!
  11. Saw this lapping the track while there for a factory tour on Friday and then after the LOT day there on Saturday. It did look flipping quick. And sounded great too :-)
  12. Hand brake was left of all day I will see if I can get the wheels off and take a look soon They have seemed to be ok since but it has all been pretty sedate since. I'll take it for a spirited drive and see what happens
  13. I did a track day at Hethel on Saturday and whilst the car was generally brilliant it developed brake judder really quite quickly. I'm not too familiar with what causes this, but is it something to worry about or is it just a symptom of them being worked pretty hard on track. I've never noticed any issue on the road and whilst I have not changed them in the year I have owned or there still seems to be plenty left on the pads. It was serviced last week and nothing was flagged up then either. Cheers Chris
  14. Passenger window sorted by fitting a new regulator. No luck with the drivers side though. Reset procedure hasn't worked. Hoping this isn't the start of another regulator on its way out. I'm at hethel on Friday for factory tour (then trackday on saturday) so might see if they can take a look whilst i'm there.
  15. I had a look at mine on the way home tonight and i was at 2,100 revs at 70, 2,500 was about 82
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