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  1. I recently started thinking about getting some 'masking' decals made up to recreate the Lotus logo on my Elise S1 Victory Alloys with paint (as per the original finish, which is then lacquered over). So having come across Dan last week on another forum, I gave him a shout yesterday and sent a photo of mine to him to see what was possible. My wheels are still the original finish and don't need a refurb, but I'm thinking about that time in the future when one (or more) may need doing. I was blown away by the speed he turned it round - from my photo and a quick exact measurement, he created the decals and put it on his site within a couple of hours Here it is He also sells near exact copies of the LOTUS rear clam decal for the S1 - which is nearly impossible to buy anywhere else other than Deroure/Lotus (at inflated prices), as it is specific to the S1, and loads of other faithfully recreated decals for the Elise, Exige etc it seems, including some very nice Lotus 70 decals. I think he will make pretty much anything you want him to, if required, in any colour. Big thumbs up from me - great service, great product, and a very good price - and very quick postage. His main site is I must emphasise - before I get a roasting - that I have no link to Dan at all and only came across him last week!
  2. I thought it would be nice to have Lotus Cars on my plates. Does anyone know whether Lotus at Hethel can supply number plates if you provide all the required info/documentation? If so, any idea who to ring / ask for at Hethel?
  3. Does anyone know whether Metallic Grey (C185) as used in newer models from the last couple of years is actually exactly the same as Carbon Grey (B137)? I’m led to believe they switched to the newer colour names, preceded with Metallic, but left the colour mix the same. I know it’s an odd question but there’s method in my madness!
  4. I recently chatted to Scott at length at Goodwood, and need to have a quick chat with him (or email him) about a couple of things. I don't have his email unfortunately - can someone send me a message if you have any contact details? I know I could probably call Hethel and ask to be put through, but I don't like cold calling like that....he's a busy bloke
  5. It certainly isn’t financial suicide, if you buy used - especially compared to how much money you lose when buying new. It’s all relative and you’ll pick one up a little cheaper in the first place. I have a Roadster (manual) and bought it because I prefer the look without the spoiler. Cleaner lines and to me, “less is more”. I wanted a manual because coming from an Elise I prefer to have that control. But if I wanted an auto, then I wouldn’t hesitate to go for the IPS. Buy the car you want, for your needs, I wouldn’t worry about a small amount of extra depreciation when compared to the manual. The Exige is a fantastic package regardless.
  6. I have a 2013 Exige V6 S Roadster and it's due a service soon. I currently don't have any oil for top ups, so thought I'd buy in bulk and supply the oil to the dealer for the next few services, leaving me with plenty for topping up as needed, and saving a fair bit of dosh in the process. ECP on eBay are currently doing Castrol Edge 32L (8x 4 Litres) SAE 5W40 Fully Synthetic Titanium FST for £228.46 with the current 20% off promo. That's just £7.14 per litre! Is there any reason why I shouldn't jump on this deal? I presume it would be fine in the engine as it meets the ACEA A3/B3 spec? Fast road use only for the foreseeable future...
  7. Just a point about the paint. I think the Elise S1 purple colour was called Deep Purple. It’s a very dark purple colour,. Just wanted to make sure you aren’t disappointed when you collect it, if you were expecting it to be lighter than that.
  8. Looks like a great job. Can I ask where you got your acoustic carpet from, and which sub did you buy?
  9. Here’s a buyer's guide, of sorts.....
  10. That’s good to hear. What was the total cost of the new parts?
  11. Forget the 410 Sport, your Esprit is utterly stunning Stephen. Be happy that you own two of the finest Lotuses ever made.
  12. Daveb99


  13. Hmm, sounds like it may not be worth it then ?
  14. Does the ITG panel filter alone improve the throttle response enough to remove the slight lag when trying to blip the throttle during downshifts? Where is the best place to buy them, and how much are they?
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