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  1. Two is perfect. Elise and Evora - perfect for any occasion 👍🏻👍🏻
  2. Ok so that was short lived. Started it again after a 30 minute break and the light has gone 👍🏻
  3. Evora NA here, I have very thoroughly followed the service notes and other tips from here, to strip out my air box and MAF assembly completely (I also lubricated the gear cables). I fitted a K&N panel filter, reassembled everything correctly but now have a MIL light on, which I wasn’t expecting…! The car drives completely normally and the light isn’t flashing. It doesn’t go off when driving. I haven’t made any other changes. What’s my best bet in terms of a code reader to identify the fault code(s) and hopefully clear them? Any guesses as to what has triggered it? If anyone else has had this after fitting a K&N please let me know…
  4. That looks great, I can’t believe what a transformation there is from the first post to the one above!
  5. Hi Craig, if you give Karen Williams at Staingard a shout as per the contact details in my earlier post (15th June) she will be able to send you some - probably without needing to send a sample of the leather as I’ve done that. My order number was 142258.
  6. Update: the Scuffmaster leather dye from Staingard / Liquid Leather has arrived and I’ve now done the drivers seat side bolster. Massively impressed with this stuff, it’s a 100% perfect match. They have even matched the sheen from the sample I sent. I applied it with a small sponge, waiting for each coat to dry before doing the next one. Tip: do it in the sun it dries far quicker…. Complete transformation 👍🏻
  7. I've noticed from a vehicle check / HPI that EV09 ORA was on my silver Launch Edition (2 owners before me). I believe the owner's name was Andrew looking at an old V5. Now seems to be on a black Evora 400 / 410 Sport. Andrew - if you're on here (or if anyone else knows you!), please get in touch.....just wanted to ask a couple of questions about the car -
  8. Thanks for the replies. I like the idea of shadow chrome providing it’s dark enough - so I could still potentially go for the SR ‘black pack’ in future. Found these photos online. Pity I can’t visualise how they would look on the car, with the 19/20 wheels!
  9. I’ve recently bought a Launch Edition in Quartz silver. It has the 18/19 forged wheels fitted currently but I also have a set of the 19/20 wheels as fitted to the SR and some S models. I prefer the look of the car on the larger wheels. I know some will say keep the forged wheels but it’s a great shame not to use the larger ones, they give the car a little more presence. I am having them refurbished and considering going for dark grey. Not a fan of black and I think I’d prefer not to go down the SR ‘black pack’ route with roof, sills etc. I do however have a pair of black mirror caps ready to fit. So - help me choose a colour.... Pics here of the standard car and a couple of options after a search. Grey gives me the option of the black pack in future. Opinions welcome! I’m quite tempted by the idea of a grey chromed finish to give them more pop but can’t find any pics. Equally the OEM satin grey colour seems to work well. Not fussed about red calipers but then they do add a certain something ...
  10. After a lot of research I've managed to identify a good source for the correctly mixed leather dye for the Oyster interior in my LE. There's no reason why this shouldn't apply to the other leather colours too - Paprika, Charcoal and so on - and probably the newer colours such as Venom Red etc. Turns out the company who supplied the original product linked in this thread has been bought out, but after a bit of sleuthing and a couple of phone calls I now have a small sample on the way to them (taken from behind my armrest) for them to mix the correct colour. Read my comment here for the full info including contact details:
  11. Apologies for the thread revival; I've just bought an Evora LE with the Oyster seats and having discovered that the driver's seat was re-connolised to the wrong colour (it's close, but quite noticeable) as part of being sold by B&C back in 2016, I've been labouring away fetching off all the leather dye to reveal the original Oyster colour. A horrible job. Fortunately the original leather is all in great condition, other than the side bolster, which is to be expected. Anyway having read on here about the Gliptone leather dye specifically mixed for previous owners, I thought I'd give them a call to see if they can provide the same stuff for me. Gliptone have been bought out and the company is now Liquid Leather / Staingard, based in Chester. I spoke to a lovely lady called Karen Williams and am about to send her a small sample, taken from the rear of the centre console under the rear seats, and she will then get it matched and mixed and send me the dye. It's about £34 including postage and takes a week or so to turn around. Hope this helps other owners - I'll post a before and after photo when I get the dye...., tel 01244 888658.
  12. My new (to me) Evora NA has a couple of LED's out on the high level rear brake light. I've done a search on here and can't find anything, am I right in assuming it needs a whole new unit as it can't be repaired? I'm hoping someone is going to tell me it's from a Vauxhall Corsa and costs under a tenner from a Vauxhall dealer.....
  13. Cheers for all the info & help. Can anyone else comment on whether there is only one plaque (driver's side) on the LE, or is it supposed to have one both sides?
  14. Also could you just confirm the size of the plaque? Thanks....
  15. So looking at the photos above it seems like it could be a vinyl decal stuck on a blank metal plate. @windymiller @LOTUSMAN33 is that the case, or is the lettering etched onto the surface? Does it feel raised / proud of the surface? Dan at Divine Handcraft is able to tweak it to my requirements so I might as well get it right 👍🏻
  16. Thanks, so it’s like silver text, rather than black, it seems?
  17. Can anyone with a launch edition advise me on which one of these options I should choose to source a pair of plaques for my new (to me) LE? It’s number 17 of the LE’s produced, but for some reason has no plaques on the sills. Car is Quartz silver - not sure if different coloured plaques were fitted depending on the paint colour? Also if I can see a couple of photos of others’ plaques as fitted by the factory, that would help massively with positioning.....👍🏻
  18. High praise indeed 😎
  19. Thanks, so perhaps best to stick to 'normal' PS4S for an Evora then?
  20. Not sure what you mean, I was referring to PS4S v PS4S Acoustic. Just wondering whether the performance - grip levels, wear (perhaps it’s a different compound) are different..
  21. Just browsing tyres and came across this. Wonder if the performance is the same as the regular PS4S?
  22. Thanks. Side wall height on 275’s slightly bigger than 255 (7mm higher).
  23. Sorry to revive an old thread.....has anyone ever fitted either of these sizes on the 19” rear wheels: 265/35 or 275/35 I the case of the latter, the overall diameter would be just 2mm greater than the 20” rear wheel, fitted with the standard 275/30 size. So no speedo issues. I've always thought the 255/35 are far too narrow on the 19” rear wheels, they look massively stretched although the PS4S does look to be a fair bit better. Lotus must have chosen this size purely to minimise sidewall flex. I guess in theory, fitting say the 275 would give a little more rear grip, but also with a little bit more sidewall. Upside would be slightly better ride quality though, with the larger sidewall (7mm more than the 255's). Any comments would be welcome, and if anyone has gone for the 275 size on the 19” rear wheels I’d love to see some photos and hear your experiences.
  24. Choosing not to buy a car after doing lots of research, asking lots of questions and seeing it does not make someone a time waster - it simply means it wasn’t the one - in my case it didn’t feel right for a few reasons, all personal. It was a good car.
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