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  1. The more spirited the driving, the less the vacuum, in fact none at all most of the time. The engine only produces vacuum on throttle-closed overrun or idle. This can be observed on an Elan which has a vacuum leak, the headlights will lift but when travelling over a certain speed they go down again! On my installation I used the Touareg pump and exactly the same reservoir as pictured above. I think its the best possible setup, but I often wonder how much I could have gained by replacing the servo. I would not mind buying a new one if it was sure to make a difference.
  2. Look forward to seeing a no-deal working without affecting trade. For my own business I put into place PLT (paperless trade) ages ago so we can send worldwide with no accompanying paperwork at all. Works beautifully. For Brexit all I have to do is change one setting to enable PLT for EU countries, which will take 1 minute. I have no idea why some people are going on about endless queues of trucks to the ports. I might be wrong as some of the people complaining about this are haulage companies but we will see.
  3. It was such a long time ago, I cant remember a lot of it. I remember the biggest issues were installing a recirculating fuel system (Turbo Esprit already has that!) and the cold-start idle air was never right. The system I used was called SDSEFI and amazingly is still available. I believe there are better systems available these days, it was very "hobbyist" and the ECU and coil units looked like they were made in someones bedroom. I used Weber throttle bodies to replace the carbs, that part was pretty neat. It turned out to be very expensive and with hindsight I should have simply had t
  4. I just imported a second AZ-1 from Japan as a project car, the engine comes out in the same way but is slightly smaller
  5. At the end of the day these setups will never be 100%. The weight and spring advance curve is never perfect and carb fuelling is never spot on. The only way to get things absolutely right is to use EFI with ignition which has feedback from O2 and MAP and temp sensors etc. A no-feedback system on older cars will be susceptible to fuel differences, temperature changes etc. BTW I am not advocating an EFI conversion! I did that on an Excel in the past and it was a money pit and never really delivered as expected. Its better to get things as good as possible with carbs even if not perfect
  6. The choice of oil is missing a very good option in the USA though, Mobil1 10w-60. This was discontinued in the USA but still available in the UK. Note the Mobil advert above (video states its a paid-for promotion) does not mention this as it is from the USA.
  7. Its possible the leak is appearing to come from the drain plug but actually isnt. It could be from speedo drive, or joint between rear cover and rear housing or rear housing and main body.
  8. Many Lotus Elans have been lost owing to using K&Ns. Apart from the fire risk they dont filter. Many years ago I read a proper test report on these and the testers found they did absolutely naff all unless they were cleaned and re-oiled before every trip.
  9. On the tailgate the usual adage of "measure twice cut once" needs to be "measure 93 times cut once" ! I hope I dont get to hear any loud screams from a roughly southwesterly direction.
  10. I dont have any interference on mine but the Panasonic roof stereo amp has masses of power conditioning circuitry. You could try adding a suppression choke in the supply to the inverter.
  11. This. The gauges are all over the place on these cars. Even mounting the voltage regulator with the arrow not pointing upwards can change the reading by several degrees.
  12. There was an S2 which was used as the body prototype for the Turbo, is that it? It had no seam where the rear section joins the main body.
  13. Most early Turbo cars had a wooden footplate which was to cover a stereo amp installation. The Panasonic roof stereo used a separate amp mounted behind it. But the plate was not only fitted to the roof stereo cars.
  14. Its worth checking the handbrake levers on the calipers are retracting fully when the handbrake is off, even if the brakes seem to be releasing. If they are not, the internal mechanism will ratchet when the brakes are applied. When retracting the piston did you turn it 45 degrees, then afterwards turn it back again?
  15. Its not supposed to be set at idle, its set at 28 degrees at 3500-4000 RPM on UK pre-87.
  16. # Forum name Car model and registration Mobile number sent - TomE Lotus Sport 110 bike Yes 1. Bazza 907 Elan or Essex Yes 2. AndyWW Autozam AZ-1 owing to awaiting Turbo oil pipe for Esprit Yes . . 15.
  17. The dry sump I used to own had the on/off type which was mounted on the back of the glovebox. The other is the progressive dim type which was mounted on the hinge plate as Tim says, probably because it gets hot and the globebox is made of cardboard.
  18. Link makes no sense to me. The presence of the floats in the top of the fuel will cause the level to rise when the top is back on. He mentions the adjustment could be done another way with the top on, or with the top off. But the two methods would give completely different results.
  19. Never heard of measuring fuel height. This is not mentioned in the font of knowledge about Dellortos namely the Des Hammill book. How would you measure the fuel level anyway without taking off the top which would make the level change without displacement from the floats? On the dry sump there should not be a lot of oil left in, if you drain it immediately after switching off, as there isnt any sump at all on these cars. There may be some in the return hose but on all cars there is probably a fair bit more left in the oil cooler and its hoses when draining.
  20. I think some evaporation from the float chambers would be normal. They are not closed containers, there is a large vent which opens into the plenum, just next to one of the intakes, so in effect open to the whole intake and the turbo.
  21. A cooling system pressure test kit is a very useful thing to have, quite cheap on Ebay. You can pump up the system and see if it holds pressure on the gauge. This can be done with the system empty or filled. If it loses pressure there is a leak and if no visible leak it could be into the engine. The compression test figures look OK though on a cold LC engine.
  22. Lovely car! Nice to see diamond-cut BBS wheels. All S3 and Turbo Esprit should either be fitted with Compomotive or diamond-cut BBS IMHO. The original factory BBS grey detracts from these cars.
  23. If you translate the movie to reality the ski racks were removeable. When it was in Q's workshop it didnt have them I believe (someone correct me if I missed them, its a dark scene). OK we know that the prop ski racks were mounted through holes. But it would be more true to the script and also a better all-round car if they were removeable IMHO.
  24. Thats exactly what happened to the Bond car. After this photoshoot the bonnet had been damaged and flew off on the way back to the factory apparently. Thats why it now has the later HC two-slot one. I suspect Fabian will not want to try re-creating this shot.
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