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  1. Andyww

    Prices Soaring

    Yes nowhere is great. Ferrari prices are dropping, a friend has been trying to sell a 430 Scuderia for months and its LHD so has a world market but simply cant shift it even with the current GBP exchange rate. Dealers are still advertising crazy prices to make the market appear better than it is, but they are taking anything they can get.
  2. I would think these were aftermarket only, not a factory fit on a volume car. That was the same as other items on these cars such as the mirrors, aerial etc. They seem to be simply retail kits which they used. I would bet these speakers appeared all over the place at the time such as on boats, maybe even light aircraft etc but likely virtually none left now.
  3. Surely not, SJ never supply the wrong part Although its highly unlikely that transistor type will be available any more. Probably repairable. Or you could slot another relay base onto the glovebox row and update to the later version. These bases interlock so would be easy to do.
  4. Thats right although the term they use in the parts book is "as fitted" which translates as "whatever we could get at the time". One is the version with visible transistor as shown in above picture, the other is the relay-like unit. The location of that version is clearly shown in the parts list, in the row of items behind the glovebox. I think the transistor unit dims the lights gradually and the relay unit turns them off after a delay.
  5. Andyww

    spalll cooling fans

    If you look at any Ferrari such as 328, below, you will see fans mounted directly onto the rad with no cowling. Likely the only reason the Esprit used a cowling is to support the open frame Ford fans they used. It simply obstructs airflow and serves no purpose when used with Spal type fans.
  6. Andyww

    Euro question - 23rd June

    Spot on. This perfectly illustrates the situation because he is representative of the huge numbers of ordinary, but sensible people who are usually silent and rarely make this kind of statement. We need to speak out more!
  7. Andyww

    Euro question - 23rd June

    Accuweather is much better than BBC weather. In fact the BBC recently got slated because they constantly were predicting much worse weather over the summer than actually happened, so people were staying away from major events. A friend used to work at the Met Office which the BBC used to use until they switched to some other provider.
  8. Leaks, all of the above plus: What can happen is water from the roof can run over the cant rail above the doors, and go into the inside of the door seal U shape where its pushed onto the body. Then runs invisibly down inside the U shape until it exits at the front lower corner and it runs onto the inner sill. This can be prevented by pulling off the seal and running some silicone into the U channel then pushing it back on again.
  9. The Autoart model also has the HC bonnet which the museum car now has but not when it appeared in the movie. So they unknowingly introduced an inaccuracy from the movie car by faithfully following the museum car.
  10. Are you sure that perforated plate is going to pass enough air?
  11. Andyww

    Should I upgrade to HC?

    There always seems to be some disagreement on this liner issue. I have to make this decision at some point and I was planning to discuss with PNM and Lotusbits. They would be the experts, albeit Lotusbits seem to focus more on Excel NA engines but would still have useful input I would think. It might also be a factor that a "real" HC engine has better cylinder-head coolant circulation so temps in the LC might be higher. Also HC run DHLA 45s and LC turbo run 40s so the jetting presumably wont be the same as a real HC. Also can the boost safely be wound up a bit on an HC conversion?
  12. One of the highlights of my year is the annual Barkaways open day in Tonbridge which all Ferrari owners get invited to. Their work is amazing. They have done many Dinos:
  13. Last time I put mine back together I accidentally swapped the seat-belt warning lamp with the alternator lamp. This caused a lot of head-scratching!
  14. Removing the binnacle always reminds me of the Wheeler Dealers episode where Ed is removing it and his pained expression when discovering there is not just a couple of multi-pin plugs connecting everything!