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  1. Both methods work. The original design, for Jensen, suffered from cold-start issues, this was investigated and fixed. Then later on, Lotus moved to the HTD belt and lower-cost fixed tensioner which also works. I dont think there is a need to over-think this or swap between one and the other.
  2. Swapping between 4-stud comps and 5-stud BBS is a lot of work though! I am hugely biased of course but I like my BBS with satin black inlay then full-face machined the best. They are still looking the same as when I had them done a few years ago despite the machined face being bare alloy. They shimmer with a rainbow effect in the light because of the invisible concentric marks. I really dont like the original grey BBS, they spoil the cars and were a step backwards from the Comps. I dont know why more people havent done what I did, apart from Car SOS Tim Shaw who seems to have done i
  3. You could check it. The cassette unit comes out as a module.
  4. I have repaired two 610s and two 310s. Belt is definitely the first thing to check. They also suffer from damp causing corrosion of contacts. There is a multi-pole sliding switch internally which switches all the circuitry between the cassette and tuner and this was a fault on at least two.
  5. Looks superb! I would definitely be looking into that if I were to get a chassis done. Did they mention any possibility of warping though, which was an issue Lotus did have with galvanising, both on the Esprit and Elan M100.
  6. Note that if fitting a fixed tensioner to an engine which has the spring tensioner you need to precisely drill and tap a hole in the block. If the car has A/C the compressor mounting bracket needs to be changed. If it does not have A/C you may need to borrow a bracket because thats the best way of gauging where to drill the hole. It can be used as a jig.
  7. Sorry, I mean I fitted the standard factory black ones from post-85 on a pre-85 (pre-85 no longer available). Not the Bilsteins (yet). But I am concerned they might not be right. They dont have any spring platforms on them at all now, as I cut them off. Pre-85 cars have the lower spring platform on the lower link.
  8. 11 month old thread revival But anyway.. since then, has anyone fitted these dampers to the front of a pre-85 Turbo? In theory it should be possible to just leave the spring platform off. But on the other hand I currently have factory post-85 shocks on the front which I cut off the spring platform from, and they dont feel right. You can feel the shock going to full extension and making a knock when coming off speed humps, even going very slowly. So I am wondering if the pre and post 85 shocks are slightly different lengths.
  9. Yes I was referring to electric handbrake equipped calipers.
  10. Agree with above. Zinc plating suspension parts will last one British winter max, and powder coating although lasts a lot longer will eventually crack and let in water. I like good old fashioned Hammerite but epoxy paint such as POR15 has to be the ultimate. I recently used the POR15 fuel tank treatment on a car with unavailable replacement tank, and some of the paint got on my garage floor. Its not coming off! I will likely need to take a cold chisel to it to get it off.
  11. I used to live near W'ton and wish I still did from the aspect of car restoration! The West Midlands is the place where all the skills still are. Its pretty much impossible to get proper finishing done "darn sarf" and the places that do it are usually rip-offs.
  12. Actually Vietnam is the new China for production. Expect to see export manufacturing in China decline over the next few years. It will be replaced by manufacturing for China domestic consumption though.
  13. True and the Apple comparison is valid. Even the Chinese who buy Apple phones by the million consider them to be a US product. A China-made Lotus would certainly be far more British than the MG cars sold all over Asia. They are branded as British and have a union flag on the sides but the only connection they have to Britain is pretty much a couple of Brummies drinking tea in an office near the old Longbridge factory.
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