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  1. No. It would seem almost certain from the evidence that Fabian did everything right except for missing the check of the PRV which only a few experienced specialists would have known was removeable. The PRV is not even shown as a separate assembly in the parts list. This faulty PRV would seem to have been there for almost all the life of the car but was missed by various non-specialists in the past. people who were probably very good engine rebuilders but didnt have the vital knowledge of this specific engine. Its always the case that no matter how skilled in general, nothing beats specific knowledge and experience.
  2. Different aux housing, alternator, crank pulley, most of the water plumbing, triangular bracket, idler, 2 mounting brackets, hoses/fittings, compressor, evaporator which means removing heater assy, condenser, receiver/drier, control panel, electronic controller and a lot more I have forgotten
  3. Bloody hell, dont get Fabian started on A/C ! Thats such a massive undertaking, been there done that and would not do again!
  4. There seems to be some disagreement about using the fixed tensioner with the early style belt. Mike at Lotusbits has said it is OK but then again the whole reason Lotus designed the spring tensioner was because on the first Jensen engines the belt would lose tension when very cold and jump teeth. Using the HTD belt/pulleys no issue of course with the fixed tensioner. The swap requires drilling and tapping a hole in the block.
  5. Note, from experience if you activate the throttle with carbs on the bench the jets squirt halfway across the garage and sprays the car with fuel which all needs to be washed off
  6. I assumed the disc should be smaller to allow some flex space for the diaphragm. Unfortunately that statement could apply to many new parts bought for these cars these days.
  7. "Whats part 10742?" Good question. Might be worth a phone call on that. Yes I did measure the diameter, 22.1mm. I didnt change the springs. Edit: That 10742 looks quite different, they were not like that. Edit: Actually on the Eurocarb site they do list the correct Turbo ones in the kit, they seem to be the same for 40 and 45. What I was thinking of was, if you order one from SJ they supply the 25.1mm one, which they list for all 2.2 and this is wrong for the turbo. BTW if anyone wants a pair of those they can have them, I have a pair unused 25.1mm.
  8. On the Eurocarb site the default parts for the Lotus Turbo are for the 45s which the HCs used. Also SJ mistakenly list one part which is the HC part. I just changed mine and ordered the part from their site which has the same diameter metal part, which is p/n 9667.
  9. Early Ferrari V8 engines used sodium filled valves and a standard thing to do when rebuilding is swap them out for solid as they are known to break. I would think Lotus would have balanced the pistons/rods.
  10. My oil pressure sits about there. I have met Harry twice at Silverstone Auctions and both times he had his Esprit with him, he really does use it for work every day which is great! I had a chat to him one time about our similar cars. Dont forget carbs also have the air balance adjustments.
  11. What? In what way have the EU made any difference to car safety? Are you thinking of Euro NCAP which is not an EU organisation, much like the European Patent Agency and many others which are not the EU and not affected by Brexit.
  12. The EU assisting corporations to avoid tax is the main reason I voted leave. Its scandalous. If you look at two specific cases namely Ebay and Paypal, all their billing is done in Luxembourg at rate of 1% CT. The EU have not done anything at all about this because the deals were set up by Juncker. This is corruption pure and simple. The total amount of CT lost to these and other deals is enormous but is never included by remainers when they moan about the 350 million "lie" on that bus. The real amount we lose if CT and VAT is included is way over that figure. On the subject of Germany, the situation is dire but is not reported by their press. I think I must have mentioned this before on here but my company makes and supplies a component used in PC-based panic alarms. We have sold over 3000 of these to German government contractors who install them in all their public service offices owing to the number of violent attacks employees are receiving.
  13. Yes that was the car in the ad I believe. The Keswick museum owned it and then it was eventually sold to Dezer. The one with nose badge and decal in the wrong place. Here it is leaving Keswick. Also wrong side decal. Promo car not in movie. Not sure if the Norfolk Motor Co ad was before or after Keswick, they could have been selling the car for the Keswick museum when it closed.
  14. No different to last time. At that time someone on the forum phoned them to ask the price, cant remember who, but might have been @Lotusfab and was told they were not for sale. But if indeed genuine this time then then Lotus should definitely buy them given their new-found interest in showin their heritage but having sold off all the potential cars to display.
  15. They seem to put these cars on sale quite often, with no price. I dont think they are really selling them, its just a publicity stunt, although I suppose if you offered them $500k they would not refuse!
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