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  1. Good to hear the door seals are cheap.  Is that the revised ones Bibs?

    James - I was looking at one yesterday local to me, and was told that the Persian blue one is a bit rough around the edges, assuming you're looking at this one New&onesearchad=New&include-delivery-option=on&sort=relevance&page=1

    So perhaps there is room for some negotiation.....or if it's just not good enough, just walk away.   Hope you get on OK with it anyway.   

  2. I've been looking at Evoras recently (2009-12 mostly) and noticed on a few photos (and also in the flesh) that the 255/35 R19 tyres on the forged rear alloys look a bit 'stretched' - like the tyres aren't wide enough basically.    They don't seem to fill the arches very well, and I think that's more down to the tyre width, rather than the fact it's the 19" wheel rather than the 20".    This isn't the case with the fronts.

    Has anyone else thought this, and has anyone fitted wider tyres on the forged wheels, and if so, any issues?    Or is it perhaps just down to certain tyres running 'narrower' than others, this isn't uncommon - the ones I've seen in the flesh had Pirelli's on.

    According to, fitting 265/35/19 instead of 255/35/19 gives you a diameter and circumference that's only 1.2% larger, with a speedo error of only 0.9mph at 80mph.  No idea what tyres are available in that size though.....

    These are the wheels I'm talking about...

  3. Thanks, what about things like suspension bushes, ball joints etc though?  Surely they would need changing after 90k miles and don’t you have to replace the whole wishbone (at the front) for some of them?   Would be expensive, no?

  4. 38 minutes ago, Bravo73 said:

    I can’t recall (off the top of my head) any significant issues with the IPS gearbox. Bear in mind that it is a Toyota gearbox that is designed to be mated directly to the V6 engine (unlike it’s manual cousin). 

    You obviously won’t have any issues with clutch replacements or wear etc. The primary comment is often about the speed of the gear changes (but most owners get used to that). 

    Are you already aware of that particular car’s photographic past? 😉

    Haha, thanks, yes indeed I am aware, might need a good clean 🤔

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  5. 51 minutes ago, Bibs said:

    You'll be fine!

    Oh, and tada...


    Cheers Bibs.....yes that’s the one I’ve been looking at.   I’ve got a load of info from the seller about it.  Has several things that need addressing though.

    My main concern would be resale, due to it being both an IPS and high mileage, and the risk of big bills - potentially on the gearbox or something like that.  Having had a string of Elise S1's (my current two are actually featured in the latest issue of Absolute Lotus!) I'm not used to chunky bills or high maintenance costs.   Evoras are much more complex of course.   So it needs to be something I can justify, if that makes sense.

    What about stuff like steering rack, suspension bushes, shocks etc at that mileage?   It has done 92k..

  6. I haven’t been on TLF for a while, since selling my Exige V6 a year or so ago.    I’m now finding myself considering an Evora S IPS, but my budget means I’m limited to high mileage examples, but post 2012 to get the better interior and other improvements.

    Are there any known issues with the IPS box, or anything to watch out for in general, on higher mileage cars?   I’ve read the buyers guide on here and am already aware of things like headlight lacquer peel etc.   

    Seems that the IPS cars are a harder sell, and I presume with lots of miles on the clock (say over 80k) it would be something that I’d need to pick up fairly cheaply to cover off the fact that resale wouldn’t exactly be straightforward....

    Up to now I’ve had five Elise S1's and the Exige V6, so I don’t know much about Evoras.   I’ve driven an SR (NA) and a GT430 briefly, both were manual though.

    Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

  7. I’ve spoken to the seller this afternoon.  Seems honest enough but there’s no service book.   There are some invoices from 2014-17 for servicing (just a regular garage local to 2nd owner, not a main dealer or Lotus specialist) but that’s only 3 out of 9 years.  Plus,  the servicing hasn’t been done every 9,000 miles.   No evidence of clutch replacement at all in the invoices and he has no knowledge of any replacement (he’s had it 9 months).  Could be some big bills awaiting the new owner potentially. Apparently there are 'no stones chips at all' so something doesn’t quite add up unless it has had a full front end respray, either to tidy it up or because of a prang..

    I’m waiting for more info and photos before deciding either way about perhaps going to see it.   Calipers mentioned in ad is incorrect, they haven’t been replaced.

    It’s one of those you’d have to go into with your eyes open, expecting some bills (possibly really big ones).   Clutches are on back order until the spring.

  8. On 19/08/2019 at 12:50, Edinburgh 111s said:

    Scandal Green S160 on 12k miles... that’s a keeper! I am on the look out for a S160. Low mileage completely standard examples are hard to come across. I am sure you’re not planning on selling... but if you are 😀

    Sorry I didn’t see this.   It is indeed a keeper, they only made 7 full fat SVA S160's in Scandal Green and it’s by far the lowest mileage one - and standard factory spec other than the Emerald ECU (we have the original GEMS unit) and replacement Janspeed exhaust (due to a loose baffle in the original).

