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  1. 59 plate NA here, with Tech Pack - so has the Alpine double DIN head unit, and it was also specified with 2 Tech Pack upgrades - Alpine Imprint audio (so has a subwoofer) and the Alpine reversing cam. I'm considering replacing the HU with a Pioneer / Kenwood with wireless CarPlay etc. Will I be able to plug the subwoofer and reversing cam straight in, and will they 'talk' to the new head unit properly? The one I've been considering is this. Much cheaper than the equivalent Pioneer, clean looking, and gets good reviews:
  2. Nipped out yesterday (it was nice and dry) but got caught in a shower. Not an overly heavy shower. When I got back, left the car out for a bit then put it away in the garage. Noticed 4 or 5 pools of water forming under the car - mostly under the wheel arches. I know the arches are made of an annoying fabric type stuff - causing the mudflap brackets to corrode over time - but I wasn't expecting quite that much water to come out of all four corners, after such light rain! There's a bit from halfway down the car as well. Normal?
  3. I bought a pair of these but they seem to be too short, by about 20mm. So the boot doesn't open as high.... Seems what is needed is some that are 425mm long when fully extended. Has anyone come across any others that might fit the bill ?
  4. Can’t believe how much prices have gone up. Wasn’t long ago that a couple of early 400’s are sold for low 40’s, and also two GT410 Sports at low 60’s.
  5. £26k - £28k seems to be the entry point now for early NA’s. That’s a good chunk more than a few months ago. Good to see values on the up, though I do wonder whether the launch of the Emira may lead to owners chopping in their Evoras. So it could become a buyer’s market in a few months time, to an extent. As an NA owner obviously I hope not (and have no intention of buying an Emira - or effectively renting one via PCP or PCH as many people seem to opt for nowadays).
  6. I was able to get the 4S in 225/40/18 from Blackcircles (and 15% off the rears as well), came to £559 which I thought was excellent for all four.
  7. Thanks for the replies on this. Had the PS4S fitted, no issues with the valves, and what a great tyre 👍🏻
  8. Thanks Bibs, whereabouts would the dimple be on the wheel? I have them off the car now ready to take to the tyre fitting place.
  9. I’m having a set of PS4S fitted to my 18/19 wheels today. Couple of questions... TPMS valves - what’s the best way to ensure the tyre place doesn’t cause any damage? Also, I’ve noticed the PS4S tyres have red dots on them. Should they be aligned to the valve, or opposite? I’m sure I’ve read something about that somewhere....
  10. Great news Eddie look forward to seeing it. Like the colour combo. How did you find the IPS? Keep it nice and I’ll buy it off you in 6 years 👍🏻👍🏻🤣 Meanwhile.....
  11. Only 4 photos, none of the rear or off side, and a seriously brief description. Very odd.
  12. Sure, here you go. I removed it last night, took about 5 seconds.....just pull up at the front edge closest to the windscreen...
  13. That's fair enough, I've just bought a black leather offcut for £9 and some spray contact adhesive, I guess we will see how good my trimming skills are 🤣
  14. Thanks - might have to look into getting it retrimmed (or DIY job) as that seems a bit pricey to me for such a small panel !
  15. Thanks, that sounds easy enough - did you retrim it with a new piece of leather or buy another one (looks like the latter...). How much was it out of interest?
  16. When driving dead ahead the steering wheel is very slightly pointing to the right. The car drives perfectly and tracks properly etc, so I'm not feeling the need for an alignment check. Even tyre wear also. How easy is it to remove the steering wheel and move it 'one spline' to the left? I have a steering wheel puller, as I've removed the steering wheel on my Elise S1 a few times, just wondered if anyone knows what size socket I'll need for the nut? Presume if I disconnect the battery first I won't get an airbag light coming on when I refit the wheel and reconnect the battery?
  17. I've recently acquired an Evora NA (2011) and am working through sorting out some interior bits. The leather on the instrument binnacle panel has receded and looks pretty ropey. Is it easy to remove this panel or do you have to remove the whole dashboard (which I'll do at some point to fit new airbag cover clips.....) ? (Forgive the reflection of the lights in the garage!)
  18. As someone who has pretty much always had Elise S1's with their simple brakes, I’ve often wondered whether the discs and pads are as easy to change on an Evora. I've read somewhere that you need to buy new pad retaining pins when changing pads, is that right, for both front and rear? And what about the discs, can they be removed without removing the calipers, front and rear (once the pads are out of course!) Are there any other considerations, does ABS make it harder to change these things?
  19. I've bought some other stone guard films from them for my Elise, and the quality is good.
  20. Probably anybody with a GT410 Scotty, given that they are over 3 times the price!
  21. Great bargain for someone here, lovely colour too.
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