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  1. And won't need a gearbox and engine rebuild every 40 hours of use.
  2. Martin instructs on Lotus on Track Days too... great fun!
  3. I think my point is people drive off in them thinking their lights are on because the area in front of them is illuminated and not realise that’s just the DRL. If that person didn’t have DRL on the car then they’d just have realised the lights weren’t on and turned them one. We’ve got the auto blanking stuff in the RS6. It’s really cool and not once have I been flashed yet we have full beam on all the time. This was not really a dig at auto lights on cars it was more a wondering if DRL causes any more accidents than it prevents because people don’t realise they are driving around with no actual lights on.
  4. Now that winter's here and it's getting darker early again there seem to be even more people driving round with no lights on. I really don't drive on the roads much, but it seems every time I go out recently the number of people with no lights on seems to be increasing. Having just driven the Elise I put this down to one thing - DRL... I am really used to automatic lights, so when I drive off in the Elise it seems the lights are on, as the DRL give off some light. I rarely get off the drive before I realise that I've not actually got the lights on, fumble around for a bit and sort it. But I really wonder how many people get in their cars, start them up and have "some" light and just drive off not realising they don't actually have any lights on? You don't notice so much from the front as there is light, but the rear of these cars has nothing but reflectors
  5. I really can't help thinking that something better will be along shortly, not being cynical - just when you consider the Exige 430, which looks (I am hoping) to be it for a while and how that was a significant step up from the 1/2 dozen recent Exige model launches - if the same happens with the Elise (again hoping) then we could be in for a real treat. It needs the side skirts though.
  6. I am wondering about the tyres, I could be wrong, but arn't those the same wheels/tyres you've been able to get since the launch of the Elise S Cup - the Lightweight R ones a step up from the forged which ended up being standard?
  7. In theory you cloud plug a feed into the audio input. But I can’t really see the point. The benefit comes from when you are on your own in the car the instructor will overlay their data with yours, that’s where the instructor/telemetry comes into play. I never go out with an instructor, if I use one at all we only use data. However when I started out it’s the opposite, telemetry is meaningless until you are within tenths of what is achievable on a given day and car. Until then track time with or without an instructor is all you need. The HD2 was a long time coming - what are you looking for that you think they may replace it with near future? Most guys still use the Lite (and nothing to do with budget constraints) as that does everything you need - it’s the “all the gear, no idea” brigade that just have to get the HD2.
  8. Believe me. VBox say you can but it doesn’t work and is completely pointless anyway. Why have 2 lap timers running in one car? For the price of the lap timer you could get as second OLED and another camera for the second car and just swap the box around - this is what I do and it’s a far better solution. We have spent a lot of time with VBox at tracks testing this all season. They are heavily involved sponsoring our series and we have a lot of access to them and their prototype kit. Not forgetting that VBox generally give the OLED away when you buy the VBox at the Motorsport show in January.
  9. Booked.... whoop, whoop!! Now... what car to take? Tempted to see if I can get a multi car ramp for the trailer and I should be able to get the Caterham and Elise in
  10. @alias23 has the timer, not the HD2. I think you are talking about the HD2 with the Blue OLED. The blue one is completely unnecessary with the HD2 as it’s just waterproof, we don’t even used them in the Caterhams and we get drenched in them so no need to spend all that extra if it’s going to be in a Lotus. Functionality exactly the same, it’s just the case and button position that differs.
  11. Good stuff, great to see the car where it's supposed to be. You'll enjoy the Silverstone day, I have always found their direct days to be exceptional, and I've done one or two track days
  12. That caterham looks like a 2018 Academy car
  13. LF1

    Evora GT430

    When I was going for a 430 we were getting it to match the Elise. It would have looked like that.
  14. LF1

