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  1. Yes you are right actually, as later there is a Routemaster bus which is the same colour! Its amazing how that has changed into exactly the copper fire colour by the film.
  2. Thats a copper fire car though in the video?
  3. On my dry sump car which I bought when it was 3 years old, it had the original R12 and if the knob was turned up full you could get the vents and interior of the car to frost up like a fridge!
  4. This is the condenser I used. Its a parallel-flow unit which is more efficient than the original heavy brass serpentine unit: Steve is right, the Esprit systems were over-specced. Its true that they had to deal with weather in California for example which places a far higher demand but UK/Europe cars could have used a smaller system. I have an idea that someone at Lotus used a formula based on glass area, the Esprit does have a big screen but does not have much air volume to cool. Especially crazy is the design on later Esprits which used two condensers connected in parallel with plumbing. No idea why they did that. I also re-wired my fans with a second fan relay so that when the AC is on, only the two fans which blow over this condenser come on, not all three fans. That also spread the load of the fans over 2 relays. If you wanted to fit a third-party evaporator you could look through the Delphi or other such suppliers web catalog which has dimensions then find one on Ebay, from another car. It would mean measuring the aperture in the heater casing first.
  5. Using nickel anti-seize lubricant on the valve stem is also good. Note early Turbo Esprit didnt have any boost limiter, when the wastegate sticks the pistons melt and engine blows. Lotus had to replace several engines under warranty on early cars owing to this.
  6. Probably. Throughout the covid thing Brooklands have gone much further on restrictions than the rules stated. Even when everything was opened up they required advance ticket booking and limited numbers. TBH the place has gone downhill over the past few years since new management. They should never have knocked down the original Vickers hangar for a start.
  7. Brooklands have announced this event has been postponed to April 16th.
  8. Looks more likely someone whacked the bearing on with a punch and hammer on the centre race which cracked the side of it, then instead of buying another one they left it.
  9. I have been there the last 3 years in the Esprit. Engine is out at the moment so I will go in my AZ-1. The AZ-1 has been to Brooklands once before and drew so much attention I was diverted to park in front of the clubhouse where I was interviewed and videoed.
  10. Thats correct. Lotusbits had several evaporators but thats going back a few years, they might no longer have any. They didnt have any tensioner pulleys. You might be able to fit an alternative evaporator into the casing.
  11. Thats why I asked where the picture was taken but apparently in the front plenum intake not the front rad tray where the condener would be.
  12. Unfortunately that looks like someone has chopped off the inlet and outlet connections.
  13. Cant tell where thats located from the picture. If its in the heater unit its the evaporator, if next to the rad in the front its the condenser.
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