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  1. Engine's out - which way to go?

    That picture takes me back to when I owned a dry-sump. From that angle for anyone who knows anything about high performance engines, thats a thing of great beauty from the underside with its lack of sump, just like a Cosworth DFV or other such engine.
  2. Prices Soaring

    The comparison in CAR magazine said exactly the same thing. Esprit is better but buy the Ferrari. What really annoys me is when articles (all of them!) slag off the Esprit because of its door handles. The reason for that is Ferraris are designed by marketing people and secondly by engineers. The Esprit was designed by engineers of the best kind, who knew that focussing on door handles is a waste of design effort when you can get perfectly good ones off the shelf and get the steering and chassis right.
  3. Prices Soaring

    Comparing the early Turbo Esprit the the 308 of the day, the Lotus is better in many ways. By that time some of the 308s features were way out of date, such as crappy handbrake, cable-operated windows, heater/aircon which was no good, and it was relatively slow mainly as Ferrari were not as clever as Lotus about complying with emission regs without losing power. The 328 corrected most of the 308's faults with everything updated. But it still retains the poor chassis of the 308 which is essentially a ladder made of oval welded tubes. Thats the biggest difference in driving, you can feel it twist, especially the GTS targa version. The Esprit feels rock solid. This is easy to see, if I jack up my 328 on one corner you can see the car twist! Not so the Esprit which goes up evenly. The other big difference is the 328 has race-inspired steering geometry which has almost zero scrub angle. This makes it heavy at low speeds and doesnt turn-in as well. Lotus threw away the race rule-book and the Esprit has masses of scrub radius like a go-kart and as a result has light steering which turns in beautifully.
  4. Prices Soaring

    Nope, 328 was. Better car all round too.
  5. No. The movie is wrong I dont have any way of printing in white unfortunately. I could 3D print in white but that would result in raised lettering and I dont think the resolution would be good enough.
  6. I very much approve of the white door mirrors
  7. The Autoart models are amazing and it would not surprise me if they visited the museum. It even has the incorrect HC bonnet! Also roof stereo!
  8. Yep, forgot about that sorry! Its confusing with the colour and reg charges. This is the real 654W not the white car! So yes, this is the actual car on the front of the Jeremy Walton book which must have been really thrashed as the primary press car. Actually the state of this car adds to the confirmation that this is that car. So that extra engine bay side carpet might well have been a one-off press car "fettling" addition. There was another white press car to make things even more confusing, 667W but that was later on.
  9. Both these cars were around midway through the Essex run so not really that early but this seems to have a lot of odd differences.
  10. If you follow your arrow further there are 2 screw heads. I am pretty sure those are usually painted body colour , anyone confirm? But they seem to be white.
  11. Another oddity is the Lumenition module is sitting in the boot, not in the encased box in the engine bay. I some ways this looks like a pre-production car but it is not, according to the chassis number etc.
  12. Yes I will need to park in the middle though so nobody notices my BBS wheels
  13. That definitely is carpet, it has the sewn edging. But this was a production car not a pre-prod. Another oddity in the same picture is it has both types of engine cover latch, the early type which was press-and-turn fasteners and the later which were the over-centre latches.
  14. All forum members should be indebted to people who, as yourself, share info. Especially those who carefully document entire rebuild projects. This can be hugely time-consuming. But project threads can be really inspiring to others who wish to restore similar cars. More specifically on the Bond cars I doubt that anyone will create another copper fire FYEO replica but that does not diminish in any way the value of your investigations. Its much like an archaelogical study, the information is not necessarily used by anyone else to create replicas but as an accurate historical record.
  15. Arrrghh! If the plate said A19 that would not have been any significance. They may have fitted a new plate as is likely. But if it said L25 that would have been irrefutable proof this was also one of the white cars. Do you think they might be able to have a look themselves having made the contact? It would only take them a few seconds.