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  1. Andyww

    Bye Scotland!

    If Scotland leave it would be great to see the end of that SNP bloke who whinges non-stop in parliament. Every PMQs he seems to be allowed to ask several "questions" which are not really questions at all but just endless moans about how the UK treats Scotland so badly, apparently. The population of Scotland is around half that of London. They get far too much air time.
  2. It goes upwards through a small hole in the bulkhead , along under the interior cant rail trim and down under the A pillar trim into the fascia.
  3. The biggest problem with the hoses is they go through the sill and its difficult to remove the sill without trashing the carpet. The carpet is usually glued on with the strongest glue known to man, and cant be removed without disintegrating. I managed to just about get enough access by drilling out the bottom set of rivets and bending up the sill enough to access with the carpet still attached to it. The hoses run directly under the carpet to the left of the LH footwell so no choice but to remove it here. I have a hydraulic beadlock crimper which I might be prepared to loan.
  4. Oh I remember that now, on the struts. Just a small application of a bench grinder sorted it.
  5. I have them on mine, excellent. I will be sending them the gullwing door struts from my AZ-1 tomorrow, they can re-gas them if the seals are in spec and these are special non-available struts.
  6. Agree the shaft seal is the most likely to go, or general corrosion of the mating surfaces on the compressor causing leaks. I have tried to rebuild these before with no success at all. Best replaced with a low cost Chinese equivalent.
  7. The black stuff is completely standard on all ac systems not only in cars. It prevents condensation and water dripping on the carpet. Having said that in the UK this is not going to be a big issue as the amount of use it will get will likely not be enough to cause actual drips of condensation. The original single condensor and evaporators on the Esprit seem to be bespoke units. They are heavy units made of brass. They look like industrial fridge plant parts rather than car items. One area of these cars Lotus didnt skimp on was the A/C. I think I have mentioned before when I bought a Turbo Esprit in 1984 with its original R12 gas it would chuck out air at below freezing point!
  8. In the CAR test there is a clear front view of the car showing the mirror is not the glued-on-glass type which was used on roof stereo cars. Also they never mentioned the roof stereo in the review at all. Maybe we have 2 different cars here, with reg number change!
  9. Just noticed something strange about OPW667W having looked again at the CAR magazine Ferrari308 comparison test. The car has the centre console with clock and cubby hole which was fitted to roof-stereo cars but it doesnt have a roof stereo!
  10. Its possible that when 954 was built it was allocated as a press car to remain the property of Lotus and they used the reg plate OPW667W from 928. Very naughty of course but far more dodgy things were going on at that time!
  11. Maybe the original Lumenition was OK. They all should be fed from direct 12V from the inertia switch, with the ballast resistor in series with the coil only. Anyway its useful to have a spare since thats pretty much the only electronic item in the car which can fail without warning.
  12. Mine came from
  13. Its a Turbo so wont be an SU pump. These use a Bosch type fuel injection pump. But others have also reported these pumps failing early too.
  14. This was the single one I used, works fine
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