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  1. Hi Barry, good to see your having fun with it and looking after her. Get the de-cat pipe on it, will really wake the sheep up! ?
  2. davebarny


  3. Thank for a great day. First time I've to a car show and not taken any pics of cars.
  4. Hoping to come along in the morning as long as the weather is ok. Looks like a great event
  5. Hope i'm not to late for this. Please add me to the list, Elise S Cup
  6. 1. Bibs - Elise S1 2. Snoboardr - Evora S 3. mayesprit - S2 M100 4. Alfa2Evora - Evora NA 5. DaveC72 - Evora S 6 Nigel SD Esprit S2 Gold 7. Kalli - Exige V6S 8. Andrew C - Espige 9. YellowPeril - Esprit S4 10. Slewthy. Black Esprit S3 11. The Pits. Dry Sump Turbo Esprit 12. Barrykearley - Esprit V8 13. Sbfdave - Evora S 14. Dean. Esprit S2 JPS 15. James and Ellie - 1988 Esprit NA 16. 100th_Idiot - Evora S 17. Danny - Lotus MK V 18. Obione - Esprit Turbo 19. Rizla603104 - Purple S4 Esprit 20. Ondex - S2 NA Exige 21. Mrs LF1 - Elise 220 Cup 22. Davebarny - Elise S Cup
  7. Stunning, had mine 5 weeks and it keeps getting better. Enjoy
  8. Happy to put my S Cup up, currently can only do the Sunday but trying to get out of work on Sat so may change.
  9. I'm heading there tomorrow in the Cup, be good to meet some new faces, area has been quiet for too long
  10. May be interested in putting the Cup on display with AIB, already with them, but could only do the Sunday
  11. Lotus Elise S Cup (2015) Date Added: 08 July 2015 - 10:20 PM Owner: davebarny Short Description: None Provided View Vehicle
  12. Ordered the Bell & Covill liquid yellow car, Collect next Monday. Cant Wait
  13. Was going on the Sunday anyway. If you want an S4 i'm in.
  14. Better late then never, I can now make this. Anyone got the postcode for the meeting at Cosford? Dave
  15. Great run out and the wiper fix held out till i got home. Shame about the weather, hopefully be better next time.
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