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  1. I’ve spoken to the seller this afternoon. Seems honest enough but there’s no service book. There are some invoices from 2014-17 for servicing (just a regular garage local to 2nd owner, not a main dealer or Lotus specialist) but that’s only 3 out of 9 years. Plus, the servicing hasn’t been done every 9,000 miles. No evidence of clutch replacement at all in the invoices and he has no knowledge of any replacement (he’s had it 9 months). Could be some big bills awaiting the new owner potentially. Apparently there are 'no stones chips at all' so something doesn’t quite add up unless it has
  2. That isn’t vivid..... (this is the Elise S1 Picture thread, right?)..
  3. Daveb99

    S160 SVA

    Scandal Green Elise S1 Sport 160 (SVA)
  4. Sorry I didn’t see this. It is indeed a keeper, they only made 7 full fat SVA S160's in Scandal Green and it’s by far the lowest mileage one - and standard factory spec other than the Emerald ECU (we have the original GEMS unit) and replacement Janspeed exhaust (due to a loose baffle in the original). The challenge is to use it just enough so it isn’t a garage queen but also keep it nice. Sorry for the slight thread hijack.
  5. Wow Nathan - I see you are preferring the sleek and stealthy look to the red/orange option already I thought about black wheels and side scoops/mirrors with red calipers and never got round to it. I found some photos of a coupe in this combination so I’ll post them up when I get a chance. Are you still thinking of adding a spoiler?
  6. Of course I meant the boot lid, not the clam
  7. Fair play Nathan - really glad you’re using it loads, at least you’re getting lots of practice getting it in and out of the garage too, it’ll seem as narrow as the 111R was soon i know what you mean about the spoiler, they can look a bit lacking without, but I actually preferred it that way. Do you have to drill the clam to fit the spoiler though (presume so)? I guess that’s still reversible with a bit of Isopon, sandpaper and a rattle can Enjoy it matey, I look forward to reading about the mods...
  8. Hi Gav, afraid not, having moved house late last year we need to put (some of) the funds to better use right now, and I really wasn’t using the Exige anywhere near enough to justify keeping it, as I don’t really have the time to get the best out of it. So as we only had one daily (which was fine most of the time) we’ve picked up a nice 18 plate Cooper S Works 210, the last one they made, with the trick JCW Pro exhaust amongst £12k of options, so whilst it’s obviously no Lotus it’s good fun and a nice place to be. We do still have the Scandal Green Elise S160 though, it ticks most of the
  9. Hi Nathan - nice looking car you have there - the previous owner has clearly cherished it . I’m not missing it too much as I didn’t drive it enough anyway! Your choice of course, but a couple of things to think about. If you add a wing, you might need to tweak the setup to suit - I think Lotus altered the rear ARB on the Roadsters to compensate for the reduced downforce, but I could be wrong. If it were me, I’d enjoy the car as it is for a few years (unless you’re tracking it, then you might want to tweak it a bit, dial out the understeer perhaps). Spending ££££ on spoilers, su
  10. They soon will be! I have to agree with George - I have the Focal 100AC in the front, Infinity Kappa in the rear, plus a cheap Kenwood sub in the passenger footwell. The whole lot sounds massively better than any “premium” audio upgrade I’ve ever had on a BMW, Audi etc.
  11. To add to Duncan's post, we now have a wide variety of cars booked on the event so far, including everything from Elites, Elans, Europas, Excels and Esprits through to every flavour of Elise, Evora and Exige, and more. Today I have booked both a white AND a bronze Turbo Esprit in - they are attending for your eyes only (sorry...). We also have a stunning white Esprit S1 booked in too. Bond-tastic. It promises to be a fantastic event. Don't leave it too late to book!
  12. I’ve read that it’s a little quieter too, compared to the pig snout in Sport mode. Looks better though! So it could be that it just sounds so much better with the roof off, that’s the norm for roadsters v coupes I think...
  13. I recently started thinking about getting some 'masking' decals made up to recreate the Lotus logo on my Elise S1 Victory Alloys with paint (as per the original finish, which is then lacquered over). So having come across Dan last week on another forum, I gave him a shout yesterday and sent a photo of mine to him to see what was possible. My wheels are still the original finish and don't need a refurb, but I'm thinking about that time in the future when one (or more) may need doing. I was blown away by the speed he turned it round - from my photo and a quick exact measurement, he cr
  14. I thought it would be nice to have Lotus Cars on my plates. Does anyone know whether Lotus at Hethel can supply number plates if you provide all the required info/documentation? If so, any idea who to ring / ask for at Hethel?
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