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  1. I think if Merc start to run away with it again this year I will give up on it for good.
  2. When I was about 14 we went on holiday to a caravan park in Wales and parked in the staff car park each day was a Europa. I just fell in love with it immediately. It was like no other car I had ever seen. So I decided there and then that I would own one, and in the end a JPS Europa was my first car. It was with great sadness that I sold it but this was somewhat alleviated by the car I was replacing it with, which was a 2-year old dry-sump Turbo Esprit. I bought the car from "Fearsome Freddie" Davies, not sure if anyone else remembers him, he ran a Lotus service agent in Richmond, Surrey which was accessed by driving up a curved ramp to the first floor and reversing back down which was almost impossible in the Esprit.
  3. Maybe I'm just old but I would fall asleep when watching the whole race so dont mind being limited to highlights. Actually fell asleep during the highlights today though
  4. Ummm, people spend lots of money and effort removing those from classic cars including Esprit!
  5. Dont recognise any of that, is it a USA spec with a cat? On standard cars the heatsheld is fitted into the top of the wheelarch, not fitted to the pipes.
  6. There would be no need to order from the USA. If the "ears" stick out too much maybe grind them off?
  7. The UK governments of the past 30 years love immigration as it increases economic growth, which we are told is a good thing. Although its not. China has cancelled one-child policy and certain religions increasing in popularity promote having large numbers of kids. In some countries, women from lower social classes believe its their function to serially produce as many kids as possible throughout their fertile lives. Its a global issue but largely ignored while golbal warming gets huge amounts of attention. I have discussed this with some left-wing people and their reasoning is that all of these people dont consume much, so its all OK. That seems a crazy argument to me because China is consuming more and more. For example Chinese people now use air travel so much they are building 50 new airports and expanding 300 more. While people lie down on runways here if we want to build just one more runway.
  8. Yes, this bunch got just as much done:
  9. I also run a business but disagree with James, above regarding Europe. The reasons I have for voting leave are more a matter of principle and are as follows: The EU changed without anyone in the UK being consulted, from a common market to a progressively federalist body. This was not what was originally promised. EU membership promotes a massively discriminatory immigration and skills transfer system. Its almost impossible for a small company to employ someone from outside the EU despite having the required skills. I know as I have tried and failed. Whereas anyone from the EU can enter freely regardless of skill or lack of. The EU is a self-serving organisation which is run in a manner which would not be acceptable domestically. For example expenses are kept secret. This is not acceptable here in the UK so why should we allow it? Why do they move their entire HQ to France and back every month at huge cost? The EU is geared to big business and corporations and has more than 20,000 corporate lobbyists operating in Brussels. They care not at all for small business. In contrast with the USA which has a policy that every rule they make must be audited for any extra work caused to business. The EU facilitates tax avoidance on a massive scale by failing to prevent free movement of capital. Some of its tax avoidance deals were set up by Juncker who was later rewarded with the presidency. Just Ebay and Paypal alone have avoided paying huge amounts of UK tax by being allowed to invoice in Luxembourg. Apple recently shopped around for tax avoidance, settling on Jersey, all with the permission of the EU and we also lose their VAT revenue. They have also failed to close down the method whereby fake royalties are paid across borders, mainly involving Holland, as used by Starbucks. All of this because the corporations lobby hard to maintain these dodges. Then they have the gall to give the illusion they are anti tax avoidance, which many remainers appear to believe. The VAT system within the EU is hugely complex and facilitates fraud on a massive scale. The UK has lobbied for years for the system to be changed because we lose out the most, all falls on deaf ears. I could go on, there is so much wrong. I would be a remainer if there was any evidence we could change any of this behaviour, as we did with MPs expenses, but this simply will never happen. In my own business I find the USA is a delight to deal with compared to EU countries who seem to be obsessed with paperwork and process rather than innovation and getting things done. Although I have to admit the products we sell are all tariff-free in the USA which does make trade very easy. I am in the process of turning away a big order from Germany as they want us to sign a 5-page agreement, in German, which I will not do.
  10. The SNP want to be EU members but not UK members, which says much about their attitude towards the rest of the UK!
  11. Should be OK, dont know why they used a solid pin there, no torque on it! Probably just Lucas cost saving.
  12. Getting the pin out of the drive is a bit of a faff. Its a solid pin peened over at the ends. Best to get a new pin from Distributor Doctor to refit.
  13. Depends if the centres have the same offset as the 4-stud. If they do, the rears will sit around 20mm further out from the car unless the suspension is also modified to bring them back in. There is a copper bronze car, not sure who currently owns it which as far as I know has the comps fitted with the BBS suspension and looks OK but this might be worth checking. I remember having a very close look at it at Brands Hatch a couple of years ago and could not see any issue with it. Then again, it could have had different offset barrels or centres to make it right.
  14. Here is a picture. This is from someone else on here, apologies for not crediting as I cant remember who it was.
  15. The referendum had £9 million of undeclared expenses from the remain side, namely the leaflets sent to all households. Any misdemeanours from the leave camp are insignificant by comparison. Furthermore the leaflets spelt out in full that leave would mean what is now known as a "hard Brexit".
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