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  1. Makes me think of @Bruss's car.
  2. I wonder if they'll ever shift that car?
  3. It makes me a wee bit sad I never get to hear what my car sounds like to a passer by, especially judging by the reactions the various noises emanating from it causes. That said, not so sad I would let someone else drive it to let me find out, but still a little bit.......
  4. There's an update to put the car constantly in to limp 'home safe' mode when the cars surface becomes coated in paint protection film across any more than 80% of its visible surfaces. Tread carefully Stu!
  5. I kind of just zipped through that a bit as at work, but did the 'test' just consist of driving up and down a straight road??? Always the best way to benchmark a Lotus if it was!
  6. Wow, three weeks, that beats my record of deciding I hated a car I'd bought and selling it by 50%!!!! I didn't even use the first tank of fuel that came in it from purchase in the six weeks I owned it. BTW, this was the car prior to my first Evora, and apart from a year in an Aston it's been Evora's ever since!
  7. I've seen one in the flesh (Aston is next to my Lotus dealership) still thought it was howling though!
  8. @C8RKH yup, I can't believe how badly they've gone wrong with this one. It's howlingly ugly now, and I can't see time being any kinder on it as it goes on. Was stunned to see many people raving about how good looking it was on PH, they've even made their own trademark front grille look goppingly ugly.
  9. Have you seen the latest Aston? It's an abomination. It could maybe at best be a kitcar copy Jag - And as for that interior, stomach content ahoy. They've lost all class.
  10. Bloody gorgeous though, the F-Type coupe. Won't turn heads like a Lotus, but it's a completely different proposition anyway to my eyes.
  11. Just eight years? Aye, very good Andy. I must've just imagined all the Englishmen who called me a "Jock c***" when I moved to London in 1999. I mean, fair enough if you get to know me first and think that.......
  12. I always find it funny when the old "well the Scottish hate the English....." line is being trotted out. I've lived and worked in England for the majority of my last 17 years, and can confirm that there's as much bile in reverse from English morons toward Scots, as Scottish dipshits toward the English. Let's not pretend otherwise. Personally I couldn't give a crap either way, there are arseholes in every country, regardless of nationality.
  13. Referendum 2 happens and I'm done. **** the SNP, they're not going to be happy until they bring Scotland to its knees with financial disaster for the sake of proving a point that doesn't need proving, anyone with half a brain knows it's a bad idea. Remember the whole "Oh we will be making soooooooo much revenue from oil" bollocks? Well that's ****ed now isn't it. Not that they ever bothered to explain the percentage of the total North Sea revenue that the country would get anyway to the mass morons, knowing they'd be too blinkered to look it up, just what the top line was and ran with it. ****ing idiots.
  14. Very nice! And thankfully not grey..........
  15. I think you're right, only the very early cars have it. (Thankfully)
  16. In her head she was as soon as that engagement ring went on Andy, so as good as.
  17. But I am very satisfied with Mrs G?
  18. Need some colour to balance things out.......
  19. Definitely. Life would be so much better if I could roll with the punches like he does. Unfortunately I'm a cantankerous, grouchy ****ard who gets the hump at work every ten minutes.
  20. Tan leather? We need photos!
  21. Did a ton of driving today as I managed to get home two weeks in a row, woohoo! Forgot to take many pictures of the car, but what a day. When we stopped for lunch at loch Earn the sun was splitting the trees it was so nice!
  22. You should've started the 400 up and revved it with the valves open, then said "no offence, but your ****ing wet dream repmobile can't do that".
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