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  1. Hi Andy is your green exige up for sale?



    1. AndyFoggy


      Hi Michael,

      my ex green Exige was for sale last december 2018 😉



  2. This is the first Exige 410 Sport in Italy.
  3. Exige 410 Sport in Cyan Blue Metallic
  4. Today I see this Exige 410 Sport in Cyan Blue Metallic. Awesome.
  5. In the end I decided to choose the Exige 410 Sport.
  6. Exige 410 Sport - Cyan Blue Metallic What do you think?
  7. After several reflections, I considered the Elise 250 Cup and the Exige 410 Sport. In the end I think I will choose the Exige 410 Sport.
  8. I had an Exige 240 and then I switched to an Exige 350. Now I'm thinking of going back with an Elise 250 Cup. The V6 engine is fantastic, but the agility of an Elise is something unique. This summer I drove an Elise 250 Cup and the sensations were special.
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