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  1. It certainly isn’t financial suicide, if you buy used - especially compared to how much money you lose when buying new.  It’s all relative and you’ll pick one up a little cheaper in the first place.

    I have a Roadster (manual) and bought it because I prefer the look without the spoiler. Cleaner lines and to me, “less is more”.   I wanted a manual because coming from an Elise I prefer to have that control.   But if I wanted an auto, then I wouldn’t hesitate to go for the IPS.

    Buy the car you want, for your needs, I wouldn’t worry about a small amount of extra depreciation when compared to the manual.  The Exige is a fantastic package regardless.

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  2. I have a 2013 Exige V6 S Roadster and it's due a service soon. I currently don't have any oil for top ups, so thought I'd buy in bulk and supply the oil to the dealer for the next few services, leaving me with plenty for topping up as needed, and saving a fair bit of dosh in the process.

    ECP on eBay are currently doing Castrol Edge 32L  (8x 4 Litres) SAE 5W40 Fully Synthetic Titanium FST for £228.46 with the current 20% off promo.

    That's just £7.14 per litre!

    Is there any reason why I shouldn't jump on this deal? I presume it would be fine in the engine as it meets the ACEA A3/B3 spec?

    Fast road use only for the foreseeable future...

  3. I've attended this event for the last 4 years, and for me it has firmly established itself as one of the highlights of the Lotus calendar every year.  

    It starts with a great (optional) early morning run in the Peak District (which sports some of the best driving roads in the land) followed by breakfast parked amongst about 150 other Lotuses, then moving on in convoy to the main venue itself.

    This is one not to be missed - tickets are selling fast!

  4. On 07/04/2018 at 17:45, GFWilliams said:

    Has anyone done a sub install then later changed to Focals?

    I have installed a sub in the footwell and am really happy with the audio now, so just wondering how much of a change the Focals can make...

    I did this.  The sub alone made a huge difference, but I could tell the standard Alpine front speakers were lacking any real clarity / depth.

    I then changed them for the Focals, with SilentCoat ‘cups’ underneath as enclosures and that made a significant further difference, well worth it.

    I have rear speakers too (replaced with Infinity Kappas) and I find that the Focals in the front can now be used to properly balance the sound front to rear, whereas the Alpines couldn’t, they lacked clarity and punch.  I have tried it with the sound faded to front only, and it still sounds great.

    I can’t recommend the whole sub and speaker upgrade enough.  Mine now sounds very good indeed to my ears.

  5. 54 minutes ago, Schnitzel said:

    Hi Alex,


    You weren’t doing a stealth running in session North of Eastbourne today were you? Saw the car, could quite make out the number plate as it flashed past, but it was black, large rear wing and what looked like your plate.



    Hi Rich, I was wondering when you might pop up here since you’ve had the V6....

    Seems a long time ago (more than 4 years!) that I spoke to you about insurance for my gone-but-not-forgotten Sport 160.    I remember watching the Toad TV video you did in the Scandal one..

    Anyway hope you’re keeping well, how are you liking the V6?   Seems we both sold quite nice S1's to get them, so I was wondering if it has met your expectations?

    Oh, and to keep it on topic - your 430 absolutely ROCKS Alex, though I do agree with George about the subwoofer and carpet.   I have one in the footwell too, behind the passenger footrest, and intend to cover it in acoustic cloth or something similar when the weather warms up.

  6. Congrats Alex, what a stunning 430, and very special to have the first one off the line,  my Roadster was the second off the line, it’s no 430 though...!

    I bet you didn’t expect snow on collection day, will you be parking it on the street all the time?   I’d be a bit concerned about security but then I guess that’s what insurance is for.

    Enjoy every minute - out of interest is it your first Lotus or do you have “previous”...?

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