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  1. Come on Lotus lovers and Emira extollers, there's less than hours of this auction left!

    Who wants to own - to have and to hold, from this day forward, until death do you part - this ABSOLUTELY UNIQUE piece of Lotus history?

    As you read this from the comfort of your own home, have a look around and imagine how much better that wall would look with this fantastic piece of artwork adorning it!

    And who wants to be that guy or gal one year from now that thinks, y'know I wished I'd have bid that little bit higher and bought that signed Emira artwork, because it was lovely, and the Emira is beautiful, and Daniel Durrant is a genius, and three-hundred quid isn't all that much cash in the context of a lifetime - not me, I can hear you say, not me, I don't want to be Mr or Mrs Regret!

    So what's stopping you?

    Place a bid now!!

    And when you do, I promise that you will think of Rainbows, and all the children and young people you are helping. And it will make you feel a bit sad, but also happy.


    Thank you 🙂

  2. Great work!   Hopefully my thread has helped you with some of this as I covered the same things here and there I think.

    For the passenger airbag cover, I gently heated it and then rolled / pushed it against an old tyre to bend it back to flat.   And I drilled it to add screws to the steel plate too, to keep it straight.

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  3. 3 hours ago, paranoidandroid said:

    Congrats on the sale, beautiful car, hope you don’t miss it and at least you still have another Lotus in the garage! 

    Slightly off topic but quick question if I may? Read through your build thread and am interested in doing the Focal speaker upgrade on mine. Just wondered if you need the dash out to do the tweaters? You mentioned you needed to enlarge the hole slightly. Having to take the dash out would put me off doing it! 

    Thanks, the car has gone this morning so there’s a big space in the garage now!

    For the tweeters it would possibly be doable without removing the dash but the cable length could be an issue.   When you ease them out (use a pry tool) you’ll see that you can’t get them out far.   So you’d need to cut the wires and try to join the new wires into them.   Doable perhaps - take one out and have a look.    If not then yes it’s a dashboard out job.

    However, you’d be better to remove the seats and sill covers to replace the crossover units with the focal ones, to get the best out of the new speaker setup.   To get the sill covers off you have to remove the lower dash panels - at which point you might as well take the whole thing out anyway!


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  4. Thanks to all for the comments - the car in question is mine, so if anyone knows anybody looking for a very well sorted LE, please put them in touch.   It was the only one produced in the colour/interior/wheels combo so it’s unique I guess.   

    @Morty - I owe you a beer!

    @C8RKH - I apologise for the comment in my ad re the Sports Ratio gearboxes.   I’ll remove it (if I can) as I certainly don’t want the advert to be anything but factual and it sounds like you know the real story with those.

    @Cdm2018 - I’m actually north of Hinckley.

    If anyone wants to know anything about the car, feel free to ask.   I have a genuine, very unfortunate reason for sale and the car is a cracker 👍🏻

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  5. On 27/02/2019 at 17:46, MARTIN_S said:

    Pedal area and bushes all oiled but the squeak is definitely from the clutch area it self. Anyone got any pictures to show whets where so I can figure out how to get to it and lube it up.


    Martin S


    Sorry for reviving an old thread - Martin, did you get this sorted?   I have the same on my NA.

  6. For £7 you can buy a top quality can of caliper paint on eBay or similar, and do them by hand.   Clean the calipers with brake cleaner and white spirit and give them a light key.   No primer needed.

    Then 2 coats with a couple of different sized artists brushes (smaller one to paint around the Lotus lettering first) and the job’s a good un.    I can’t believe how much some places charge to paint calipers - and they don’t even mask off the crossover pipes…..

    I used about a third of the tin, so they cost under £3 to do all four…….

    To protect the LOTUS lettering I then used a clear lacquer touch up stick (2 coats).   

    Here are a couple of pics of some I’ve done previously (mine are currently black but I’m seriously considering red!)





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  7. Regarding the blue IPS SR at Hendy’s, I can only imagine that for some reason the seller was struggling to sell it privately.   Perhaps because it was an IPS, or maybe the time of year.   I was half considering it myself at £43k but I certainly wouldn’t be interested at £52k - and I’ve done a lot to my NA LE so I’ll be keeping that I suspect.

    £52k is Evora 400 money, there’s a Hethel Edition up for sale for £51k…..

  8. On 06/11/2021 at 07:45, jep said:

    Porsche are brilliant cars. However, they are heavy, most 1500kg minimum, generally 1700kg. Whenever I drive one, I can feel that mass. To find any sort of dynamic driver satisfaction requires such speed to render your licence and other road users in danger. 

    Evora lack of bulk, the USP of Lotus, is apparent the moment you move 10 yards. This gets better throughout any journey. The steering is the best this side of a McLaren, the ride is a quantum better than any Porsche and the ease with which you can exploit the genius aluminium chassis will make you think you missed your calling as an Indy legend.

    For the drivers, there is no downside - you will soon acclimatise to the mildly dated interior as the brilliance of Evora seeps to your core. 

    If you don't buy, you will miss one the truly great sports cars of the 21st century. If you dislike it, you can sell it and when your next Porsche bores you at least you know that is how you like it to be.




    What an absolutely fantastic summary of the magic of the Evora.    I’ve driven other similar (but heavier) cars claiming to be ‘sporty’ or even a sports car, and nothing comes close.   

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  9. 1 hour ago, Whitey said:

    Wheels look great Dave, and my 18/19 forged alloys need doing and I’ll be sticking with anthracite.  Is their anthracite colour from any particular brand, or just a generic one that they keep in stock.

    I believe it’s their ‘normal’ anthracite that they keep in stock.   The colour is extremely similar to that of the anthracite 18/19” forged wheels.   Here it is next to my old wheels (albeit in odd lighting conditions, it was about 3.30pm I think).




  10. 51 minutes ago, Cdm2018 said:

    Good value ?

    I paid about £200 for refurb but had them done in black and to be honest the paint started to wear after 3 months 

    It was £240 including the tyre removal and refit.  Proper full strip, then powder coat anthracite then gloss lacquer.

    There’s no way it would wear off after 3 months - that must have just been a (rather poor) smart repair / blow over?

    18 minutes ago, jep said:

    What a great pair of Lotus. S1 Elise is perhaps the greatest Lotus road car ever. Evora NA is the sweetest of Evora, perhaps the best. Great colour too. 



    Cheers Justin.  I’ve had 5 Elise S1’s over the last 21 years including two Sport 160’s and a 111S.   This one though may just be the best of the bunch.  It’s a high miler but I’ve done absolutely loads to it, cosmetically and mechanically, and it’s a real gem.

    Evoras are new to me - this year - but what a fabulous drivers car.   And that’s coming from a serial Elise S1 owner 😀

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  11. I’ve noticed a squeaking when I depress the clutch pedal, it’s audible inside the car and also at the rear of the car (with the engine off).

    Obviously can’t hear it when driving due to road, wind, and engine noise!

    It’s quite noticeable - is it something that is easily fixed?   Clutch is operating absolutely fine, pedal springs back totally fine when releasing it etc.   Lubrication issue with master and/or slave clutch cylinder maybe?

    Car is a Launch Edition, 32k miles.

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