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  1. Humm... tempting... Are you guys all going up the night before?
  2. Nice one Paul - bitten by the bug now I suspect, nothing like being on track close to other cars! Fantastic result for your first outing. When I did the math on it last year i think i came to a similar conclusion with regards to cost, but there certainly is a lot of draw for the Radicals - I loved the SR1 and the sequential gearbox!
  3. Pretty sure it came in last May: You can now get hit from cameras in the EU (DVLA give out the info), but of course we can't hit the EU because of some loophole in the way our speeding offences work. Ironically i triggered one yesterday coming back from the alps!
  4. Very dangerous when other 1/2 into Motorsport and cars too. No one to put the brakes on, “shall we get a new track car”, “yea why not?”.
  5. Yea. But no one ever checks. We used to just wedge a hand held one next to the seat on the Exige.
  6. LF1

    Evora GT430

    No stirring intended, but what was the final count allocated to the UK? Originally it was 6, but in my head i think it went to 20 almost immediately. That said I did not realise the sport was also limited, that is interesting. I did think the 60 was worldwide except the US, with another 60 there. I could be very confused about it. And either way it's still a very special limited run
  7. Timing could have been done offline. The timing equipment may have been out of the driver's sight. Don't know if it makes it "technically" acceptable, but it is in reality no different from taking times off a video which is fine to run.
  8. Ah man. Great that Neil is on the case and support from those up high. I had trouble with mine and the response/support from Neil will leave me a life long fan of the brand, and that was long before the “Geely Factor”. All this @Bibs love is making me gag on my cornflakes though. You know he drives a VW right?
  9. Yes, the komotec cars were very impressive in a straight line as always.
  10. Full use of curbs. I was close to quali times from our races last year. Cracking day. No problem getting temperatures into tyres and no grip issues.
  11. Sorry guys. Fantastic conditions albeit cold at Spa. Lots of lovely Lotus on display and little red Caterham having a great time.
  12. Absolutely freezing here - I’m going to take you up on that offer. Have you got a garage number?
  13. A few of us are there on April 25th with Gold Track, back to back with the Ring. But I think both are fully booked.
  14. With care... I've driven a couple of times in sub zero at the Ring and in the snow here in the UK at Rockingham, both on ZZS. Treat it as any other track conditions, find your way. If you have less tyre grip it's no different to damp conditions, you just have to drive to them. Start with higher pressures than you normally would as you are unlikely to get the heat into them, even if you end up letting them back down to a lower pressure. Usually my cold starting point in the Caterham is about 18PSI with a hot about 25, but when it's very cold I can't get any heat in them to get above 18, so i start higher and let a little out each session. By the end of it they'll be back to 18 cold but needed help getting the first bit of temp in.
  15. Is that’s the one that was at Brooklands a couple of years ago for the international day?
  16. Sorry to hear it Jonny - hope all is resolved OK. Currently the afternoon is forecast as a wonderful sunny -8.
  17. Here’s a discount code for Circuit Days Sat 7th April at Rockingham and Sun 22 April at Snetterton: CDTT18 Use it at checkout to get either/both days for £160 each saving £39. I think there are only about 20 places available with the saving while the day fills up.
  18. Cancellation would be a shame. Crossings and hotel past the point of no return now so let’s hope it’s a goer!
  19. Passenger rides also on offer in the discovery. And yes, you can drift it
  20. Well I’m taking the Caterham. And for those of you wanting to experience the lovely warm conditions in a windscreen-less car I’ve put the passenger seat back in
  21. What are you all on about: It's going to be perfect
  22. LF1

    TLF GT430 Club

    I didn’t release the new Evora had the covered gear linkage unlike the Elise and Exige. Looks so much better covered up, so glad they decided to.
  23. They will let you if you are know to them as a historical lotus owner. If you are not then no hatch backs, etc. It’s a good rule.
  24. Nice one Paul. Just noticed this. You’ll have a ball! I tested the SR1 last year, great fun. UPE will look after you well too Jim and I started out racing together.
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