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  1. The Bibs seal of quality - did he offer a no quibble warranty as well?
  2. I think that very much depends how discerning the buyer is, and just how reputable the dealer (or independent garage) is! Both of these things vary massively. I guess attitude to risk comes into it too. I agree regarding judgement of character when buying privately, you can get a very good feel for things very quickly.
  3. Can’t believe how many people are “buying blind” due to Covid. Hope it works out OK.
  4. Nice one Peter, now it wouldn’t be right and proper unless you posted a couple of photos, would it?
  5. To be fair I think a few snaps taken on a mobile show absolutely nothing, in terms of a car’s true condition. You have to eyeball it really. With 90k on it I’d say it’s a £21k car at best.
  6. Fantastic - a real bargain for a GT410 and a great colour too. Are you selling an Evora to make way for it? EDIT - Scratch that, I’ve just remembered you’ve sold your Exige V6 Cup.
  7. That’s for the S / 400 though, yes?
  8. Cheers - wonder if they are for the S only though?
  9. Thanks Bibs, I really should have used the search That's correct it seems - I looked on Deroure yesterday. WAY cheaper than those for the NA.
  10. That could be optimistic. It's an S with some fabric and black bits isn't it
  11. I know the spark plugs for the S can be bought way cheaper than from Lotus. But I understand the plugs in the NA are different; has anyone found a cheaper way to buy them than from Lotus, and if so, where from?
  12. More likely that the seller hasn’t cancelled the eBay listing yet. If I was the buyer, who bought it for £40k on the auction site, with no reserve, I’d be pushing to get the deal completed...
  13. Thanks for your help, perhaps a set of Michelin PS4S as all rounders would be a good idea then instead.
  14. Cheers Justin, maybe I’d be better to get a set of Michelin Pilot Sport 4S (assuming the car I buy has Pirelli’s) as they seem to get good reviews and perform better in the cold than the P-Zeros. He wants £450 for the set of wheels including the winter tyres. Wondering if it’s perhaps worth getting them anyway and giving them a go. Like you say though, they are going to be way past their best at 8 years old.
  15. Thanks Mark, thought that might be the case
  16. Been looking at Evoras recently so I can enjoy year round use more etc (and I’ve always fancied one!) I haven’t got one just yet but with the cold temperatures we’ve had it has got me thinking about winter tyres. I’ve had an offer of a set of the cast 18/19” standard Evora wheels, fitted with winter tyres for a decent price. Wheels in great condition. Tyres though are dated 2012 but have been stored correctly indoors and have 5.5 - 7.5mm tread. They are Yoko W Drive tyres, and aren’t showing any signs of perishing or cracking anywhere from what I can see. So the question is,
  17. I’ve seen that some of the earlier S1 Evoras have chrome finish door handles rather than body colour. What’s the deal on replacing these with the correct body colour? Can you buy them in the right colour, or is it a case of removing, preparing and painting them?
  18. Guess that probably tells us where the market’s at. I personally do think it was probably worth the money but for me - as I was one of the two umm and arrers - in the end I wasn’t keen on the colour, just a bit too ‘warm’ in the grey range, like a light beige. I was surprised at that - it was moreso in the flesh than in photos. Totally subjective of course and as long as the new owner likes it that’s cool (or warm, depending....!) You also took a deposit and sold it to the new owner the next day before waiting for me to confirm either way as we agreed, remember Spot on.
  19. I suspect not mate - Central are asking way too much for it in my view, how long have they had it now?
  20. I think it was sold earlier in the year and is now up for sale again. What’s the mileage, colour, spec, year?
  21. Well done on the quick sale - sold privately or to trade?
  22. Tried to post earlier, wanted to add some photos but I've gone over my quota. I can see all my previous photos when I go into Attachments, but there doesn't seem to be any way to remove them. I'm sure I'm missing something.....
  23. Hi Ade, I'm just sending you a message, I viewed (and drove) the car last week and picked up on a few things, it might help you with your decision.
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