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  1. I'm getting close to closing a deal to buy an Exige S, and it needs new rear tyres.   It has the 'default' P Zero Corsas at present and that is what has been offered as a replacement, as part of the deal.

    However, I've read a couple of reports on here from V6 owners who have the Michelin PS4's, and it seems that they could be harder wearing, and thus last longer, without sacrificing feel or grip.  I believe they are also a little quieter and cheaper - around £180 per corner.

    Would I be better to go for the Michelins?   I'd need to replace the front tyres too at the same time I guess, at my own expense, but as they are half worn at least I'd end up with a full new set of boots?

  2. Just had my S1 Sport 160 serviced and MOT'd by Jon at Legacy Storm in Leicester. Big thumbs up from me - great price, brilliant service, really professional from start to finish. He took great care of the car which fits well with my somewhat obsessive tendencies, and also fixed my gearshift, which had stopped re-centering in the gate, it now feels like new (or probably better than new).

    Also, he is well located in Leicester - 10 minute walk from City Centre/High Cross, with free Wi-Fi everywhere so I was able to do my job at the same time!

    In case you weren't aware, Jon is ex-Stratstone Lotus (previously Storm), and was there a long time. When they recently went into administration, Jon set up his own specialist business. To clarify - I have no connection with Jon and hadn't met him before today!

    So we are now spoilt for choice for very good independent specialists in the Midlands. Thanks Jon - top job yelclap.gif

  3. I'm new here, from Leics, UK.   Great forum.......


    I've had two S1 Elises over a decade ago, and recently decided it was time to get back into it, and after much deliberation (and a mammoth garage clear out) picked up my Sport 160 at the weekend, and I'm rather chuffed with it, to say the least!
    Craig and Brandon at Murray Lotus made the whole thing a pleasure from start to finish - nothing was too much trouble and Craig sure does know his stuff!
    Had a great drive down to Yorkshire (1st leg!) on Saturday to stay at my brother's, a couple of nice blasts on decent roads whilst there, then headed home on Sunday.   
    My daughters, and as an added bonus, my wife, who has driven my S1s extensively albeit over a decade ago, all love the car wink.png
    I had forgotten how utterly, utterly brilliant these cars are - I felt at home in it within about 3 miles, and the seats didn't give me any grief (Probax) over any of the long stints.   The Nitrons are superb - great ride quality (350/450 Eibach springs) but very well controlled through the twisties.  The noise from the Janspeed Roadsport and ITG just adds to the drama, and of course the various smells entering the cockpit just served to remind me how awesome it is to own an S1 again!
    The S160 has so much character, the Emerald simply makes it more driveable and the specific map provides a good deal more torque lower down the range, but it hasn't lost much of the nice uneven idle that makes it a 160.
    Now for the most important bit - the pics!
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