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  1. Exige 410 Sport - Cyan Blue Metallic
  2. In Italy there are a 6 Exige 410 Sport. My is the first.
  3. This is the first Exige 410 Sport in Italy.
  4. Exige 410 Sport in Cyan Blue Metallic
  5. Today I see this Exige 410 Sport in Cyan Blue Metallic. Awesome.
  6. In the end I decided to choose the Exige 410 Sport.
  7. Exige 410 Sport - Cyan Blue Metallic What do you think?
  8. After several reflections, I considered the Elise 250 Cup and the Exige 410 Sport. In the end I think I will choose the Exige 410 Sport.
  9. I had an Exige 240 and then I switched to an Exige 350. Now I'm thinking of going back with an Elise 250 Cup. The V6 engine is fantastic, but the agility of an Elise is something unique. This summer I drove an Elise 250 Cup and the sensations were special.
  10. I reflected and decided not to consider the Exige 380 Sport 70th Anniversary. Now I'm evaluating the following cars: Exige 380 Sport, Exige 410 Sport, Exige 430 Cup and Elise 250 Cup.
  11. What version do you recommend for me to have some additional value in the future? Only the Cup cars?
  12. The dealer who is a official dealer who has been selling Lotus for over 20 years told me that the Exige 70 th Anniversary, especially the 380 model is a sure investment for the future. But I'm asking you a sincere opinion.
  13. Hi guys. In these last days, I'm deciding whether to buy an Exige 380 Sport 70th Anniversary. In Italy there is only one car in the color Empire Green. This color is very special and fascinated me. What do you think about it? Can it be a nice collector's item?
  14. Test day Elise 250 Cup with my friend.
  15. My Exige with modification
  16. After almost 3 years of ownership, I’m very satisfied with the Exige. I installed the 2Bular exhaust and the sound is crazy. Now I decide sto improve the car with other modification. In the coming weeks I will publish the photos.
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