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  1. Shame the sun was not out to get the best out of the paint:
  2. Yes, I will try and post them again. Why can't you edit posts on this forum? I did not want to try and post yet again.
  3. And some more post detailing - Paul Townsend @ Shine on Detailing took the shots after he finished (very late at night): And the first close up for Bibs:
  4. The speed down is not actually there any more, just On and Increase Speed (I in the picture above) I was told why but I don't remember. Was playing last night - seemed to work. You don't notice it kick in like you do on other cars.
  5. Hey Bibs - is there any reason why you can't leave feedback a second time on the review site? Just went to review Silverstone based on the experience of buying a second car from them and it won't let me as I have already reviewed (as tdjohn), seems strange considering one person's experience can change (although mine has actually got better - if that was possible).
  6. I have only had the tow eye fitted because you can't go on track without one and there's no removable option like on the Elise, but it does look good and definitely adds about 20bhp. Aimee can sort that the same time as doing the tracker (which they did for me also). We had to have the locate for insurance purposes, they were a lot cheaper installing than quoted on the tracker website, can't remember what we paid though, although I think it's about £399 then to tracker for the subscription for a few years.
  7. I was giving it a blast in your direction on Sunday trying to get a few miles on it ready for run in service next week. I'll send you a message next time - although I may have a bit of car envy if I see the Cup, it was what I planned on buying next year, but the LF1 with the tie in with F1 was just too much of a temptation... especially as I was able to secure Kimi's last win.
  8. I am hoping Paul will get some, he got some really good shots of my Club Racer after it's detailing in March: I will get some shots of the interior at the same time i expect, will put them up. Again, it's really a good balance, it has the premium leather where you want it (sills, dash, edges of the seats) with lovely gold stitching, and some material in the backs and base of the seats - better than leather I think as it allows ventilation when it's hot. It does not have floor carpets (which is good as they hin
  9. I know there are a couple of LF1 threads on the go, but did not want to fill the Registry up with "Here's my pride and joy posts". Had to give this one a simple name, got lazy and reworked the registration... Sorry, had the car a couple of weeks but spent that touring the Alps and down to Monza for the F1 with its twin (although I left mine tucked up and took the Boxster)... Pictures taken after first wash, it then tipped it down: Lotus Silverstone awesome as always, pulled the stops out (along with Lotus Cars) to get them delivered to us in time for the trip (all w
  10. LF1

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    Better not as I have the "last one". They have said that it is fixed to the end of the 2013 season anyway,
  11. They were reviewed in Feb when I took delivery of the Elise... will do again when I get the Exige I expect.
  12. Aimee @ Silverstone sold it for me - painless, easy and enjoyable, just like every experience we've had with Lotus Silverstone the over past 12 months. Compared with the challenge I am having trying to sell another car privately right now, I would never consider anything other way of selling.
  13. Watch out for taking off the roof, it mucks about with the aero, that is why the roadster does not have the splitter, spoiler and a limited top end. I only miss it because I am waiting for the LF1 to arrive, I am sure it will soon be forgotten then.
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    Can't get the quote to work to add to the formatted list: #81 Australia 2013, Berkshire
  15. The red is paint. The red and gold details are only on removable panels so that they are easy to repaint where necessary. The one pictured at Silverstone above is just after Pastor and Charles unveiled it at the start of the GP weekend. Same car that was at the Expo and Festival of Speed #5 - Watkins Glen. My "old" tangerine Elise S CR in the background - how I miss it!
  16. #81, That'll be mine, and I'm not Kimi... just the only race of the lot I can actually remember. Would like to say it is because I am very young, but alas it's because I only got truly into F1 in the last decade or so. Looking like it will be his last F1 win too... First post BTW - Hi All!
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