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  1. Thanks for the pointer. The local Lotus dealer in Hong Kong only took over in the days of Elise, they don't have anything related to Esprit. I guess ebay is the only route, saw a few in their for the S4 & V8 models but nothing for the carb. turbo engine! :-(
  2. The engine cut out during a normal drive, traced the fault down to the distributor, now working with the garage to try it iron out the problem. Just wondering where is the best place to get a service manual for the Esprit? Does the club sale such copy? Just not so sure about the quality of those ones on ebay. Rikki
  3. OIC, thank you! Looks like mine is the bar code type, not the aluminum plate one, phew!
  4. Was asked by my mechanic regarding the location of the VIN & Engine number identification plate prior to getting the MOT done. I found the VIN no. on a plastic coated paper stick to the back of front wind screen and the engine ID plate (also as a plastic coated paper) stick to the front fire wall, passenger side (Right Hand Drive vehicle). My mechanic thought they were too easy to be tempered with and I agreed! Just wondering whether there is another location where I can cross-check the chassis VIN number? (For a piece of mind really!)
  5. Hi guys, Anybody know where I can buy the fuel pump for my Esprit? I look up the cross-reference spreadsheet, however seems like there is no cross reference on this unit. Cheers,
  6. OMG! Lucky escape! Smell of petrol fume in cabin, decided to get the usual garage to check her out, the moment she was reversed up into the workshop, fuel line broke and spill half tank of petrol on the work floor, luckily no one was smoking nor holding a torch, otherwise the Esprit & garage would be on next day's newspaper!
  7. Cool! Thanks for the pointers, seems like ever since the Turbo Esprit HC, the engine can already handle un-lead fuel. 86 Turbo Esprit HC
  8. This must have been asked a trillion times before, and I am pretty dumb at the search function, try a couple of times without finding suitable references. My is a 90 Esprit Turbo with Dellorto 45 carburetors, does it need lead additive to go with the unlead fuel to preserve the valves? How often and what quantity? Cheers,
  9. City traffic is pretty bad and no place for manual stick car, you really need to pick some of the better hours to stretch the legs outside the city, however beware of the cops' radars.
  10. Cool! Thanks for the heads up!
  11. Are they existing Esprit owners in HK? No, I am afraid I don't know them, however do know a couple of Elise drivers though.
  12. Hi Guys, Just bought a 89 Esprit Turbo (2.2L - twin carb), here is the picture. Will need a lot of technical support from this forum in the near future. Rikki
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