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    Lotus Evora 400

    Not keen on the yellow brakes but otherwise I like that a lot. Well, apart from the gopping orange reflectors.
  2. Well, there's one more in the market now, mine is now sitting in MMC. A year of highs and lows of ownership, the highs were epic, the lows speak for themselves.
  3. I agree with Andy, at the very least you should be pushing to have the car replaced. I know with the way mine has been it's made getting rid of it this weekend pretty easy, despite how much I love it. If it had reached the stage yours has just hit, there would be a lawyer involved. The fact that no other car handles/drives like a Lotus, I think it makes us suffer the 'quirks' too gladly.
  4. Car immobiliser switched off fine, but powerfold not working, no mirror glass adjustment, no central locking from fob/passenger door/dash switch. Alarm doing nothing. Probably an easy one, but not my problem now!
  5. So as I take mine out the garage to go sign the paperwork for the new car. Central locking, f***ed. Electric mirrors, f***ed. Alarm, f***ed. yeah, this is going to make it leaving a bit easier.
  6. I'll be honest, the 400 is my fourth Lotus and there'll undoubtedly be a fifth, but I'll never buy one brand new again.
  7. The equity in the 400 has bought us a nice brand new Volvo Stu. I'll be back in the fold come summer, the plan is already mapped out.
  8. Well that's me out of Lotus ownership for a bit. Point your enquiries toward MMC in Edinburgh if you're interested in my car, I will be dropping it off there next weekend. I'd take comfort in someone here buying her!
  9. Shame about the mistake, but no doubting the enthusiasm!
  10. Sorry @JayEmm been snowed under all day. I had pretty much all your symptoms, but the car cutting out happened while the MAF was faulty but I started in sport, which is why I asked.
  11. Were you starting in sport mode by any chance?
  12. I don't know James, I was sat in the passenger seat of a fairly well insulated V40 at the time wondering just how many more adjustments Heather was going to make to the seat before driving off when I spotted it. Andrew then drove past us and parked up outside the showroom so was slowing rather than accelerating.
  13. Spotted @Andrew C driving past us to MMC on Sunday while out test driving a Volvo for the other half. Only the second time I've ever seen a 400 in the wild, even if it was a bit more likely to see one right on the Lotus dealers doorstep!
  14. Really like the barge boards, had them fitted on my first Evora. Can't stand the splitter though, looks a bit too 90's Halfords/max power to my eyes.
  15. They actually reckon they'd retail it at £60k Andy, which I don't believe for a minute
  16. They would sell it, yes, but are offering me £57k. We had a chat about it last night, and we're not really that bothered if we keep it another six months. If it sells, fine, but if not it's no big deal.
  17. Cheapest 400 in the UK?
  18. ? Most exciting and enjoyable car I've ever owned. Certainly won't be the last Lotus to grace the garage now we've decided our future is in Scotland, that's for sure.
  19. Trust me bud, if running three vehicles was a viable option right now, this conversation wouldn't be happening.
  20. I hopefully won't be out the fold too long, and can get hunting for Lotus number 5. The real bonus is I'm actually getting to be at home full time for the first time in 17 years. Anyway, if anyone is interested, the car is at around 6-6.5k miles I think, can check on the weekend. Red with cruise, black pack, black leather, forged alloys. MAF sensor sorted, creaky drivers seat sorted, leather bolsters as near as damn it perfect. Due it's one year service in a couple of weeks which I'd pay for and get any niggles fixed. Obviously still has the remainder of the Lotus warranty. Was thinking £59k.
  21. Well, sad times I suppose, but due to a change of job in the new year I need to step out of Lotus ownership for a little while as I need a second sensible car. In negotiations to trade my 400 now, but if someone wants to get in quick they can get a very well priced and cared for car.
  22. I like the guy, but was I the only person who after listening to his story at the start of the final vid was concerned he was probably driving while still drunk, and pissing about on his phone while doing so at that? Maybe just me, but that's not the smartest thing to be throwing up on YouTube, but then I do have a huge issue with driving over the limit.
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