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  1. The fact they've managed to keep the car hidden is impressive, but it now feels like they're not doing enough to hype the launch, most of my friends had no clue there was a new model incoming. The new post on their Facebook page makes me a wee bit nervous about some of the lines you can pick out on the car as I'm hoping to make this my last foray in to sports car ownership.

    Desperately hoping to be blown away by what is revealed though!

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  2. Sports car wise Stu? Nothing. I sold the 400 and we bought two sensible (boring) new cars. I was just about to pull the trigger on another V8 Vantage, and to be honest it may well still well be that but Lotus always stands a chance with me and has me pondering. I just need to get over the ownership irks of 400 number one. As I said to the wife, I own two private plates, V6 XCG & V8 XCG, neither of which are currently in use. So it only makes sense we buy another car to suit, right? :D


  3. So I did admittedly contact Murray's to enquire, but when optioned how I'd want it I'm afraid it's just out of reach. My issue now is that while perusing Lotus cars website I spotted a car that had me drooling much more than this (I doubt I could've lived with the ironing board on the back) and despite saying never again I'm toying with another new Lotus. Ian at MMC assures me the Evora quality issues are resolved now (of course he did!) so I'm pondering. Will take a bit of negotiations at home too, I had recently gained full approval from the wife to buy another Aston. :D


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  4. I'm curious about those front wheel arch vents, I'm envisioning some TVR Sagaris style stones to windscreen scenarios. They could've made some bespoke wings instead of just getting the jigsaw out, surely? :)


  5. On 18/05/2017 at 19:16, PAR said:

    Hi Colin,

    Would be great to get another update now that it is a year later!

    Any advice for buyers or things you would have done differently in managing the car?

    The seat squeaking noise is well documented.  Have yours been sorted pre/post purchase or still going on?

    Thanks a lot

    As the guys above said, it went at Christmas. To be honest I don't miss it at all, which is surprising as I thought I would have. Great fun for the year I owned it (at least when it wasn't causing any grief) but I think should I feel the urge to buy another sports car I'll give something other than a Lotus a bash. Not that I'm knocking the cars, love 'em, just think I'd need a change. Bought two new sensible cars since it went for me and the other half, kind of opened my eyes on the quality stakes. Boring as hell to drive mind you, Lotus always wins on that front! :D

  6. I'm sure it's all sorted by now, though I've said that on more than one occasion where that car was concerned. :lol:

    Yes, in a few ways it was an utter pain in the arse, but on a good day when all was well it was a fabulous thing to own. That said, after ownership I've decided I'm willing to trade off some of the Lotus magic handling and feel for better reliability and quality. I have two cars in mind, and you'll be happy to know Andy, neither are German. :P

  7. I'm not sure about the comments regarding Lotus quality getting better every year. If I'm being honest, and I know this won't be a popular comment, my 400 ownership experience has killed my desire to ever own another. I've just picked up another large three year contract that will doubtless see me put something interesting in the garage again come the summer but I think I'll go elsewhere, which is a shame as I had intended to go 410.

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