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  1. This is what mine looks like. The bracket has to be bent across to the left otherwise the lever fouls it. As far as I can remember the part of the lever which contacts the throttle stop screw hits the spring where it goes through the hole in the bracket.
  2. Yes, normal. The motors only rotate one way and the down rest position is before the lowest point of the movement. There are no motor stops on the G cars
  3. I noticed that issue on mine. The bracket which holds the throttle cable and end of the spring, mounted to the plenum, was bent. But when I straightened it, it caused the lever to hit the end of the spring so had to bend it back out of true again. Presumably all these cars are like that.
  4. If its doing it at low speed when engine hot it could be a fuel vaporisation issue. Is all the ducting correct which keeps the airflow through the engine bay, via the front and back sides of the ears and intake air from the outside? Any fuel pipes closer to exhaust than they should be? You have not got the cooling air through the louvres as on the Turbo so engine bay temp could be high. If it does it when running slowly after a period of high speed running that would make this more likely as a cause.
  5. Yes you can put a couple of soft bags in it.
  6. The boot bag is a great solution. You can fold it out of the way when carrying bigger stuff, as long as there is nothing sharp which might impact the body from inside. I keep some tools, cleaning stuff and other assorted kit in a soft bag outside of the boot bag in the left rear corner, so its invisible and doesnt take up any of the bag. The later cars without the bag that space is blocked off and cant be used.
  7. I posted some pics of the AZ-1 I imported as a project earlier in this thread. Here it is, the one on the right next to my other one, all nice and finished. This was a full resto, the only part I didnt totally dismantle was the gearbox.
  8. I repaired mine using strimmer cord. The repair was a lot easier than taking off the door and refitting it to remove it!
  9. If its a suspected ignition problem why not buy a set of 4 neon spark plug cap indicators and leave them fitted. Then you will have an instant indication of whether the problem is loss of spark and whether on all or some plugs. I believe they started fitting some of the emissions stuff on UK engines before the HC such as the temperature controlled vacuum advance on the distributor. The engine has the longer HC inlet manifold and HC style cam covers or did they fit those to all the LC NA engines?
  10. I have this book, I could have brought it over the other day, LMK if you want to borrow it.
  11. I was surprised to see the old rev limiting rotor arm earlier. Never knew these were even fitted to Esprits, likely most have been swapped out for standard by now. They used to fit them to the twincams in the Elan/Europa and they were notorious for causing ignition problems, this has to be the prime suspect.
  12. The Lumenition amps are very reliable except for the very early type. A weak point is the connector between the optical sensor and the module, with the Molex plug. If you have been going in under the carbs you might have pulled it apart.
  13. The other problem is inconsitency of fuel these days, and the increasing ethanol amount. EFI cars with feedback can adjust to compensate but carbs cannot. I dont think carbs can ever be absolutely perfect and stay that way.
  14. Makes sense. I had assumed (probably wrongly) that they came from a racing background where the wheel/tyre could be assembled without carrying around a tyre fitting machine.
  15. Thats interesting, so they are recommending never dismantle the wheel. That does seem to counter the reason slpit rims exist but maybe they are just a style thing now, not any logical reason.
  16. They would not have used sealant on split rims when new as it negates the reason for having split rims. But its definitely the case that metal to rubber seals only work when the metal is in perfect condition. But maybe it might be possible to have the mating faces re-faced? The tyre itself has to seal without any sealant though...
  17. The whole point of split rims is you dont need any machine to fit the tyre. The wheel and tyre are assembled with just an allen key.
  18. Lotus bought their own vacuum forming machine which they seemed to be quite proud of and would show off on factory visits. Thats why all of the crappy ABS parts exist on the Esprits.
  19. I can never understand why so many people with all makes of classic cars remove airboxes and intake trunking. It means the engine is taking in hot air which makes it less powerful. Some cars such as the Elan can catch fire if this is done as the intake is very close to the fibreglass body.
  20. I think Fab is referring to the temp gauge. Its like one of those pictures with a model and a car "Oh never noticed the car". The mileage is too distracting Also interior is a later one with ashtrays in doors and round vents.
  21. It was deleted on the later engines. The engine is a wet sump with A/C which looks to be from around 1985. The ignition box seems to have been moved to the boot to clear the non-standard "elephants trunk" hose. Body shell is also later.
  22. That all makes sense, the very large scrub radius of the Esprit suspension geometry would tend to amplify any imbalance fed through the steering. The CX500 casting is indeed poor quality. I spent hours examining and measuring the one I borrowed to do a CAD model from and its not even rotationally symmetrical, the "webs" vary in width all round.
  23. Gates will not support vehicles they have not qualified the belts on even if the size matches. I spoke to them a few years ago about any blue belt for the Ferrari 3x8 V8 engines which use the same tooth dimensions as the Lotus belts but are shorter. I asked them if they made a blue belt in the length I specified. They absolutely refused to continue the discussion and pretty much put the phone down.
  24. Both methods work. The original design, for Jensen, suffered from cold-start issues, this was investigated and fixed. Then later on, Lotus moved to the HTD belt and lower-cost fixed tensioner which also works. I dont think there is a need to over-think this or swap between one and the other.
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