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  1. Bibs offering to use drones to find the people using drones :)

    "There was an old lady who swallowed a fly..."

    I don't understand how the batteries in these things have not run out already if it's just one guy. Or if he's bringing it home to recharge it why can't they just follow it to where it lands?

  2. @JG220 thanks, although a Bit disappointing really, I thought it would be quicker. I took the Caterham 270r earlier in the year (135hp, open diff) and managed 8:15. I think I am subconsciously more cautious in the Lotus... next time!

    @Five50 it’s in colour. VBox looks like it was using the spot metering from the onboard. Need to work out how/if that can be changed. Lifted it straight out of the Caterham which obviously had no roof.

  3. Yea. I am planning on upgrades at some point. But not until I am confident I’ve got the most out of the car as it was designed. This was done with new A048, first time I’ve known them to sequel every corner and under braking. Although the track was dry there was moisture in the air all day, you were never sure if the next corner would have received a little sprinkle. 

  4. On 19/04/2018 at 09:54, C8RKH said:

    My wife is on her second brand new Qashqai. She got the Tecna (electric everything, driver aids everywhere, glass roof, leather etc.) for £24k brand new with the 4wd system.  They are brilliant cars and in this guise a 1/3 of the price of a Discovery which is not better made nor more reliable etc.

    We had a Qashqui while our second Disco 4 was being repaired from an accident (the other modern car looked like it had been through the crusher while the Disco was driven to the paint shop to have a bit of wing resprayed - if i had children I know where I'd rather they were). We had to do serious miles in it, oh how I could not wait to get my "crappy" Disco back. The quality of the finish (leather, buttons, dash, etc - not the build quality of which i cannot speak) was just horrible, it was an awful place to be - I'd paid for a VW Golf hire car because I wanted one, they'd "upgraded me" to the Quasqui... I begged them to downgrade me but there were none available.

    We've done 50k in that disco in the past 2 years (mainly towing), been caught deep in the alps in a blizzard, passing endless cars that had buried themselves in the road side drifts, dragged cars out of danger last winter's snow storms, use it as a daily driver and never had one moment's trouble with it.

    Not convinced a little family soft roader and a Disco are exactly in the same league for price comparisons... but each to their own. I suspect it's like owning a Lotus, most people must think you're completely mad, but those that own one know exactly why you'd  have one over other options.

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  5. On 29/09/2018 at 18:35, 550superfast said:

    @baronbennyt My Exige Cup cut out at the Ring earlier this year. I went over a rumble strip at very high speed and everything died. It took me about 20 mins to try the green button on and off - but it fired straight back up.

    I'm told my car does not have an inertia switch, but I'm not so sure...........

    Turning the isoloator on and off (green switch) won't reset the inertia if it was that.

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