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  1. Thanks, good to know Does anyone connect theirs to the 'Auxillary" / jump terminals in the front compartment?
  2. After owning 3 Elise S1s over the last 17 years, I took the plunge recently and sold my beloved Elise Sport 160 (gulp!) in favour of an Exige S Roadster. Two test drives about a month ago at Silverstone sealed it - thanks Aimee and Matthew for putting up with my overly-thorough tendencies - I decided I prefer the clean lines and slightly softer ride of the Roadster to the Coupe, and I'm not ready to give up my roof-off motoring for an Evora just yet.. I picked it up about 10 days ago, and although I haven't put many miles on it yet, it's clear that it's a big step up in terms of per
  3. I've had my V6 for all of 10 days now and already I'm planning my first (very) minor mod.... I have a Ctek battery conditioner, which has served me very well over the years. On my Elise S1 I made a charging lead that was permanently attached to the battery terminals, so I could hook up the Ctek really easily. On the V6, I was all ready to remove the battery in the boot and do the same - but them I remembered the 'auxiliary' battery terminals in the front compartment. Is there any reason I can't simply attach my charging lead to these (permanently) rather than attach them directl
  4. Thanks for all the help with this. I've decided to go with AIB, the quote was the best by far and the cover suits my needs perfectly. I can't say I'm particularly worried about claiming and the process around it right now, and speaking to a few people it seems that AIB would step in if there were any difficulties with the underwriter anyway.
  5. Thanks for all the replies. So put simply, storing it at my Dad's it's likely there will be say a week with the battery conditioner turned off, then 1 day with it switched on. So I can assume that with a fully charged battery, leaving the car either locked, alarmed, and immobilised, or unlocked and immobilised, won't drain the battery and cause the alarm to start going off?
  6. Thanks Bibs, that would be really helpful. I'm probably being overly cautious about it to be honest.
  7. Thanks, my experiences of AIB have been very positive so far - very professional, responsive to emails and phone calls, and of course a great price. My concern lies with the underwriter, Markerstudy, as the only reviews I can find online are dreadful. This is of course from people who have had to claim, and clearly there are always more poor reviews online than good ones, but even so it isn't a good sign. I suspect there are lots of owners on here who are insured with AIB, probably underwritten by Markerstudy, who are none the wiser, as they haven't needed to claim. What would
  8. Thanks that's great. So there are 22 sections for the Exige S - do you reckon they could all be downloaded in an hour subscription (or is the bandwidth limited somewhere)?
  9. Thanks........are the service notes downloadable? I have them for my S1, would be great to have them for the Exige...
  10. Yes - £329. No track cover. £400 excess, garaged, agreed value, choice of repairer. I'm 46 next week.
  11. Thanks, I have tried all of those, plus REIS, 1 Answer, Need to Insure, CCI. AIB are the cheapest by a good chunk, and with the agreed value looks good, but I'm a little concerned about the reviews of Markerstudy...! Edit - I should add that Henderson Taylor are second and Matt has been brilliant.
  12. Thanks, that's really helpful. I've just edited my original post to add a line about online reviews of Markerstudy, and it doesn't look good. I'd welcome some balance on this, as AIB are the cheapest by some way (with the policy features that I value and need).
  13. I've been getting insurance quotes over the last few days for the Exige, and the best quote I've had so far is with AIB Insurance. Thumbs up so far then. The policy they have proposed is an agreed value policy, with choice of repairer etc and 4,000 miles per year, and a reasonable excess - so ticks all the right boxes. It's underwritten by Markerstudy. I decided to have a look at to see what their rating is - and it's only two stars! Can anyone comment on this? The Defaqto rating seems to be about how the policy features compare to other policies in the mar
  14. Thanks, I have a Ctek already so will be using that. I presume I can wire my charging connector from the Ctek onto the battery terminals (depending on what happens when you disconnect the battery......) ? It surprises me that the doors lock themselves after closing the doors (after a delay) though...
  15. I'm due to pick up my Exige S soon (look out for the new car thread!) , and have a question about storage. This may be planning in advance, but next year the car is likely to be stored at my Dad's for a few months while we embark on the joys of having the builders in. Whenever I've done this with my S1 in the past, I've left it safely in his garage without the alarm activated - so there's only the immobiliser to drain the battery. Every week or so my Dad would switch on the battery conditioner for a couple of days to top it up. I don't like leaving it on charge all the time because i
  16. I'm picking up a Pioneer TS-WX120A sub later today, new and boxed and apparently unused, from a chap who didn't get around to fitting it. Could somebody just confirm what is included with it, I just want to make sure all the cables are in the box...
  17. Thanks Tony, I should add that I'm unlikely to use the car for track use, so mixed driving / fast road use. Whats the difference between the PS4 and PS4S? Has anyone else tried them instead of the Corsas?
  18. I'm getting close to closing a deal to buy an Exige S, and it needs new rear tyres. It has the 'default' P Zero Corsas at present and that is what has been offered as a replacement, as part of the deal. However, I've read a couple of reports on here from V6 owners who have the Michelin PS4's, and it seems that they could be harder wearing, and thus last longer, without sacrificing feel or grip. I believe they are also a little quieter and cheaper - around £180 per corner. Would I be better to go for the Michelins? I'd need to replace the front tyres too at the same time I guess,
  19. Just ordered mine - great job you're doing here Bibs, looking forward to receiving it. At least you're keeping fit with multiple trips to the Post Office and 15kg bags !
  20. Calling all yellow / silver / titanium Sport 160 owners.........please get in touch (or if anyone knows someone who has one, please let me know). Slightly odd post I know, but it will become clear.....
  21. I've now edited my GoPro footage and compiled this - some footage from Castle Farm, the first run, and the main Lotus feature/display. My first attempt at both editing and YouTube
  22. Yesterday I took part in a very special Lotus meet – an unprecedented collection of Lotuses at the Cholmondeley Pagent of Power in deepest (and beautiful) Cheshire. I thought it was more than deserving of a short report… Lotus was the main feature on the first day of the 3 day event. The Historic Lotus Register, chaired by Malcolm Ricketts, had organized for the very first gathering of every road-going Lotus model ever produced – from the Mark II, built in 1949 for trials, through to the latest Evora and Exige S. All the cars involved firstly took part in a parade on the circuit (2 laps)
  23. Just had my S1 Sport 160 serviced and MOT'd by Jon at Legacy Storm in Leicester. Big thumbs up from me - great price, brilliant service, really professional from start to finish. He took great care of the car which fits well with my somewhat obsessive tendencies, and also fixed my gearshift, which had stopped re-centering in the gate, it now feels like new (or probably better than new). Also, he is well located in Leicester - 10 minute walk from City Centre/High Cross, with free Wi-Fi everywhere so I was able to do my job at the same time! In case you weren't aware, Jon is ex-Stratstone Lotu
  24. I'm new here, from Leics, UK. Great forum....... I've had two S1 Elises over a decade ago, and recently decided it was time to get back into it, and after much deliberation (and a mammoth garage clear out) picked up my Sport 160 at the weekend, and I'm rather chuffed with it, to say the least! Craig and Brandon at Murray Lotus made the whole thing a pleasure from start to finish - nothing was too much trouble and Craig sure does know his stuff! Had a great drive down to Yorkshire (1st leg!) on Saturday to stay at my brother's, a couple of nice blasts on decent roads whilst there, the
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