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  1. When the Alfa 4C came out everyone was asking how they did the CF tub car for that price. The answer of course was that they didnt. The 4C cost a lot more to produce than the selling price. The 4C would be a nightmare for any repair so much of the panelling is permanently bonded to the tub.
  2. I would think Lotus would be having the Evija tubs made by hand by one of the several carbon-fibre fabricators in Italy. Mclaren recently brought CF tub manufacture in house but it cost them a fortune. On the other hand Lotus has no in-house chassis capability AFAIK, maybe with Geelys deep pockets they might be able to bring alloy or even CF in house.
  3. But you can do that when you remove the gearbox mounting brackets from the gearbox which you have to do to fit the fixed part of the caliper to them (I think). The mountings would have to come out also. But disconnecting the lower links is not difficult is it? Just take the bolt out.
  4. Not really sure why Chris Harris seems to be generally so disliked. Seems OK to me, especially since he no longer seems to bang on about Porsche. The Lotus 79 section last night was superb.
  5. That looks exactly the same as when the headlining disintegrates!
  6. I have only done this once many years ago and having done it as one lump I can see the attraction of doing them separately. But on the other hand virtually everyone on the forums advises not to put in separately
  7. Are the Ant Anstead shows on Quest yet?
  8. An Elite wont have the problem with low vacuum produced by the LC turbo engine though. The fitting of the pump was originally suggested to me by Pete at PNM, the LC engine is known to be marginal on vacuum.
  9. Found tonights episode painful to watch. Find an extremely rare and cool car, a Matra Bagheera and deliberately vandalise it. Idiotic.
  10. The CX500 looks great as a 5-stud. Thats what it was obviously designed as. Its strange that Lotus got them to produce a 4-stud version by removing the webbing in the middle. I guess they wanted to stick with the same 4-stud hubs of earlier Esprits originally.
  11. I saw this last night and before the interview the woman did a piece to camera. She seemed to have developed a completely irrational obsession about the EU in the manner of a religious fanatic. One of the things she said was the new EU leaders are even more heavily into greater integration which in her view was essential. Brussels is I assume packed with people like this. Apparently that German defence minster was chosen not for competency but for "Thinking EU".
  12. There is a completely obvious comparison to be made with what Lotus have been doing throughout their history but of course Harris totally failed to mention it. But now he has apparently undergone a magical transformation into a "chassis enthusiast" he will of course be driving Lotus cars all the time. Or maybe not.
  13. Be careful with the length of the unit, the original ones are unusually short, otherwise they dont fit in the space and hit the bonnet.
  14. The double shield was only on later cars, ours only have the one flat plate. There are spacers under it.
  15. I dont have those on mine. The chassis tubes run in the two diagonal raised parts on the rear edge. The panel bangs against the tubes at that point unless you put some rubber boot seal on the edge there.
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