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  1. Can you give us some pointers, i.e. Which relay to buy and where from - and how to fit it?
  2. My new bulbs arrived yesterday, so whilst I'm not expecting a dramatic improvement, it would be nice if I don't lose too much skin off my knuckles fitting them... Can anyone give me some pointers - do I need to remove each front wheel to get proper access?
  3. Why thank you sir - and yes I think we clearly have equally good taste
  4. Yep, I'm a fan of Carbon Grey too - can't think why
  5. Excellent, I've also just found these, which get slightly better reviews than the Rings it seems: Bit pricier though. Do in theory, either of these should be a straight swap?
  6. Thanks, so has anyone one successfully sourced bulbs in H3BA fitment, that offer better performance than the standard bulbs (other than HID kits..) ?
  7. I was under the impression that it isn't possible to buy improved bulbs in H3BA fitting (such as Osram Nightbreakers). Can someone explain the "angled /straight" but above? Is that what the A stands for in H3BA?
  8. Brilliant - I'll definitely be planning a mountainous trip in the near future... Went out for a quick blast late this afternoon so grabbed some more pics. Carbon Grey is pretty impressive when it catches the sun.
  9. I've had my Exige S for a couple of weeks now and I have to say it's brilliant in almost every way As with all Loti however, there's always something to do / get fixed... My wife (who followed me home when I picked it up) noticed that the brake lights didn't come on much. Much as I'd like to say that's because I didn't need to brake very often, it was actually rush hour traffic - lots of stop/start, queues etc. Got home and tested them - it seems they don't come on for the first inch or so of pedal travel - and they only work when I reach the 'firm' bit of the pedal. I've
  10. Congrats - stunning in Matt black. I know the "new car feeling" very well at the moment - happy days!
  11. Stunning scenery - I see you and your passenger have matching blue scarves....! I intend to do a European trip in the car at some point.
  12. Another day, another photo... Had a fantastic blast in it yesterday, what a car.... Thanks for all the positive comments - makes it feel even more special
  13. Cheers Gav - I trust you and the mighty GTE are keeping well..?
  14. Great thread - endless Exige pics.... Here are a few of my recently acquired Roadster. More here:
  15. Here's a couple of the interior - I've always been a fan of red leather with grey, black or silver. When I saw this car advertised in this colour combination and spec I knew I was on a slippery slope....
  16. Thanks - yes that's the one I have (it's a Tamiya style connector inside the rubber boot).
  17. Cheers for the comments....I must confess I didn't take the photos in my original post - but I did take these on my phone the other day - slightly less inspiring backgrounds (and the quintessential litter bin shot!)..
  18. Stunning. Looking forward to seeing them fitted.
  19. Thanks, good to know Does anyone connect theirs to the 'Auxillary" / jump terminals in the front compartment?
  20. After owning 3 Elise S1s over the last 17 years, I took the plunge recently and sold my beloved Elise Sport 160 (gulp!) in favour of an Exige S Roadster. Two test drives about a month ago at Silverstone sealed it - thanks Aimee and Matthew for putting up with my overly-thorough tendencies - I decided I prefer the clean lines and slightly softer ride of the Roadster to the Coupe, and I'm not ready to give up my roof-off motoring for an Evora just yet.. I picked it up about 10 days ago, and although I haven't put many miles on it yet, it's clear that it's a big step up in terms of per
  21. I've had my V6 for all of 10 days now and already I'm planning my first (very) minor mod.... I have a Ctek battery conditioner, which has served me very well over the years. On my Elise S1 I made a charging lead that was permanently attached to the battery terminals, so I could hook up the Ctek really easily. On the V6, I was all ready to remove the battery in the boot and do the same - but them I remembered the 'auxiliary' battery terminals in the front compartment. Is there any reason I can't simply attach my charging lead to these (permanently) rather than attach them directl
  22. Thanks for all the help with this. I've decided to go with AIB, the quote was the best by far and the cover suits my needs perfectly. I can't say I'm particularly worried about claiming and the process around it right now, and speaking to a few people it seems that AIB would step in if there were any difficulties with the underwriter anyway.
  23. Thanks for all the replies. So put simply, storing it at my Dad's it's likely there will be say a week with the battery conditioner turned off, then 1 day with it switched on. So I can assume that with a fully charged battery, leaving the car either locked, alarmed, and immobilised, or unlocked and immobilised, won't drain the battery and cause the alarm to start going off?
  24. Thanks Bibs, that would be really helpful. I'm probably being overly cautious about it to be honest.
  25. Thanks, my experiences of AIB have been very positive so far - very professional, responsive to emails and phone calls, and of course a great price. My concern lies with the underwriter, Markerstudy, as the only reviews I can find online are dreadful. This is of course from people who have had to claim, and clearly there are always more poor reviews online than good ones, but even so it isn't a good sign. I suspect there are lots of owners on here who are insured with AIB, probably underwritten by Markerstudy, who are none the wiser, as they haven't needed to claim. What would
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