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  1. Indeed and doing so cost me £20k for 7k miles... oh how I miss the old days... If I could tell myself 10 years ago all you need in life is an Elise and a Disco I'd be mortgage free right now!
  2. Oh come on, at least shut Heathrow down on a nice weekend summer day when the flight path always seems to be overhead!
  3. Bibs offering to use drones to find the people using drones "There was an old lady who swallowed a fly..." I don't understand how the batteries in these things have not run out already if it's just one guy. Or if he's bringing it home to recharge it why can't they just follow it to where it lands?
  4. LF1

    Lotus 340r Register

    I've taken the site down due to wanting to completely rewrite it... it's take about 6 months for anyone to notice All the existing data is there, it will be there when I get round to it.
  5. We were in the disco that let you out at the end of the road!
  6. Just got a new Xbox. RDR 2 Came free with it... don’t know much about it.
  7. Yea. David races VLN so definitely a very good guide to what’s possible there. Also nice that his car is stock so a good indicator. Even minor upgrades like suspension have a huge impact.
  8. @JG220 thanks, although a Bit disappointing really, I thought it would be quicker. I took the Caterham 270r earlier in the year (135hp, open diff) and managed 8:15. I think I am subconsciously more cautious in the Lotus... next time! @Five50 it’s in colour. VBox looks like it was using the spot metering from the onboard. Need to work out how/if that can be changed. Lifted it straight out of the Caterham which obviously had no roof.
  9. Yea. I am planning on upgrades at some point. But not until I am confident I’ve got the most out of the car as it was designed. This was done with new A048, first time I’ve known them to sequel every corner and under braking. Although the track was dry there was moisture in the air all day, you were never sure if the next corner would have received a little sprinkle.
  10. We've had the car 3 years now, still gives unparalleled pleasure every time I drive it. First time at the ring with it, pretty good conditions and little traffic on the track day. Second time there in anger (other than the odd lap here and there in the past) and starting to get a feel for the place. Managed a single lap of 8:35 early in the day, according to the VBox optimum over the day low 8:20s, next time hope to do that in a single lap. The car is still completely factory standard:
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