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  2. Hi I mounted master cylinder and servo toyota mr2 must be eliminated proportional valve on the rear? thank
  3. hello to all I want to change the brake system of my esprit s4 you experts advise me system toyota mr2 or subaru impreza? thanks
  4. hello try new spark plugs .... the problem remained next step? Travis coolant temprature sensor with FreeScan looks good What do you think?
  5. hello friends I received the new NGK spark plugs what electrode gap? thanks
  6. Travis injectors are standard see photos on your e-mail address
  7. Hi Travis injectors were tested in bench specialists are ok do not lose, and inject the same amount of gasoline
  8. adjusted, TPS 0.55 to "0" - 4.53 to "100" installed new crank sensor! same problem I can just try new spark plugs NGK standard yet disappointment
  9. hi Travis now is the crank sensor tomorrow I try I saw your TPS voltage "0" is 0.35 is low!? what is the best voltage to "0"? thanks
  10. yes, I bought the NGK, I will come soon I will let you know
  11. hi Travis I saw your registration FreeScan your "Knock Count" are many, is this normal? Your IAC is very high? your TPS reaches 100%? I have to check my TPS for high voltage
  12. the throttle cable is ok I do not have a close friend with the esprit Meanwhile, I bought a new crank sensor I get in 10 days give me the recordings FreeScan, your esprit thanks
  13. hi Travis I checked the sensor wiring is ok I cleaned the sensor (ohms correct to cool)and replaced (it was dirty), the same problem will not start hot view this recording FreeScan it is normal for the rpms are at zero when the engine is running and will not start? file not starting not starting.csv
  14. would like to replace the sensor there is an alternative to the original part?
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