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  1. And in reality it's all the car you need for some track day fun. But hard to look past the top end cup models (myself included).
  2. No worries. I was hoping to be able to take the steering discussion forward after clarifying my thoughts on it. The thing is I really don’t think it is a better car than the Exige. I keep saying it. But I do think it is a very good car and has some significant merits especially for road use. The auto blip is a stupid conversation. It is a button that just activates that. And you know what, for less competent drivers it’s great, drivers who want a challenge don’t need to turn it on. I really don’t see why that is frowned upon but race mode in the Exige is praised as the best thi
  3. One one of the things that is very apparent in this debate and somewhat frustrating and a believe is a form of baiting is how you take things out of context and spin them. It’s been mentioned before. Per the context of my statement in lap times I think it is interesting comparing the difference between yourself and other drivers in the same/similar equipment/known ability to see how you compare. Not to see how one car differs to another. With regards brands I believe I was in an Elise not an Exige and we were interested in how the two cars compare over a lap like we always wanted to do a
  4. I remember a short while ago how we all almost fell over at the price of the 400... now we’re considering it reasonable value (I'm not questioning this). All these new expensive models are making the original cars look fantastic value. Maybe that's the strategy, maybe the pricing was all wrong to start? I really don’t want to turn this into another debate with the other manufacturer, but for new customers I feel that Lotus are not a niche car any more, they are trying to stand up against the big boys (which is good), but the pricing inevitably then makes you compare to what you can get el
  5. Is it really about lap time though? I know this comment is tongue in cheek, but laps times don't even come into it for me. If that was important I'd just get a radical or something similar. For me it's all about fun. If you want lap times go racing or even test days, that's serious. When I'm on a track day (which let's be honest is all most of us are going to do with any of these cars) then it's about fun, not how quickly you can go round (although it's interesting to compare your own ability with others in the same car). Maybe this is where my passion is misdirected - I don't give lap times t
  6. I'm not waxing lyrical - I was expecting it to be truly awful based on all the opinions of people that clearly have not driven it. I don't know anything about the mechanics, I don't know what electric vs hydraulic means (although I could probably guess) and really don't care - I just want to drive cars and enjoy them not base an opinion on a spec sheet with some numbers that mean virtually nothing to me. Just like I don't really know much about turbo vs supercharger other than I've never liked driving any turbo car due to what feels like a random throttle pedal when trying to balance it at the
  7. I have to agree, a livable sub £40k sports car suitable for driving to and from the track is what brought me to Lotus in the first place. At the time I was able to get the top end Elise for about £36k, and that does not seem that long ago. I think we were took delivery in 2014. The problem is some people want to know they have the top end car when they buy. So for us it was the top Elise because we could not afford the top Exige at the time. If I was going through this process now I'd not be looking at a Lotus - the 260 Cup is out of range price wise and I'd not even look at a "lower model".
  8. I'd really like this to have been a discussion of the drive of 2 cars (that were at least a similar list price at one time), regardless of the manufacturer. The problem is it's more about the general perception of people that drive/buy said cars. Having spent a week in the alps with a 718 boxster that is where the hate should be directed. Everything said about Porsche and lack of spirit but amazing pace belongs at the door of that car. It was quicker than the GT4 on all the tight stuff simply because of how easy it was to drive, the extra power and the PDK. If anything it confirmed that t
  9. I've seen some big Caterham crashes when racing and in proper race spec they are remarkably robust.
  10. The thing is I totally agree, for a track car I love Lotus, although we all know my preference having owned and run both side by side is the Elise. The zero compromise and phenomenal ability on track is what you want. But that said, I was genuinely surprised at how agile the GT4 felt in the alps, I was expecting it to feel like a bloaty great thing, but having done that trip back to back with all 3 cars the GT4 would be the one I return in (maybe the diff helped). I could not believe how good the steering was, the brakes never faded for a second (and I was really leaning on them) and the front
  11. @The Pits I am not saying for sale. I suspect all the low mileage GT4 are for sale and have been since purchased because that's the game of the flippers/investors. My point is I suspect there are as many low mileage Lotus in existence never getting driven. I also have to wonder how many GT430 will actually be driven? We took an absolute bath on our immaculate LF1 because of the mileage on it, a very easy car to compare to because of all 81 identical cars being sold around about the same time with the same spec. Mine was worth about £10k (25%) less than ones with a fraction of the mileage.
  12. Nice one, congratulations. I really think you will enjoy the car.
  13. I repeat my point, I bet there are more Lotus with next to no miles on them than GT4 for their age. I have the same feeling about those - why on earth would you have a car like that and sit it in a garage, polish and not drive it. But that's up to the owner and their reason for buying it and we should respect it. I have no problem with any car being bought as a piece of art, hell any Lotus is a beautiful piece of art. But please, let's not just have a go at Porsche owners who do that. Equally I speak to so many people with these cars with no interest on taking them on track, even though t
  14. I think the low mileage ones are people who were trying to make a buck and did not give too hoots about driving them, which is the fundamental problem with the Porsche. The GT4 is incredibly spec dependent, not having the CS and LWBS options kills the value. Some people think the PCCB are worth a lot which is why you see those cars very highly prices (and usually privately), those who actually drive them don't want the PCCB. I believe second hand buyers now are also holding out for their perfect spec. Like us these people are not buying as an investment but to drive - they realise that the val
  15. Ah yes, but I already have a Lotus. I traded an RS6 for the GT4 Looking at those prices it's holding it's value very nicely thank you very much... whereas the dealer still has my RS6 on their forcourt priced pretty much at what we traded it for... result!
  16. @NW76 I joke, it was a reference to the stick my GT4 got for having a rev matching switch
  17. Auto blipping on a Lotus... oh dear, I thought they were just for Porsche drivers not capable of handling a manual gearbox?
  18. You say this but as everyone knows we bought a GT4 for these exact reasons. And we’re a good new car customer from Lotus having bought 3 in a 3 year period. A primary reason for going for the GT4 is we knew the reliable product update schedule means we would not get pissed off when the better car was anounced shortly after we took delivery. Again. That said, if you time it well as you did with your original Cup (and we hoped we had done with the Elise Cup when first announced) the you’ll have a bunch of happy years motoring without being superseded. My genuine hope here is with the Exige
  19. List price without options 50% more than GT4. Apples and Pears.
  20. Well I have to say that’s the car a lot of us have been really waiting for. I am so glad I waited However, as much as I desire it, the number of new models released recently is frankly ridiculous, anyone looking at the last couple of years worth of Exige model updates would be fearful of the 450 or better being announced before taking delivery. I don’t buy this “you can’t expect a manufacturer to stand still”. I know this will just be a red rag to a certain bull but if you buy an GTx from the Germans and you know you have 3 or 4 years before its replacement comes out. I think it’s be
  21. Another new car launch? Oh boy, I can hardly contain my excitement.
  22. Hi Andy, welcom to the forums. Pop over to introductions and say hi and tell us about your car! With regards to paint protection, personally I've used Armourfend and more recently XPEL, the latter costs multiples but it is well worth it in my experience. We've now started applying before driving the car. There is a lot of discussion on XPEL on this forum: Here are a bunch of pictures of my last Lotus to have the XPEL when we collected it: This was not done from new unfortunately. If I had my time o
  23. Battery. One of our lotus did similar, can’t remember which one probably the Cup.
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