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  1. Thread revival time...! I recently bought a relay for the indicators, as per the advice on this thread, and it is now fitted - took less than 2 minutes thanks to the pictures and guidance on here. It cost £4 .... Now, if only someone could find out whether it's possible to fit brighter illumination (LED bulbs maybe) to the early V6 heater/AC and heated seats buttons, particularly to show when they are switched ON, that would be marvellous......
  2. Great pic - I'd love to see more photos of it with the Visium hardtop...
  3. Doesn't look too shabby on a plain old Roadster either....Carbon Grey is very under-rated, I think so many people go for the brighter colours. The 430 does have the edge, I admit It looks a tad overexposed to me
  4. Haven't had a chance to fit them yet, sadly...
  5. That would be great Bibs, thank you kindly - let me know what info you may need or if there is anything I need to do?
  6. Great photo Olivier - nice to know that the Roadster looks at home with the Ferrari...
  7. Congrats, looks lovely - one day I'll be bold enough to go for the orange. Stunning. I also bought a V6 from Silverstone recently - very happy with it thus far Bibs - what's all this about a membership upgrade flyer......I didn't get one either!
  8. Can you give us some pointers, i.e. Which relay to buy and where from - and how to fit it?
  9. My new bulbs arrived yesterday, so whilst I'm not expecting a dramatic improvement, it would be nice if I don't lose too much skin off my knuckles fitting them... Can anyone give me some pointers - do I need to remove each front wheel to get proper access?
  10. Why thank you sir - and yes I think we clearly have equally good taste
  11. Yep, I'm a fan of Carbon Grey too - can't think why
  12. Excellent, I've also just found these, which get slightly better reviews than the Rings it seems: Bit pricier though. Do in theory, either of these should be a straight swap?
  13. Thanks, so has anyone one successfully sourced bulbs in H3BA fitment, that offer better performance than the standard bulbs (other than HID kits..) ?
  14. I was under the impression that it isn't possible to buy improved bulbs in H3BA fitting (such as Osram Nightbreakers). Can someone explain the "angled /straight" but above? Is that what the A stands for in H3BA?
  15. Brilliant - I'll definitely be planning a mountainous trip in the near future... Went out for a quick blast late this afternoon so grabbed some more pics. Carbon Grey is pretty impressive when it catches the sun.
  16. I've had my Exige S for a couple of weeks now and I have to say it's brilliant in almost every way As with all Loti however, there's always something to do / get fixed... My wife (who followed me home when I picked it up) noticed that the brake lights didn't come on much. Much as I'd like to say that's because I didn't need to brake very often, it was actually rush hour traffic - lots of stop/start, queues etc. Got home and tested them - it seems they don't come on for the first inch or so of pedal travel - and they only work when I reach the 'firm' bit of the pedal. I've
  17. Congrats - stunning in Matt black. I know the "new car feeling" very well at the moment - happy days!
  18. Stunning scenery - I see you and your passenger have matching blue scarves....! I intend to do a European trip in the car at some point.
  19. Another day, another photo... Had a fantastic blast in it yesterday, what a car.... Thanks for all the positive comments - makes it feel even more special
  20. Cheers Gav - I trust you and the mighty GTE are keeping well..?
  21. Great thread - endless Exige pics.... Here are a few of my recently acquired Roadster. More here:
  22. Here's a couple of the interior - I've always been a fan of red leather with grey, black or silver. When I saw this car advertised in this colour combination and spec I knew I was on a slippery slope....
  23. Thanks - yes that's the one I have (it's a Tamiya style connector inside the rubber boot).
  24. Cheers for the comments....I must confess I didn't take the photos in my original post - but I did take these on my phone the other day - slightly less inspiring backgrounds (and the quintessential litter bin shot!)..
  25. Stunning. Looking forward to seeing them fitted.
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