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    TLF Trackday?

    I was at Donny on Friday, blew the drive by in a Caterham 620r. They black flagged and "worked with me" to avoid it happening again (it was my first hot lap in it). It recorded 99db, but you have to be proper on it at a particular spot to hit it - the car in question had been driven there on many occasions and it was the first time it had triggered it. Interesting about Zandy, I popped the drive by in my LF1 with the original exhaust there.
  2. LF1

    TLF Trackday?

    Blyton, like Bedford is usually considered a newbie Circuit. I did my first ever track day at Blyton with LoT because it was advertised as such. Unless I was local, it’s not a Circuit I’d now hurry to now though, but I suspect would be a good option for a standalone day for TLF. Anglesey and other privately owned tracks would probably most likely at reasonable prices. Silverstone may be with approaching, one of the smaller layouts would be more reasonable and as they are a TDO in their own right could actually run it. I’ve done a couple of their days and they are very good. I’d be up for it most likely. I believe cirsuits start planning days for the following year around September time once the race series have all had their pick based on priority of the event.
  3. LF1

    TLF Trackday?

    I dunno about driving, but I saw you lapping without yout helmet properly secured once... 😂 Lets just all do the Spa LoT day after the 24 hour race in July. I’m booked. Always epic. Re insurance: Some of us have it as part of our road insurance. For one I’d only do days that cover it simply because I pay a premium to have it. But agreed, really should not be necessary on a track day and I hope to never need it. I think certain LoT days are very novice orientated which is good. For me, I tend to stick to thier EU GP Days, some very talented drivers on those and without exception I’ve found them fantastic in recent years. But I can only speak for my own experiences. Some speak highly of Javlin and MSV, I won’t based on my experience. Also these days remember the track day is actually run by the circuit, not the TDO. All they do is act on what the Marshals/Circuit report. Donny days have gone downhill in my opinion recently and it’s nothing to do with the TDO. Darn motorway cones on the exit of Redgate.... come on!
  4. LF1

    TLF Trackday?

    I’m not a fan of RMA days because I was drawn to them based on the overtaking rules. Turns out that’s only on the straight and other drivers get quite upset if you try on a corner when you’ve been stuck behind them for 5 laps without the power to overtake. Have to say I’ve had similar frustrations on LoT days but at least it is drummed in on the briefing the slow V6 owners should lift and let those who know how to drive and therefore choose an Elise past. 🤣🤣🤣
  5. LF1

    TLF Trackday?

    Seems to me what’s being described above is Lotus on Track. I’ve done one or two track days and nothing compares if what you are after is pretty much pure Lotus, ATDO, good etiquette and a friendly crowd free of hot hatches. Seems like we’re trying to reinvent the wheel somewhat here?
  6. Land Rover used to plant trees that offset the emissions from the car for 100k miles when you bought new.
  7. We've been driving EL15E CP with the space in the wrong place for almost 3 years now, never been pulled or had issue. Ironically if you don't have a plate on your car/illegal plate I think the fine is £100 but no points - or at least this used to be the case.
  8. Yea, it's a massive video, it's basically 2 x 4K to get the full 360 resolution. YouTube will optimise it based on your download speed. Then you have the option to up the resolution to 4k 360 - which takes a mass of data. The video was done with a Garmin VIRB 360 which although it has the ability to do lap timing it is not fast enough. We were also running a VBox HD2 which gave really accurate times along with optimum lap time based on "purple" sectors throughout the day.
  9. Well Jonny... 26th October is my next planned trip. Circuit Days again. Places available, pull your finger out!
  10. I would not knock the balls of someone that tried the the "chicken strip" flat out... I did it in that video for a laugh as I wanted to see if I could get round it as fast as you on the Karussel. It was slippery, it almost ended in tears
  11. I’d agree with @The Pits that I’d be very surprised if the GT430 couldn’t get close to a 7:30 time BTG. Considering when we did that video neither of us had done a dozen laps there and we were close to the 8 minute mark in the Caterham with 135hp and bog all top end. The cornering ability of the Evora was something else, it was the only car I saw all day that was still in your rear view mirrors after a few corners. Probably the perfect package for the Ring.
  12. It was a track day so no nonsense. Amazing conditions and driving standards all day.
  13. Not our fastest lap of the day but certainly the one with the best view. We were both doing a lot better with a few more laps under our belts. BTG the 270r will do an 8 minute with a little more commitment quite easily, the 430 of course will smash that. Lap 1 viewing the 430 from behind, spin the camera for lap 2 in front. Be gentle on @Trevsked and I, we’re both ‘Ring newbies. Sorry about the sound. Still can’t get an external microphone for the camera. Exige 430 Cup puts in an appearance at 16:00 and you can hear it property blast past as we pull into the pits.
  14. Great to see. Just putting together a video where it feature along with a GT430 for a couple of laps...
  15. That changes everything... how much pointless damage did the rubbish render do? I’d still forego the wooden knob though.
  16. @theelanman So easy, literally a USB plug to power and add to WiFi Network. Uploads to the cloud for 10 days (£80/year for first camera, £40 for subsequent), instantly on the cloud. Super impressed with them and i am a bit of a gadget person, few last once the novelty runs out. The new 4k ones look good, but i worry about the bandwidth they use. Ours are the original Outdoor versions which are 1080p and more than enough.
  17. Gutted. Nasty thing to happen. I second the camera setup. We have a Nest setup monitoring the whole house with notifications immediately if it sees a person. Had 4 of them a couple of years now. Can’t fault them, have more confidence in them than the monitored alarm we have. Nice to be able to talk to delivery drivers too:
  18. Yup - my only experience of a 1.6 too. Fantastic little car, shame it was not more popular - that's the problem looking at numbers rather than pleasure.
  19. have the sideskits always been available on the 430 Cup as an option?
  20. Yea the “LOTUS” acronym everywhere you go is tiresome. The reliability of our Elise throughout all its track use has been somewhat remarkable. And there’s nothing more pleasant that humiliating a 911 GT3 driver in your little “troublesome” plastic car on a race track. I used to really like CH but really could do without him on TG now, he’s trying too hard alongside MLB and it’s just painful - he was probably better in small you tube video clips. That said throwing the “how many 911 models” all the time is also very very tiresome. The range makes sense and at least they don’t drop special editions on a weekly basis before most people have taken delivery of their previous latest and greatest version - that’s doing more damage to customer retention than anything CH may say... Exige 380 Cup anyone?
  21. Probably need the track for the necessary “new fastest xxx around the Hethel test track” the Exige Cup Wooden Gear Knob Edition will undoubtably be.
  22. Wow - first of 10 in your opening race is pretty awesome going! If i remember correctly the SR1 championship is not all novices so that is really good, what better way to start the season? Have you done the footage of that race yet? I gave the donny edition a thrash round donny back to back with the full on 420r Race car. They were both epic although I found the donny edition a bit stiff compared to the race car and more so on the road. I am sure it could be tweaked to my liking though. I was pretty tempted but would want the 420r Race as you then have the option to race it. The only downer on the Caterham Sequential is you don't have the flappy paddles and the rev matching on down shift that you get in the SR1 - I found that particularly addictive
  23. Ha ha, sorry just don’t have deep enough pockets for that! I do fancy the 420r series for the sequential experience mind. How big is the grid, I had a look at TSL but struggled to work it out?
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