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  1. £23k sounds like a good deal to me with that mileage.  What colour is it - if you like the colour and it’s in great condition cosmetically then it sounds like a great buy.

    27 minutes ago, Hughesy83 said:

    There is a nice looking 2009 blue LE on autotrader that’s just come up for sale. It’s just come in as a PX so there is a deal to be had. I am just not into the cream leather myself otherwise I would be on my way to view it. 

    Previously owned for all of a month by someone on here - I think it had a few gremlins, some still need sorting..

  2. 1 hour ago, Bravo73 said:

    NA Spark plugs (note the part number: A132E6281S): plug&SC=0&PBID=1089041

    S Spark plugs (note the part number: A132E6503F): plug&SC=0&PBID=1089042


    Incidentally, aren't Monkeywrench based in the US? Why are you buying your spark plugs from there??!?

    Thanks, yes I’m aware that the plugs for the NA are £36 each (!) from Lotus, unlike the bargain price for the S versions.

    My original question still stands - has anyone found them any cheaper anywhere (UK) ? 

  3. 5 minutes ago, mayevora said:

    My Evora is also the only car I’ve bought without seeing. It was also a private sale from a Forum member here.

    As it turned out the right honourable Mr Bibs himself went to collect it and gave it a once over - I remember getting the “Go ahead - it’s F#%cking mint” text from him lol😆 


    No regrets a couple of years later. Awesome buy. 

    The Bibs seal of quality - did he offer a no quibble warranty as well?

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  4. 8 minutes ago, jep said:

    If you are buying from a reputable dealer, there is no need to see a car before purchase. I did not see my Evora before buying from Bell and Colvill (8 year old car at the time). 

    I have also bought countless cars privately sight unseen. I am relatively experienced but speaking to the seller and judging their character is often as good an indicator as the car itself. 



    I think that very much depends how discerning the buyer is, and just how reputable the dealer (or independent garage) is!   Both of these things vary massively.   I guess attitude to risk comes into it too.   I agree regarding judgement of character when buying privately, you can get a very good feel for things very quickly.

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  5. 2 hours ago, jerzybondov said:

    This car seems in much better condition than the £20k 100k mile car, nice options too. Worth what he’s asking for it all day if it checks out IMO

    To be fair I think a few snaps taken on a mobile show absolutely nothing, in terms of a car’s true condition.   You have to eyeball it really.   With 90k on it I’d say it’s a £21k car at best.

  6. 2 hours ago, Messer said:

    Yes military grey! It’s just in at Maidstone sports cars getting the airbag clips sorted and then it’s over to me probably late next week 

    Fantastic - a real bargain for a GT410 and a great colour too.

    Are you selling an Evora to make way for it?

    EDIT - Scratch that, I’ve just remembered you’ve sold your Exige V6 Cup.

  7. Thanks Bibs, I really should have used the search 🤪

    Just now, exeterjeep said:

    Hasn't the lotus price for Evora S/400 etc spark plugs come down a lot, just looked for A132E6503F  on B&C and SJ and they seem to be just over £6 each. The same part seems to be used on all the s/c evoras. Just over a year ago I paid over £40 each.  Unless I am looking up the wrong part number, this is not the part number for the NA.

    That's correct it seems - I looked on Deroure yesterday.   WAY cheaper than those for the NA.

  8. Cheers Justin, maybe I’d be better to get a set of Michelin Pilot Sport 4S (assuming the car I buy has Pirelli’s) as they seem to get good reviews and perform better in the cold than the P-Zeros.

    He wants £450 for the set of wheels including the winter tyres.  Wondering if it’s perhaps worth getting them anyway and giving them a go.  Like you say though, they are going to be way past their best at 8 years old.

  9. Been looking at Evoras recently so I can enjoy year round use more etc (and I’ve always fancied one!)

    I haven’t got one just yet but with the cold temperatures we’ve had it has got me thinking about winter tyres.

    I’ve had an offer of a set of the cast 18/19” standard Evora wheels, fitted with winter tyres for a decent price.   Wheels in great condition.  Tyres though are dated 2012 but have been stored correctly indoors and have 5.5 - 7.5mm tread.  They are Yoko W Drive tyres, and aren’t showing any signs of perishing or cracking anywhere from what I can see.

    So the question is, are the tyres too old to be of any use?  If not, how long should I use them for (ie how many winters) before I need to bin them, even if there is decent tread left on them?    I guess they will probably still perform better than P-Zeros below say 10C, despite their age....?   

    Or - If I buy them just for the wheels, what would a set of these wheels be worth?  They were refurbished 6 years ago but look to be in very good order, just a few scuffs and a bit of corrosion on the inside rims (on the back).


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