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  1. To be honest, if i could afford it, I'd have one of each. Given I can only afford one, it has to be the Evora.
  2. Short term the Exige is without a doubt the most exhilarating thing I've ever driven, and I've never smiled more driving a car, truly bonkers and way beyond the Evora. Would not fancy doing long distance in one with a passenger though, which is why I always take the step down in manic craziness to the Evora's level, which is still an awesome drive but with the creature comforts for when you're not in insanity mode!
  3. To be fair, I wouldn't be arsed driving mine in snow, but that's more fear of other people's driving than my own!
  4. My cousin owns a garage, worryingly every time I pull up at it with the Evora in bad weather, one of his mechanics is always like "you can't bring that out in this weather, you'll ruin it!". It's a ****ing car, it's what it's built for!
  5. @theelanman My 2007 9-3 anniversary Aero estate just tipped over 100,000 miles at the weekend, in all the years I've owned it and all those miles it's never had one fault. I'm being serious, not one. I love that car. In the time I've had it I think at least six 'fun' weekend cars have come and gone. Like you, I just can't find a replacement I like as much!
  6. Yup, I hated the sight of the PPF on my white Evora!
  7. I do my best to take care of my cars whether it be my Lotus or my old faithful Saab that I've owned for years and is worth buttons, but never to the point that I don't use them for the purpose they were built, in any weather. That's about it really. Years back I'd have washed my 400 every time it got a splash of dirt, doesn't bother me so much now, though I do like the interior of my cars really clean and tidy.
  8. Or it just came with the crappy battery Lotus were fitting that was completely not up to the job, which your supplying dealer should've known better about after how much I kicked off about mine. (Car taken back to them on a flatbed within 24hours of collection!)
  9. My main thought was the 400 really holds its own alongside that competition, looks every bit the supercar in the second pic.
  10. This isn't really a good one for a change! We were having dinner out on Sunday night, and I was meeting my other half her dad and uncle at the restaurant. I got there first in the Lotus and parked up in the car park opposite to wait on them arriving. One of those estate places with loads of places to eat, hotels and a cinema. You know how these places are, tons of cars in the car park and lots of people milling around. So I'm sat there, and I can't help but notice this same silver BMW has driven past three times, then returns for a fourth and stops on the corner. One guy jumps out and starts walking toward my car as the BM drives off, loops around the row of cars I'm in to behind me now. Guy who had gotten out is now outside the car and bends over to stare in the passenger window, I assume not knowing I'm in it and gives me a startled look, buggers off toot sweet and jumps back in the waiting car. Suddenly I'm having to reasses my "park clear of other cars so as not to get dinked" game plan. So a space opens that has empty bays either side outside where we're eating and I shoot straight over there, and nervously keep looking at it from inside for the entire meal! Maybe made worse by the ridiculous amount of people who keep stopping to look at it and take pics etc! Not really an enjoyable evening!
  11. Personally I find a substantial difference in response when I switch to sport, to the point that my car basically feels totally wrong if it's not engaged. Maybe that's just me though.
  12. For me they're both stunning looking cars. I don't think the Evora was ever supposed to be the new Esprit, was it? I really should read the whole thread.
  13. Well, I've had a McLaren driver pull up next to me when I had stopped and ask to look over my car, and he loved it. I think it was safe to say he was a car enthusiast and a super car owner? I haven't bothered to read the whole thread to see what the issue is, only noticed it as I was tagged in.
  14. Welcome Kevin, my other half is also from Ontario, love it. Only ever seen one Lotus in our time there!
  15. Had been wondering what was happening to your car, nice to see it mended! Having the rear done too Dave?
  16. Here's a reaction that's had to be relayed to me by my fiancée. Her dad and uncle arrived from Canada Monday. They looked at the car, looked at each other, exchanged "wows", then got her to call me and ask if when I got home I'd take them on individual pax journeys. To be fair, that's been the reaction every time any of them come over, and they get it in reverse when I go over and want to go out in her uncles mustang.
  17. Colin G

    Lotus Evora 400

    How could we continue the sweeping generalised stereotype of all Americans being lazy, fat, Big Mac chomping lardbuckets if Lotus supplied all the manuals first?
  18. Near 1000 miles since my frame was adapted, not a sound out of it in that time.
  19. I keep telling myself I'm going to sell the 400 as it's about to go through a long period of very little use, but guess what, it's still sat in the garage. As far as looking for something new, right now there's nothing that would be a direct replacement for it, but I know at some point there will be. Even if I did make a promise this would be the last sports car. The 400 has made me a bit noise obsessed with cars, it makes a better sound than pretty much everything I hear around, Porsches are laughable by comparison to my childish ears. That said, on Saturday a Granturismo passed us as we walked down the street that made an awesome racket, but might have been an aftermarket exhaust as I've never heard one that good before. That's the only car that's turned my head in recent times. I do constantly look at classic cars though, as always, but that would be an addition rather than a replacement if I had the room!
  20. Why is it people with really, really shit taste in music have to drive around with their car windows down in any weather so I have to suffer it too?
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