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  1. I think some evaporation from the float chambers would be normal. They are not closed containers, there is a large vent which opens into the plenum, just next to one of the intakes, so in effect open to the whole intake and the turbo.
  2. A cooling system pressure test kit is a very useful thing to have, quite cheap on Ebay. You can pump up the system and see if it holds pressure on the gauge. This can be done with the system empty or filled. If it loses pressure there is a leak and if no visible leak it could be into the engine. The compression test figures look OK though on a cold LC engine.
  3. Lovely car! Nice to see diamond-cut BBS wheels. All S3 and Turbo Esprit should either be fitted with Compomotive or diamond-cut BBS IMHO. The original factory BBS grey detracts from these cars.
  4. If you translate the movie to reality the ski racks were removeable. When it was in Q's workshop it didnt have them I believe (someone correct me if I missed them, its a dark scene). OK we know that the prop ski racks were mounted through holes. But it would be more true to the script and also a better all-round car if they were removeable IMHO.
  5. Thats exactly what happened to the Bond car. After this photoshoot the bonnet had been damaged and flew off on the way back to the factory apparently. Thats why it now has the later HC two-slot one. I suspect Fabian will not want to try re-creating this shot.
  6. When I did mine I removed the fitting from the tube. On the SJ one as I mentioned earlier in this thread the fittings are not a swaged type and can be removed. Amazing they stay on the pipe actually, they are not very good. As I also mentioned if I had not cut the red pipe to remove it I would have put it back again. Proper way to do this would be Kunifer pipe from the master cyl down the chassis then a flexible tail to the slave cyl.
  7. MIRA should be quite quiet at the moment, maybe they will offer a discount
  8. The point about childhood cars is very true. That has to be the prime mover behind many peoples purchases and values. I own a car which by contrast proves this. My AZ-1 is an absolutely fantastic car, unique, only 4500 made, gullwing doors, go-kart handling, Japanese build quality, it the most fun car to drive ever. As a car in itself it should be worth many times more than, say, a Capri. But its not. Thats because its a Japanese car which nobody has ever heard of. It has not figured in anyones car history. To be fair its newer than a Capri but still almost 30 years old. Young people are not interested, also the skillset in rebuilding and maintaining petrol cars will decline and therefore they will be out of peoples reach financially. Its already quite difficult to get work done economically unless you travel to the core locations where its still done, especially the West Midlands where I grew up. Governments will force them off the road. Already Sadiq Khan, a car-hater, is going to make the London congestion charge operate every day until 10 PM which effectively rules out any petrol car driving in London, even at weekends. On the subject of movies, I watched Ghost in the Shell last night which as we know has disguised Esprit and Excel. What a load of old crap. Its just nonsense CGI-laden video gamery. I got so bored with parts of it I had to fast-forward it.
  9. It doesnt need it, dimming works as-is. But the control has to be on full really, to get correct brightness.
  10. Did really "install" it as such, its only 25mm cubed. No heat generated.
  11. I decided to do away with the crappy lights behind the heater panel and bought an EL sheet on Ebay. Cut with scissors and punched the holes and fitted behind the panel, only took a few minutes. A small inverter powers it. The brightness is perfect but the pot on the dash has to be turned fully up. It would have been nice to have some headroom but the overall result is so much better than the bulbs.
  12. Another factor is if Lotusbits are getting 245 hp this even further disproves any unfounded worries Lotus had at the time about block strength. The worry was the reason they went to dry-sump which must have been very expensive to tool-up for as its all bespoke. To enable a strong solid bottom casting rather than a ladder. It suggests they tried to rush through the turbo engine launch rather than fully test a wet-sump design before launch. Seems an odd decision. Not forgetting of course that Bell & Colville designed the first Turbo Esprit engine!
  13. What is the downside though, why did Lotus not do this? Reliability springs to mind but thats never been a great priority for Lotus and in fact the early Turbo engines were not that reliable, suffering from cracked manifolds, sticking wastegates which could potentially cause piston melt etc. I thought it stated 7.5 on the plate on the side?
  14. Inconel was invented in the UK in the 1940s for the very first jet engines. It would be fantastic material for making exhaust valves although its difficult to machine.
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