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  1. Do me a favour @Bibs, can you get it sent out Monday instead of this week? No bother if you have no control over it though.
  2. Ah never mind bud, I'm planning on heading up there next week anyway while the Mrs is in Canada, no one to tell me off.
  3. Nice, I've had my eye on that grey hoodie for a while now, yoink!
  4. Truly, utterly epic, I love it up there. When you mentioned it yesterday David I thought you meant you were heading up in the lorry, I would've taken a run up with you!
  5. If I still had an S1 I'd be all over that GTE rear, the one area I thought my first two Evora's were a let down in the looks department was the back as its a bit bland. Looks brilliant side on in S form with the more pronounced diffuser, but that straight on rear view was where I wanted more oomph. (I'd pass on the ironing board boot spoiler though) hope one of you lads get this fitted and I can get a look after!
  6. I'm off work for a couple of weeks and have done probably 500-600 miles in the car since getting it back Friday after the seat was fixed, it hasn't made a single noise of any kind.
  7. That's fine by me Andy, each to their own and all that. The red mesh grilles on your car and aftermarket lip spoiler tell me we have wildly, wildly different taste.
  8. As we're all saying it's only ever personal taste, but I've always liked the single exit exhaust as it gives me a more supercar vibe, where as the twin pipe ones look a bit more halfords.
  9. I'm surprised by the forged wheels comment, and it may just be that you have silver, but I'm amazed every time I wash the car how easily cleaned mine are!
  10. I never understand it when people are shocked at dealer margins, especially Lotus dealers who aren't exactly selling a lot of cars per week. How do you think they pay for showrooms/staff/car prep/warranties etc, etc, etc? We'd all love to get the same price that they do for our cars, but the fact is that the majority of people don't even contemplate buying expensive cars privately as they want the peace of mind a dealer (should) represent.
  11. Spotted a grey Evora northbound before the Friarton bridge about 6pm, heading in to the horrendous tailback due to roadworks. Probably still stuck there! Couldn't quite see through the barriers to see if it was an S1 or a 400 as I was on the southbound bit that sits lower than the northbound.
  12. I would try to get a long term test on an IPS if you decide to go down that route, just to be sure. When I test drove mine it was a short 15 minutes or so and seemed a hoot, so I bought it, only to later regret it. For comparison with interiors, I had an MY11 then an MY13, and I thought the fit, finish and look of the later car was light years ahead of the earlier model. One of the best Lotus has ever put in a car IMO.
  13. I did indeed. If retaining the sporty feel is important to you, which judging by your car history it must be, I couldn't recommend going to a V8 Vantage. You won't get the same steering feel, it won't feel nimble or attack bends like a Lotus, and to be honest they don't feel particularly fast. They are however beautiful cars, and I loved owning one, but it's a different kind of ownership experience altogether. Cost wise, I think my last service before selling was about £900 at a main dealer. Clutches can go very early depending on how they've been driven, I bought mine used and had to replace the clutch and flywheel at 26k miles at a cost of £3k. Manual gearboxes are pretty horrible when cold, I had to wrestle with mine some mornings. I went Evora S to V8 Vantage, then back to an Evora S again, so that probably says something. The Evora I bought after the Vantage was an IPS. Honestly, I did everything I could to convince myself the box was great, I even wrote a lengthy post on here about how it had swayed me, but after jumping back in another manual Evora (400) for a test drive, I realised how wrong I was, and that the IPS had been a massive error for me. I've never actually said this on here I don't think, but I ended up going in to MMC and saying to the guys "look, I've ****ed up buying this car, I feel totally disconnected from the drive and I'm just not enjoying driving it in comparison to a manual". I had my 400 in the garage a week later. I hear the new auto is much, much improved, but the old one was very clunky. Downshifts in particular felt horrible, although I won't deny just bombing forward was awesome. I think one of my biggest issues was I could just never find my hands in the right place at the right time with the paddles, and I felt like I could never balance the cars speed properly. Don't know if any of that helps, but just ask if you want to know anything else about my ownership of any of the above.
  14. Glencoe Andrew? Was thinking about heading there this week (if that's where your photo is) Oh the luxury of two weeks off with nothing better to do. Scotland is winning this thread.
  15. Can I have my 'likes' frozen at this point @Bibs? I quite like seeing the number of the beast under my devilish red 400. Hey, it's a positive in my eyes!
  16. Excellent, it's now become an actual TLF spot, normally every Lotus sighting I post up just brings the tumbleweed rolling through! It's funny, I spotted you from a little distance and it was like my turn to be the kid, "Another Lotus! ANOTHER ****ING LOTUS!!!" So I'm sorry if when you turned around to see what the red thing was pulling up alongside you if I looked a bit of a nut job as I sat in the car chuckling to myself.
  17. I just renewed the insurance on my 400. I have two years no claims on the policy, but seven years no claims on the policy for my much loved, but old and nearly worthless Saab estate. The Lotus costs me £50 a year more. The tax on my high performance, near supercar 400 is almost half of the cost of the aforementioned Saab, another bonus of being an early adopter. So basically it's cheap as chips to own, and this is a car that has kids (and often adults) losing their shit when I drive past them as it looks and sounds, well, a bit mental.
  18. Great stuff, some nice cars heading out of MMC this week, enjoy!
  19. I think it came out of the gyle today and we were side by side in traffic along Glasgow road, I was on my way home from MMC in the 400, waves exchanged. Really nice looking Elise.
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