    The challenge is to use it just enough so it isn’t a garage queen but also keep it nice.  

    Sorry for the slight thread hijack.

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  9. Wow Nathan - I see you are preferring the sleek and stealthy look to the red/orange option already 😉

    I thought about black wheels and side scoops/mirrors with red calipers and never got round to it.  I found some photos of a coupe in this combination so I’ll post them up when I get a chance.

    Are you still thinking of adding a spoiler?

  10. 1 hour ago, Nathan said:

    Hi Dave, it certainly is a beauty, got a lot of compliments at the LDC meeting last weekend :)

    I get what you say about let roadsters be roadsters, but I bought yours because it's such an immaculate, pampered example, not because it's a roadster. I actually passed on the red coupe mentioned above, I was offered it before Oakmere got it and I won't go into details on here other than to say that despite the colour and spec being my preferred choice, that particular car definitely wasn't for me. 

    I'm sure I'll stick with it, I had similar feelings about my 111R until I made it my own then ended up keeping 8 years! It'll be nothing major, well not yet anyway :) and certainly nothing that isn't reversible! 

    I'm already on my 4th tank of fuel in a week so it think it's fair to say I'm very much enjoying it so far :)

    Fair play Nathan - really glad you’re using it loads, at least you’re getting lots of practice getting it in and out of the garage too, it’ll seem as narrow as the 111R was soon 😉

    i know what you mean about the spoiler, they can look a bit lacking without, but I actually preferred it that way.   Do you have to drill the clam to fit the spoiler though (presume so)?    I guess that’s still reversible with a bit of Isopon, sandpaper and a rattle can 😆

    Enjoy it matey, I look forward to reading about the mods...

  11. 2 hours ago, 21gg said:

    Daveb99, have you replaced it with another lotus? 


    Hi Gav, afraid not, having moved house late last year we need to put (some of) the funds to better use right now, and I really wasn’t using the Exige anywhere near enough to justify keeping it, as I don’t really have the time to get the best out of it.   So as we only had one daily (which was fine most of the time) we’ve picked up a nice 18 plate Cooper S Works 210, the last one they made, with the trick JCW Pro exhaust amongst £12k of options, so whilst it’s obviously no Lotus it’s good fun and a nice place to be.

    We do still have the Scandal Green Elise S160 though, it ticks most of the boxes, and I have to say it’s a lot more fun to drive at slower, safer speeds than the Exige was - the only downside is that we need to keep the mileage down (it’s on just 12k) as it’s a minty minter..

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  12. Hi Nathan - nice looking car you have there - the previous owner has clearly cherished it 😉.   I’m not missing it too much as I didn’t drive it enough anyway!

    Your choice of course, but a couple of things to think about.   If you add a wing, you might need to tweak the setup to suit - I think Lotus altered the rear ARB on the Roadsters to compensate for the reduced downforce, but I could be wrong.

    If it were me, I’d enjoy the car as it is for a few years (unless you’re tracking it, then you might want to tweak it a bit, dial out the understeer perhaps).  Spending ££££ on spoilers, suspension (Nitron 3 way?), forged wheels etc won’t come cheap and at the end of the day it’s still grey - it sounds like you really wanted the brighter colour of red/orange after all 😮

    I think as it was the Exige bargain of the decade you could run it for a year or two, work out what you really want to change, then sell it without losing hardly anything.....assuming Brexit doesn’t affect values any further....

    EDIT - In summary, and this is just my opinion of course - let Roadsters be Roadsters, don’t modify it - they appeal to people who want sleeker and more subtle lines and a more road-orientated V6 - which you did say you was your preference!

  13. To add to Duncan's post, we now have a wide variety of cars booked on the event so far, including everything from Elites, Elans, Europas, Excels and Esprits through to every flavour of Elise, Evora and Exige, and more.   Today I have booked both a white AND a bronze Turbo Esprit in - they are attending for your eyes only (sorry...).   We also have a stunning white Esprit S1 booked in too.   Bond-tastic.

    It promises to be a fantastic event.   Don't leave it too late to book!

  14. Does anyone know whether Metallic Grey (C185) as used in newer models from the last couple of years is actually exactly the same as Carbon Grey (B137)?   I’m led to believe they switched to the newer colour names, preceded with Metallic, but left the colour mix the same.

    I know it’s an odd question but there’s method in my madness!

  15. I recently chatted to Scott at length at Goodwood, and need to have a quick chat with him (or email him) about a couple of things.   I don't have his email unfortunately - can someone send me a message if you have any contact details?

    I know I could probably call Hethel and ask to be put through, but I don't like cold calling like that....he's a busy bloke 😉

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