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  1. Mine used to do it no problem at all. In fact it used to arrive with exactly the same fuel it started with...
  2. Ha ha. The GT4 is a road car for us. No interest in tracking it when I have the other two in the garage! Would love a 430 but can’t see it happening in reality.
  3. No. To be fair it was the 20p O-Ring at the bottom of the dip stick that caused the oil problem. I was responsible for not noticing when it caught on the exhaust and nearly buring the car out.
  4. Looks like I'm taking/towing the Caterham... Alex can't make it and I'm not trusted in her lovely little Elise on my own Maybe it's time to get my own Lotus.... there's not been an Exige anounced for a few days so looks like the Cup 430 may be the top of the stack for a while after all
  5. I am seriously considering just driving the Elise rather than trailering and joining a convey.If it breaks/I break it can someone give me a lift back to the U.K. please?
  6. What are everyone's crossing plans? I've just booked the tunnel out at 11:50 on Saturday morning and return 13:50 on Monday afternoon.
  7. So we'll be enjoying lots of birthday cake at lunch time... jolly good, see you all there!
  8. If anyone fancies Bedford GT on the 23rd Feb then use the discount code CDTT18 which will discount it from £149 to £100. This is unique to me, so please share with friends but not publically anywhere.
  9. Yup. But you don’t cover up that, only the race numbers. Our lot got arsy one event and forced us to make them illegible rather than the customary pointless cross over the number. It’s a stupid rule.
  10. Perfectly legal to drive on the road with race numbers. The various racing clubs/blue book all have it in their regs that if your car is road legal then you cannot have visible race numbers when driving it to and from events. It’s a stupid rule.
  11. Just finished Arrested Development. First 3 series brilliant, new one not so much.
  12. LF1

    Evora GT430

    Rarely (if ever) see a lotus in a colour that does not look great. And all the GT430 look fantastic. My favourite probably the launch car though with the flashes of red. Also, MSG really does suit it well. Better than the V6 in my mind.
  13. LF1

    Evora GT430

    That’s when I cancelled my Evo subscription, not read since. Although may make a exception for this review. Although I think we know where it’ll go. How many uk cars are there going to be?
  14. Bless him. Happy retirement, well deserved.
  15. LF1

    TLF GT430 Club

    ^^ Agreed, my next Porsche is going to be Ardent Red
  16. LF1

    TLF GT430 Club

    Second of the UK GT430 that I am aware of in a Porsche colour #justsaying.
  17. It’s actually addictive. I was motivated a couple of years ago to lose a bit of weight to get down to the min weight for racing. I was 97kg at the time. So cut out fizzy, fruit for breakfast, porridge for lunch and normal dinner. Walked for an hour every day, then when the weight stopped coming off started running 5k 3/4 time a week rather than walking. Added no time to my day as I walk the dog every day now I run instead. Couple of years on and I’m down to 75kg and feeling far better generally for it. Never liked running but being competitive and with modern gadgets you can race yourself every day and it becomes addictive.
  18. This would be my concern right now for Lotus, the Evora is the car for the US market and already they are upsetting the people buying them with the crazy model launch/replacement "strategy". Regardless of the fact in the US cars are denoted by their year and this is perceived as a change to the car. Those are minor tweaks to styling and equipment, not the significant updates to cars we are talking about here.
  19. LF1

    TLF GT430 Club

    The problem is the train is 20 years old, cars have got wider and they take the hump if you turn up and have not booked high vehicle... I point out I am not a high vehicle and nowhere on the booking does it say wide vehicle. All the bike racks, etc also go to the high vehicle section too which means it's over use. And then it really does not help when everyone with a soft roader "4x4" assumes they are a high vehicle and then go there... the only 4x4 that is over height is pretty much the Discovery, which will actually fit on normal height even though when lowered it is 7cm over the stated 185 (it sets off all the alarms but they wave you through). The biggest nightmare I had was in the RS6 when they made me go on the low vehicle and on the upper deck, absolutely no idea where the curbs are when you go up and the wheels have less than 20mm either side. They need to change the booking to highlight wide vehicles rather than high i think. And start replacing the carriages - the problem is likely the toilets and stairs on the double carriages.
  20. Sticking with Caterham this year. But probably not a full season. Seriously considering one or two Lotus Cup Europe rounds or maybe UK. As for go pro mounts I just stuck a mount on the internal Perspex rear screen and then on on the rear bumper for the rear and the sound. Always worked well on the LF1. More difficult with the Cup - struggled to find a decent mount on the rear so tend to just use a roll cage mount on the Barnes bar. However important to change to medium view and get the spot metering right and lined up or you get really bad contrast as you’ll see on a few of my Elise Cup videos.
  21. I’m in La Source, not the greatest experience but you know there’s not going to be a challenge with the trailer even if you have to drive to the circuit via Germany to the Blanchamont entrance.
  22. I’m there on the 18th March, 25th April and 30th June. Probably in the Elise on the 2 LoT Days, Caterham on the Goldtrack day as I am back to backing with the Circuit Days Ring Track day.
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