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  1. Any updates? Would be good to know what is being planned..
  2. I did this. The sub alone made a huge difference, but I could tell the standard Alpine front speakers were lacking any real clarity / depth. I then changed them for the Focals, with SilentCoat ‘cups’ underneath as enclosures and that made a significant further difference, well worth it. I have rear speakers too (replaced with Infinity Kappas) and I find that the Focals in the front can now be used to properly balance the sound front to rear, whereas the Alpines couldn’t, they lacked clarity and punch. I have tried it with the sound faded to front only, and it still sounds great.
  3. Seems a bit high to me. I’m with AIB (Exige V6), it was £329, 4000 miles pa, 350xs though I think from memory. Clean licence, I’m 46. Of course you are (possibly) younger than me..... Edit - OK, you are a good chunk older than me...doesn’t seem like a good deal to me..
  4. Looks fantastic, I especially like the side view of the interior, superb.
  5. Very nice indeed George. Although I reckon with the amount you’ve spent on upgrades you could have bought a factory 430 by now Not the point’s a very individual car you have there...
  6. Hi Rich, I was wondering when you might pop up here since you’ve had the V6.... Seems a long time ago (more than 4 years!) that I spoke to you about insurance for my gone-but-not-forgotten Sport 160. I remember watching the Toad TV video you did in the Scandal one.. Anyway hope you’re keeping well, how are you liking the V6? Seems we both sold quite nice S1's to get them, so I was wondering if it has met your expectations? Oh, and to keep it on topic - your 430 absolutely ROCKS Alex, though I do agree with George about the subwoofer and carpet. I have one in the footwell
  7. Congrats Alex, what a stunning 430, and very special to have the first one off the line, my Roadster was the second off the line, it’s no 430 though...! I bet you didn’t expect snow on collection day, will you be parking it on the street all the time? I’d be a bit concerned about security but then I guess that’s what insurance is for. Enjoy every minute - out of interest is it your first Lotus or do you have “previous”...?
  8. Stunning - you must be like a dog with two dicks waiting for delivery Stephen...
  9. Ha.......thank god! I’m usually one for keeping things standard but I have to say I’m contemplating a set of afterburners - I think they are jaw droppingly good..... Where are they from George?
  10. You lot have been diddled - I was wondering why the Superchargers were unpainted on some 380’s, now I know (should have guessed)..
  11. Hmmm. Was the carbon one standard when you ordered it, I wonder...
  12. I've been admiring your photos and upgrade thread for a while George - but the yellow mats look gash! I do hope you were kidding...... Everything else looks the business. What a car you're turning this into.....
  13. Absolutely stunning, I'm sure you can't wait for the big day. Scott does indeed know his stuff - he has special Lotus blood running through his veins !
  14. Martin, great photos there - the V6 looks fantastic in red...
  15. Intriguing - did they tell you how to fit them? I presume they slide inside the runners, replacing existing parts?
  16. Sorry to hear about this, I would guess that it's pretty rare - that's what we're all hoping anyway... i think you need to check the engine bay on the Happy Meal model, could be some random bits of Big Mac in there... EDIT - Unboxing video here ?
  17. I fitted a better head unit that has a USB input on the front, but I have a USB thumb drive in there with my MP3s on it. The head unit does have a rear USB input (on a trailing lead) so if I could find a way through the dash top, I could potentially have that as the power for the windscreen mounted phone/Nav.
  18. Hi Gav, hope you're keeping well - I suspect the lovely GTE isn't seeing much tarmac at this time of year? That sounds like a good shout re the USB - I'll have a poke around and see what the options are..
  19. I have a V6 Roadster with the convenience pack, so it has the USB socket already fitted on the passenger side. Has anyone ever considered the possibility of installing a subtle USB socket on the top of the dashboard somewhere centrally? I sometimes need power up there for my phone when using it as a Sat Nav - and I hate having cables draping over the front of the dash. If I could simply buy a short cable and plug it in up there it would be great.... i guess it's doable but would mean making a hole in the dash - which I wouldn't be very keen to do at all.....has anyone found anot
  20. I think the 430 looks great, and is clearly a big step forward being chargecooled. I'd love one - but realistically it'll probably never happen. I'm struggling to see how Lotus will sell loads of these though - I hope they do, but if I had £110k to spend on this type of car I'd be casting my net pretty wide, so the Lotus would have to be very special indeed. Completely agree with the comments about even considering upgrading to a 430 (or not) after doing just 1000 miles and having lost £3k a month in depreciation on a 380 - that sounds like complete madness to me - it's £20 a mile b
  21. I know this might sound ridiculous, but given that the warranty "fix" doesn't seem to change anything, what about cutting a tennis ball in half (or perhaps thinner than that) and wedging it under the the seat? The seat will be harder to slide back and forth, though not impossible I suspect, and it might just be enough to stop the wobble...... No harm in trying...
  22. Couple of pics of mine with the Venom Red interior, some like it, some others aren't so keen, personally I think it looks fantastic with the Carbon grey paint.
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