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  1. Have some videos, will upload it later...
  2. Not many... People initially thought it is a Kit Car... Then there are some who ask.. Also now we have a dealer in UAE slowly people are getting to recognize the Brand.. But till then Even Some Ferrari owners approached me ...
  3. This Evora is a chick magnet... Wife does not approve... but then that was the point buying it ....
  4. Here are few pictures of the road trip and this trip had both the technical canyon carving moments and also sweeping curves that we took at shocking speeds. And in other areas we took at speeds that would have you arrested in the US. It's the fastest I've ever been on four wheels.
  5. Thanks for the welcome CEO...
  6. dandiwakh

    [UAE]UAE Evora's

    Oh my! UAE EVORA's are here... Any more from UAE? Hope to see more LOTUS owners here
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