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  1. Andyww

    Euro question - 23rd June

    If thats true the manufacturers need to get their act together. If they are doing things that way they deserve to fail.
  2. Andyww

    Euro question - 23rd June

    David Davies is probably the least worst option.
  3. Andyww

    Euro question - 23rd June

    Why is it though? Are the UK government going to delay imports of car components? Why would they?
  4. Well maybe we have, there are several font-recognition websites such as Also someone identified the Elan font, I believe its the same:
  5. Oops theres me thinking you could buy an Austin Princess and scrap the car and keep just the mirrors Amazing! But that seems to confirm the early Turbo mirrors were not the same as the Aston ones. The body might have been the same but not the base. There are sites listing the mirror switch and thats the same so they likely were the same solenoid mirrors but with smaller bases.
  6. Ahha look at the mirror on this. Another Leyland part!
  7. Early Turbo door mirrors which Fabian is lookign for are listed as A079U605xF and in the S2 parts list they are listed as for the JPS commemorative model only.
  8. Early Turbos had the Koito mirrors operated by 4 clicky solenoids which are the ones Fabian is looking for. Later Turbos had a type with 2 motors which I believe had a smaller base. No idea about S2s. Here is one car with the early type EDIT: Hmm maybe the Aston ones are not actually the same, as that base does look smaller than the Turbo ones.
  9. Andyww

    Euro question - 23rd June

    Our items wont have any tariffs as they are computer-related items and are tariff-free for all EU countries for imports. If someone is selling for example car parts, which usually have tariffs they would be at the EU-wide rate I assume, for all EU countries. Its not really a concern of the exporter.
  10. Andyww

    Euro question - 23rd June

    There is no need to "discuss terms" with anyone. For all countries, we simply send out the order with an accompanying commercial invoice. If we were really keen we could add a commodity code for the items but even thats not mandatory. Commodity codes are the same for all countries. The commercial invoices are automatically printed. Additional admin for EU countries while we are in EU is: Establish whether customer is business or private If business, dont charge VAT If private, charge VAT If business, send name and address and all order details to the EU via HMRC on an "EC sales list" When completing VAT return, two sets of figures need to be produced, namely intra-EU sales (Intrastat) and all other sales. There is no need for any trade deal to be able to trade. This is made up by the remainers.
  11. Andyww

    Euro question - 23rd June

    Oh dear all that effort by the ECJ to push through the "Brexit can be cancelled" judgement 10 times quicker than anything else they have done, to the day before the vote, has been wasted! Meanwhile the biggest lie in the entire history of Brexit emerges, that it will "cost UK small businesses £20 billion to comply with extra customs requirements". Absolute nonsense. As a small business owner which exports worldwide it will SAVE me money because all countries become equal. No more Intrastat accounts, no more "EC Sales List", No longer any need to ask customers if they are business or private (different EU rules apply for both). Exporting to EU has always involved more paperwork than to other countries.
  12. Not sure I understand this, the early mirrors have a larger base than the later. This can be seen in the diagram a few posts back, which shows both mirrors to the same scale.
  13. An amazing piece of in-depth research and international investigation, viz, the name is printed on them and came up in Google search
  14. This is the manufacturer of the early mirrors but I dont think it will be any help at all:
  15. That pic looks very much like my car! But the mirror body should be black not body coloured. My first Turbo Esprit, one of the last dry-sumps, also had white mirrors and I am pretty sure these were white ex-factory but most cars have black, as I assume the Bond car does. The door switches are also different from early to late mirrors and the wiring. The early ones were made by a Japanese company and were used on other low-volume cars such as Aston Martins of the era. I guess there is a slight possibility they may have been used on a volume Japanese car of the time.