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  1. Must have been a lot of 7 seaters in then
  2. LF1

    Rules before run in?

    On the tolerances side, yes walk away if it's not covered. But I am pretty sure that technically you are not covered if it's been on track which it sounds like this has too.
  3. LF1

    Rules before run in?

    Who cares... you're going to track it aren't you? If it's within their tolerances then no issue. So one assumes that if you are going to push the car you'll be hitting the limiter often enough so if someone is going to check the ECU it will come up from your driving. I'm one of those people that buys new so I know the history on the car, I pay a huge premium for that, I feel that if you are not there has to be some penalty for the saving, I guess a little uncertainty on the history is just that?
  4. LF1

    Rules before run in?

    I was under the impression that overrunning on down shift by a couple of hundred RPM was within tolerances and warranty - It may have been mentioned when checked on our Elise Not that we've had a moments trouble with engine or gearbox (or anything else for that matter) after 10k of serious track miles from new.
  5. We had a Qashqui while our second Disco 4 was being repaired from an accident (the other modern car looked like it had been through the crusher while the Disco was driven to the paint shop to have a bit of wing resprayed - if i had children I know where I'd rather they were). We had to do serious miles in it, oh how I could not wait to get my "crappy" Disco back. The quality of the finish (leather, buttons, dash, etc - not the build quality of which i cannot speak) was just horrible, it was an awful place to be - I'd paid for a VW Golf hire car because I wanted one, they'd "upgraded me" to the Quasqui... I begged them to downgrade me but there were none available. We've done 50k in that disco in the past 2 years (mainly towing), been caught deep in the alps in a blizzard, passing endless cars that had buried themselves in the road side drifts, dragged cars out of danger last winter's snow storms, use it as a daily driver and never had one moment's trouble with it. Not convinced a little family soft roader and a Disco are exactly in the same league for price comparisons... but each to their own. I suspect it's like owning a Lotus, most people must think you're completely mad, but those that own one know exactly why you'd have one over other options.
  6. LF1


    Turning the isoloator on and off (green switch) won't reset the inertia if it was that.
  7. LF1

    My First Ever Lotus

    Lovely car. Right choice too. On both counts
  8. LF1

    Evo n. 253 Exige cup 430 Anglesey

    Was it me or did it sound like it was coasting up the hill on the fast lap (9:25)?
  9. LF1

    New Member ..First Lotus

    Welcome. The CR is a great car, a true Elise. Was my first Lotus too... which became the start of a slippery slope!
  10. LF1

    Canyon Red Exige V6 Cup

    The first lap from another perspective:
  11. LF1

    Canyon Red Exige V6 Cup

    Yes, yes... get you with all your power, trick suspension and race spec aero. Now get a proper standard car and I challenge you to a rematch.
  12. DDubya

    Is the LF1 register site still being maintained?

    1. LF1


      I need to rework it at some point when I get the time.

  13. LF1

    Calais to spa

    We go 4 or five times a year (including next Friday too). Always take the Brussels route - even though the ring road is a nightmare it’s always the best route.
  14. LF1

    Roads on the Isle of Wight

    about 2 hours 20:
  15. LF1

    TLF Trackday?