    Evora GT430

    Yup. That was my car. But imagine what a 430 Cup will look like in that livery.
  15. What do we think? Personally I feel the current one is particularly clever and although I’m not adverse to change these seem a little off the shelf. I’m sure it won’t take long to get used to though.
  16. The OLED is the whole point of it, you can see it on the dash in all my videos. I'll say that on track days you will be pulled up for having it running if you are seen so just put it on the speed setting rather than the lap timing information (data remains the same). It's really not rocket science. Lots of cable ties, velcro and the mounts that come with the kit for the cameras. Plug into the 12v in the Lotus. If you have a roll cage then there are special mounts to attach the cameras to that. Otherwise you just use the suction mounts. Nothing other than the power plugs into the car so you just put stuff where you want it, most likely car dependent. Here's the setup in the lotus:
  17. The racelogic has can input and overlay. Some of the guys use it when they have engine issues to see what’s going on. I’ve simply not bothered to use it because it’s against our regulations and like I say you really can see what you need from the analytics with regards to brake and throttle, particularly when you overlay an instructor’s lap data. I suspect for a bit of fun on track days then any of the systems will be more than adequate. We all like a good gadget and if you can afford it go for the one that takes your fancy. I think the Aim stuff is great for fuss free high quality video and telemetry info and is a tidy package especially if you want decent in car info. Don’t overlook the Garmin VIRB stuff, with a bit of faffing in their software you can do some cracking visuals (I’ve used the Virb 360 to do just that), it’s just no that useful as a training tool. Unless your on the pace you’ll get more from being in the car with a decent instructor. Also being driven by the instructor really helps get a feel for what the car can do. Chasing instructor laps time however is not advised and usually ends up in the barriers I really went round the houses but in the end all the incar info I want is predictive timing in a big clear display and good tools for analysis. I bought the HD2 for the fancy rendering after using the Lite for a few years... completely unnecessary spend but nicer looking video makes me happy This year RL could not meet demand on he HD2 early in the season so don’t expect any deals/availability come spring. @alias23 racelogic on the Mac was not great a couple of years ago. Not sure if it’s the same now but you should download and play with the software first. The configuration really didn’t work however that’s not an issue now as it can all be done via iPad/Phone so all you need to check is that Circuit Tools works OK. Video and data are separate files. This is good you can play the video raw. The software handles working with both so no problems then being split. You are completely unaware.
  18. I don’t have throttle and brake inputs because it’s against our regulations. Also you don’t actually need it as it’s very clear from the graphs when and how much of each you are using. Not to mention the video when a camera is pointed at your feet.
  19. Probably because the GPS on phones is only 1hz which means one location per second. And you consider how many get lost. This is why you need an external GPS receiver with at least 10 times that to make it accurate. When you consider how much a car will move on track in a second and then consider the odd missed reading... HLT really is good, I run the GP editon with the external GPS never that worried about the video mind. That said all these tools are only useful for chasing the last few tenths which is not really what track days should be about. Nothing will improve driving more than seat time. Ironically I’ve just been having this discussion with the 56 guys and girls kicking off the 2018 Caterham Academy who’ve virtually no track experience - the the VBox guys were there demonstrating their products.
  20. I’ve used the VBox lap timer with the LED. It is good and a few guys use it as a race tool. You get all the data information and I believe he GPS refresh rate is higher. All the functionally is the same as with the HD2 or Lite other than no video. I’d say the video is pretty crucial as a training tool. However for 1/3 or 1/2 the price it is a significant saving for a very good bit of kit and is very useful. I am considering one for the GT4. Currently I have 2 sets of HD2 cameras and OLED then I swap the box between the lotus and Caterham which works well. One thing with the VBox vs HLT + other bits is the VBox just works without any messing about. To get everything with HLT (video, GPS, OBD) to work at the same time and last a session you’d need the planets aligned. HLT is a cracking piece of software but I’d just not rely on it when crucial.
  21. I’ve used them all, started with HLT which is good but does not always work perfectly and therefore not ideal when you get serious. You really need an external GPS for it too because the phone refresh is too slow, I use this: SkyPro XGPS160 GPS Receiver For picture quality you probably can’t beat it paired up with a GoPro, however that means a lot of things requiring battery and successful connection to work. The key thing is driver training, if that’s what you really want then VBox is the option, the software for analysis is extremely good it’s what we all use racing and all the instructors use. Once you are at a reasonable point a race instructor won’t get in the car with you. It’s all done with th software analysis of footage trackside comparing overlays, etc. Therefore you need the cameras, the VBox lite ticks all the boxes, 720p is rather crap but it is enough. The HD2 is a big step up, not GoPro quality and a lot of money but I’d not be without it. I also liked the straight lap timer, but you do miss the video when trying to work out exactly what went on during a lap. Download the software if your really interested in using it as a tool and I can send some data if you want I see how it works. If you just want something for show/YouTube then stick with HLT and some GoPro. There are some VBox Lite and HD2 videos on my YouTube channel if you want to compare. Here’s where I put it in the Elise for a change during a sprint: Normally I’d put the camera on my feet but I could not be bothered for that one off. Here’s one from th race car at Snetterton qualifying: Both HD2, here’s the Lite from the year before for compare: The sound is a little rubbish because of where I put the mic.
  22. Won’t the people who bought a Cup 380 be a bit annoyed about this car? No, says Gales, ‘because they can sell the car now for a higher price than they bought it.’ Are all the 380 Cups dealers bought sold then, I could be wrong but i thought there was discussion about some of those still being avialable - does this mean they are all going to go up in price? ‘This is it - there will be no further iteration and after a couple of years, we expect to see its value growing.’ That is what we want to hear.... although the cynical may say we've heard that before.
  23. And in reality it's all the car you need for some track day fun. But hard to look past the top end cup models (myself included).
  24. No worries. I was hoping to be able to take the steering discussion forward after clarifying my thoughts on it. The thing is I really don’t think it is a better car than the Exige. I keep saying it. But I do think it is a very good car and has some significant merits especially for road use. The auto blip is a stupid conversation. It is a button that just activates that. And you know what, for less competent drivers it’s great, drivers who want a challenge don’t need to turn it on. I really don’t see why that is frowned upon but race mode in the Exige is praised as the best thing since slice bread. Both are electronics doing what the driver should to make the car easier to drive. Were auto blip on the Exige and race mode on the GT4 would opinions be reversed? My problem is I have incredible love for The Exige. I want another. But once I started finding the limits of that car and really having fun in it you realise the road is no place for it. The GT4 seems to me to be just inside that boundary with its factory setup. I have driven an Evora 410 and I think that is much closer to the GT4. I don’t think the GT4 as a track toy, it’s just the right side of a compromise compared to the Exige to make it a great all round road car.
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