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  1. While I love my Evora and find its "character" charming even when a failing wire harness caused the car to stall out in heavy interstate traffic, I will honestly say that thus far my 997.2 C2S has been flawless in its reliability compared to the Evora. It is a far more mundane drive with much less character and driving it does not have the sense of occasion that the Evora does. However, with that said it just works as you would expect in virtually all situations. They are very different cars to me and are quite complimentary to each other.
  2. Good luck. So far my 13 NA has been flawless on the new wiring harness since it was replaced last summer.
  3. You really have one widely available option to my knowledge: BOE intake. Gains are good, sound is good, and it doesn't mess with the AFR so no changes to the car are needed. Since you have an NA you can pick up a Radium on the secondary market if you were so inclined as they are not for sale from the manufacturer anymore. I have a Radium and have been quite pleased. The gain is great and I believe it to be slightly louder than the BOE if you are juvenile in your disposition like I am. It does slightly lean out the AFR but the ECU tends to adapt to that in an otherwise stock or minimally m
  4. Post this on the American board too. This product will find many happy homes on both sides of the Atlantic.
  5. This happened intermittently to me for years. Eventually got a engine wiring harness replacement under warranty from Lotus. The car has been perfect since that was done.
  6. phaphaphooey


  7. I think you will be quite happy with the newer OEM valved exhaust mated to your 3rd decated car. It is just perfect and sounds even better in person than it does in videos.
  8. As others have said, the new seats are almost universally derided when compared to the old Recaros.
  9. I replaced my brake pads this weekend as well. OEM pads still had a lot of wear left at 10,000 miles but, as others have found, one of the pads was beginning to fall apart and had a large chunk fall out of it even though the rest of the pad had a lot of material left. Glad I replaced.
  10. Responded to your exact same thread on the US board. I did a lot of research on this topic a year or two ago and consensus was you won't notice much difference between that and the OEM valved exhaust with the valves open. I
  11. I had this problem, although I do not have a tune, and it was only rectified with an engine wiring harness replacement.
  12. Not a BOE but I have had a Radium on my NA for 2 years now and I love the thing. Definite power pickup and great sound to boot. Haven't had an lean codes either. The only individual I know of that has had a big problem with it attempted to fit it to an S.
  13. Plack is just a straight pipe with tips welded on that comes directly off of the downpipe. It bypasses both the muffler and the third cat. I have heard one and it sounds incredible to me. However, please note my location as it seems that the users across the pond aren't too keen on it. However, in person I will say that it was not as loud as expected.
  14. Just want everyone to know that Lotus isn't alone in this new car teething issues. I also have an Alfa 4C in addition to my Evora and I know of at least one chap locally that has had his new 4C replaced by Alfa for issues similar to this as well.
  15. Someone on the American board just had his Evora burn to the ground. Cause is uncertain at this point but it has certainly made me more weary of potential fuel line issues such as this. Link:
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